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Noty - Un plugin jQuery pour créer des notifications avancées. Noty est un plugin jQuery permettant de créer et gérer de manière avancée des notifications sur vos sites web.

Noty - Un plugin jQuery pour créer des notifications avancées

Envoyer des alertes, messages de confirmation ou d'erreur est essentiel dans un site web pour ne pas perdre l'utilisateur. Et plutôt que d'utiliser des alert ou confirm javascript ... (qui le fait encore ?) 18 jQuery Mobile Development Tips and Tutorials. jQuery mobile gives you an integrated user interface for many platforms like windows mobile, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

18 jQuery Mobile Development Tips and Tutorials

You can search for the latest jQuery mobile growth from the different sites that provide it. A little help from the word press community will let you get your desired result. This jQuery mobile article will give focus on the different features of mobile framework and make a mobile webpage with jQuery. This framework is useful to set up links, pages, buttons and navigations with jQuery. The tutorials discuss the basic steps of how to develop different types of templates with jQuery mobile.

jQuery Notification Menu. Faire un effet loupe sur des images avec un plugin Jquery : ImageLens. Welcome to my portfolio. My name is William AGAY, I'm studying systems administration and network. I am passionate about development, self-taught for over 4 years. I do web & iOS (iPhone, iPad) developement. I use a lot of languages and i discover a little more every days! In my spare time, i'm active in podcast like PodMyDev, my program speaking of developement (in french), i'm the co-founder of We Love Podcast and co-host of Geekast.

Labs Blog - jQuery Plugin: CodeExplorer v0.1. PpTexterea : gestion des textarea. We've been looking to provide a higher-quality, spam-free experience at the plugins site for some time, and a major error on our part forced us to shut down the current site before we could put the new one in place. We are developing a new site, and you can follow along with its development on GitHub . For more information about this transition, including steps you can take as a plugin author to prepare, please read our post about what's going on . The requested page could not be found. jQuery plugin: Tablesorter 2.0. Author: Christian Bach Version: 2.0.5 (changelog) Licence: Dual licensed (just pick!)

jQuery plugin: Tablesorter 2.0

Under MIT or GPL licenses. Please with sugar on top! Don't hotlink the tablesorter.js files. Download it and host it on your servers. Zoomy – Plugin jQuery – Petit effet de zoom sur image simple et sympa. JUSH - JavaScript Syntax Highlighter. Codeforest. As they promised, jQuery Team released a new version of jQuery today.


It has come a long way from its initial version and has become one of the most used JavaScript frameworks in the world. I will try to tell you the exciting news in the new version. Reveal: jQuery Modal Plugin from ZURB - ZURB Playground - Setting up Reveal modals is only three easy steps.

Reveal: jQuery Modal Plugin from ZURB - ZURB Playground -

Attach the needed files, drop in your modal markup then add an attribute to your button. Reveal is awesome because it's easy to implement, is cross-browser compatible with modern browsers (with some graceful degradation of course) and lightweight coming in at only 1.75KB. What that means for you is that it's fast, sexy and just works. Now let's see how easy is can be to get Reveal working! Reveal is now part of Foundation! 10 Useful jQuery Plugins for Images. We all know and love jQuery for its flexibility and many uses. But some of the most impressive jQuery applications are those that involve images. It really can allow you to do some useful stuff and even add a “wow” factor to your project.

So here we’ve rounded up 10 jQuery plugins to help you display images in your next project. Plugins jQuery pour manipuler vos tableaux. Jquery Advanced Ajax validation with CAPTCHA - TutorialCadet – Web Developer and Programming Tutorials. zAccordion – jQuery Horizontal Accordion Plugin. January 17th, 2011 - Frontend, jQuery zAccordion is a jQuery plugin that lets you create horizontal accordions very easily.

zAccordion – jQuery Horizontal Accordion Plugin

It provides a wide range of options like the timeout between the slides, a custom trigger (like “click” or “mouseover”) and even an easing option to create more interesting horizontal accordions. What makes this plugin great is the minimal markup it requires in order to make it work (a simple UL list will do). Screw – A jQuery Plugin. Screw, a word I re-coined from scroll + view, is a jQuery plugin which loads HTML as a user scrolls the webpage.

Screw – A jQuery Plugin

Screw will help you save bandwidth by only loading content as it is scrolled into view. Screw can also be used to create continuously scrolling, bottomless pages where content is appended to the bottom as the user scrolls. As of version 1.0.5, Screw supports both vertical AND horizontal scroll detection. Screw can also be called on the BODY selector or any other scrollable object. 40 Exceptional jQuery Photo Gallery and Slider. qTip – Plugin jQuery – L’art du Tooltip. Il y avait fort longtemps que je ne vous avais pas fait d’article sur jQuery, à vrai dire, il y avait fