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Aztec Religion - AZTEC GODS - Aztecs of Mexico History. AZTEC RELIGION AZTEC STUDENT RESEARCH GUIDE (C)1997-2005 (Thomas H. Frederiksen) All rights reserved The following major Deities have been removed from this larger work and placed into their own section TITLED MAJOR DEITIES, along with their corresponding footnotes: TEXCATLIPOCA, QUETZALCOATL, ZIPE TOTEC, TLALOC, XOCHIQUETZAL, and HUITZILOPOCHTLI. See MAJOR DEITIES section. COLNAHUACATL- "The One From the Twisted Region" Wife is unknown and as the name may represent, this deity resided in one of nine hells(*9) told in Aztec mythology. AMAPAN- "Patron of the Ball" "Ball Court Deity" Along with Uappatzin, these two deities presided over the ball game(*10) and various ceremonies associated with the game itself which were conducted in Tenochtitlan.

AMHIMITL -"Dart of Mixcoatl" Old Chichimec (*11) god from the ancient homeland of the Mexica in Aztlan. ____________________ 9 There are several books in print that detail the Aztec view of afterlife. ATLACOAYA- "Pulque God" 19 Alacaron, notes p. 230. Creation. Spirituality Rooted in Africa. World Religions. Hebraic roots of Christianity. Here Be Dragons. Religion Forums - Discuss and Debate Religion. Biblio. Spirituality Rooted in Africa. Theology. Greek Gods Family Tree / Genealogy | Doing homework? Your teacher has already seen this. See Theoi; it has properly-sourced information. Known errors: Generally inconsistent sourcing. This chart was made in 2004, and Wikipedia was treated as a primary source. Greek Mythology: FAMILY TREE OF THE GREEK GODS. The complete family tree of the gods is displayed over eight indexed charts.

The basic structure follows Hesiod's Theogony, but that author's genealogies have been expanded with a plethora of additional gods, spirits and creatures sourced from other classical sources. Where there is disagreement amongst ancient writers as to the genealogy of a certain character, the oldest and/or most popular source has been selected for the chart. An additional family tree depicts the divine genealogy given in Hesiod's Theogony. Click on any name in the chart to view the full page entry for that individual. INDEX Index of names in the family tree KEY Overview of and key to reading the charts CHART 0 The Main Gods A short tree containing just the main gods of the pantheon.

CHART 1 The Cosmogony of the Gods The primordial gods or protogenoi. CHART 2 The Children of Night The spirit descendants of Khaos (Air), Nyx (Night) and Eris (Strife). CHART 4 The Children of Sea, Storm and Earth. Greek Mythology. Making of the Christian Imagination. Six Reasons Why The Wall Is Holy. 1) Site of the Holy Temple The Western Wall is a surviving remnant of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. The Temple was the center of the spiritual world, the main conduit for the flow of Godliness. When the Temple stood, the world was filled with awe of God and appreciation for the genius of the Torah.

Jewish tradition teaches that all of creation began in Jerusalem. It is here, on Mount Moriah, that Isaac was bound for sacrifice. Although other parts of the Temple Mount retaining wall remain standing, the Western Wall is especially dear, as it is the spot closest to the Holy of Holies, the central focus of the Temple. 2) Eternal Symbol The Sages prophesied that even after the Temple's destruction, the Divine Presence would never leave the Western Wall, and that the Wall will never be destroyed. Jerusalem was destroyed and rebuilt nine times. 3) Place of Pilgrimage and Tears Jerusalem became the focus of the non-Jewish world as well.

Ancient Days :: Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6? :: by David Livingston. In Genesis 6:1-8 we read about some persons who may be a pre-Flood link between the Bible and the cultures of the ancient Near East. They are the "sons of the gods. " The biblical reference to them should have some relationship with historical fact.

If so, we should be able to lift these early chapters of Genesis out of what may be to some a foggy mysticism, and make connections with extra-biblical historical accounts. Suggested Meanings for the "sons of god" Who actually were the "sons of god? " Some say they were fallen angels. Another interpretation is that they were the sons of Seth, the godly line.

The third possibility is that of rabbinical Jewish interpretation. Perhaps a combination of the first and third is the best explanation. A New Interpretation A new interpretation has been suggested by Meredith Kline (in The Westminster Theological Journal, May 1962). Thus, the king is divine, he is god, and manifested himself as such especially on the New Year Festival. Divine Kingship 1. 2. Realization of Prophetic Visions. Realization of Prophetic Visions By Philip Mark Ames "I know a man in Christ who, fourteen years ago (whether in body I do not know, or outside of the body I do not know; God knows) was caught away to the third heaven. And I know this man (whether in body or apart from the body I do not know; God knows) that was snatched away into paradise, and he heard unspoken sayings which it is not lawful for man to speak. " This statement of fact was made by the Apostle Paul in his second letter to the Christians in . (II Cor. 12:1- 4) The third heaven is a reality.

The purpose of this book is to disclose the meaning or certain things written by two of those men. To begin with, the term, "heaven", denotes a relatively invisible expanse in which objects can be seen. The three dimensions of geometry (earth-measuring) are mutually inclusive. Beyond these limiting factors, there is at least one more dimension. Another mysterious aspect of the fifth dimension is the visibility of thoughts.

Philip Mark Ames. Incurvatus in se. "Latin: Incurvatus in se" (Turned/curved inward on oneself) is a theological phrase describing a life lived "inward" for self rather than "outward" for God and others. Paul the Apostle wrote of this condition in the Epistle to the Romans 7:15, 7:8-19: For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. [...] For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. It was perhaps Augustine of Hippo who first coined the phrase incurvatus in se.[1] Martin Luther expounded on this in his Lectures on Romans and described this state as: See also[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] The Catholic Luther, an article quoting Luther's use of incurvatus in se.

Spiritual Formation Agenda. Our world today cries out for a theology of spiritual growth that has been proven to work in the midst of the harsh realities of daily life. Sadly, many have simply given up on the possibility of growth in character formation. Vast numbers of well-intended folk have exhausted themselves in church work and discovered that this did not substantively change their lives. They found that they were just as impatient and egocentric and fearful as when they began lifting the heavy load of church work.

Maybe more so. Others have immersed themselves in multiple social-service projects. But while the glow of helping others lingered for a time, they soon realized that all their herculean efforts left little lasting imprint on the inner life. Still others have a practical theology that will not allow for spiritual growth. Finally, a general cultural malaise touches us all to one extent or another. You have reached the end of this Article Preview To continue reading, subscribe now. Andreas J. Peter T. Philipyancey. Ways of Keeping a Prayer Journal :: Deeper Devotion. Question “Can you suggest ways of keeping a prayer journal?” —Harry Answer First of all, I have to say I think keeping a prayer journal is a great way to spend time with God.

I personally keep a daily prayer journal and journal most of my prayers during my morning quiet times. Let me give you my simple method for prayer journaling and then I’ll talk about other ideas you might try. That’s just my method. Media If you like to write by hand, then a notebook may be great for you. If you’d rather type, try keeping a journal in Microsoft Word or just a text editor like Notepad.

If you want to go a step further, you could also try keeping your prayer journal online. Methods When you are praying for specific people, try getting a photo of each and putting them in your journal. Prayer is intended to be a conversation. I find that God often teaches me through a “theme of the day” or “theme of the month.” Final thoughts. d8ecc07e906127bf0fd4623504b7eca8.jpg (1312×863) The bitter tears of the American Christian supermajority. The most persecuted minority in the United States is not Muslims, African-Americans or immigrants.

It’s our Christian supermajority that’s truly oppressed. Verily, consider three anecdotes from the past few weeks. On March 2, three Baptist ministers in Akron, Ohio, arranged for the local police to mock-arrest them in their churches and haul them away in handcuffs for the simple act of preaching their faith. A video was posted on YouTube to drum up buzz for an upcoming revival show. A few atheist blogs object to uniformed police taking part in a church publicity stunt, but far more people who saw the YouTube video (24,082 views), in Ohio and elsewhere, took this media stunt as reality — confirmation of their wildest fears about a government clampdown on Christianity.

On Feb. 26, Arizona’s conservative Gov. And the feature film “Persecuted,” a political thriller about a federal government plan to censor Christianity in the name of liberalism, is due out in May. Norse Mythology. Mythology. Religion. Inspiring Views. Christian Life. Dalai Lama Primera Noble Verdad. SubEsp. 5 Mysteries of Ancient Religions (Easily Explained) Religion is an area that often attracts people with bad intentions. There are preachers who run away with the church's bankroll, cult leaders who molest their followers, and literally all of Scientology.

But all those little ploys that modern faith healers and shady preachers use to fleece the masses have been around for thousands of years, and if anything, they've only gotten less inspired over time. #5. Statues in Ancient Alexandria Moved on Their Own and Even Flew Bibliotheca Alexandrina When Greek Macedonian Ptolemy I, a former general of Alexander the Great, took over Egypt, he brought a new god called Sarapis with him. Roland Unger, DutchScenery/iStock/Getty Images Literally. But the sun emblem was not alone, for the city of Alexandria was a place where statues did strange things regularly. The Reality: Magnets! Dorling Kindersley/Thinkstock/Getty Images Ah, engineers.

. #4. John Collier The Oracle of Delphi was one of the most famous fortune tellers in the ancient world. Yes, a backup. The Myths Behind the Age of Martyrs. By Candida Moss For the first three hundred years of its existence, tradition maintains, Christianity was a persecuted and suffering religion. Members were hunted down and executed, their property and books burned by crusading emperors intent on routing out the new religion. Women and children were thrown to the lions and boiled alive in caldrons, as maddened crowds bayed for blood. Jesus, Stephen, and the Apostles were only the beginning. As Christianity grew, so did the ranks of martyrs. According to the fourth-century historian Eusebius, early Christians were racked, whipped, beaten, and scourged.

The history of early Christianity, as we have received it, is a history of victimization and pain. But that narrative has very little basis in the documentary record. There is almost no evidence from the period before Constantine, traditionally called the Age of Martyrs, to support the idea that Christians were continuously persecuted. Nor is this only Election Day banter. Religion and Sexual Ethics. Germanic Mythology (Norse, Germanic, and Continental Germanic)

World Religions. Mythology. A searchable online Bible in over 100 versions and 50 languages. Jonathon's good Theology | Just another site. Great Diagrams in Anthropology , Linguistics, and Social Theory - an album on Flickr. Tribal Religion Adherents by Country. Eastern Christianity. Eastern Christianity comprises the Christian traditions and churches that developed in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East, Africa, India, and parts of the Far East over several centuries of religious antiquity. The term is generally used in Western Christianity to describe all Christian traditions that did not develop in Western Europe.

As such, the term does not describe any single communion or common religious tradition, and in fact some "Eastern" Churches have more in common historically and theologically with "Western" Christianity than with one another. The various "Eastern" Churches do not normally refer to themselves as "Eastern," with the exception of the Church of the East. Families of churches[edit] Countries by number of Orthodox Christians in 2010 More than 100 million More than 20 million More than 10 million More than 5 million More than 1 million Eastern Christians do not share the same religious traditions, but do share many cultural traditions.

Nine grades of angels. The world tree or mountain are conditional symbols of a centre where there is the global vertical axis, that in aggregate with a horizontal surface of the world forms coordinates of world space. Namely vertical global axis corresponds with the central numerological number 5 which is in the centre of magic square of nine numbers in a context of numerology, and other numbers of the magic square symbolize horizontal measurements of the world. Horizontal and vertical measurements of the world are congruous, namely vertical axis has numerical gradation which are projections of numbers on a horizontal surface.

Accordingly physiognomy of human facial traits correspond with numerological numbers on different coordinates which designate versatile phenomena of world around, but which coincide in features of a human face. The following page compares physiognomy of a human face to circles of the universe in the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. previous - upwards - following. e2fc45c0f67df98409ee4f2c9da31f28. Jewish angelic hierarchy. Angels in Judaism (angel: Hebrew: מַלְאָךְ‎ mal’āḵ, plural mal’āḵīm) appear throughout the Hebrew Bible, Talmud, Rabbinic literature, and traditional Jewish liturgy. They are categorized in different hierarchies. Maimonides[edit] Maimonides, in his Mishneh Torah or Yad ha-Chazakah: Yesodei ha-Torah, counts ten ranks of angels in the Jewish angelic hierarchy, beginning from the highest: Kabbalah[edit] According to the Golden Dawn's interpretation of the Kabbalah, there are ten archangels, each commanding one of the choirs of angels and corresponding to one of the Sephirot.

It is similar to the Jewish angelic hierarchy. See also[edit] Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn References[edit] External links[edit] Greek Mythology. Ancient Days:: Comparison of Genesis with Creation Stories of the Ancient Near East :: by David Livingston. Ancient Days :: Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6? :: by David Livingston. Daily Hávamál | Huginn's Heathen Hof | Page 16. Asatru, textes scandinaves, textes islandais, Havamal. Asatru Folk Assembly - Home. Asatru Update. Asatru's blog - Blog pour faire découvrir la religion Asatrù - Encyclopedia Mythica. George Carlin On Religion. Sistine Chapel. Religion et mythologie. Religion in fantasy novels | helluo librorum.

Worldbuilding: Fantasy Religion Design Guide. Gnostic Books Archive. Cornell University Library: Islamic religion. Sacred Text Archive. Religion & Spirituality Videos. Religion | Watch Free Documentaries Online. Hebrew Goddess; Asherah, the Shekinah, consort of Yahweh. Religion in fantasy novels | helluo librorum. Ancient Philosophy Timeline. Celtic Mythology. Church Models. Digital Dead Sea Scrolls. Gnostic Books Archive. Hey Atheists, Just Shut Up Please. Hinduism - Puranas. History/Myths/Religion. Internet Sacred Text Archive Home. - Jerusalem. Oxford Journal of the American Academy of Religion. Religion | Watch Free Documentaries Online. Religion & Spirituality Videos.

The Academy for Ancient Texts. Ancient texts library (Complete) The Big Religion Comparison Chart: Compare World Religions. The Problem With Moderates. The Riddle of the Dome of the Rock. The Temple Mount - Jerusalem 101. Unstoppable Love Jesus Culture. Why is Jerusalem important to Jews Christians and Muslims. Internet Sacred Text Archive Home. Aztec Calendar. Celtic Symbols From Ancient Times. The Celtic Literature Collective. Viking Rune — Website On Vikings & For Vikings. Spirituality / Mysticism.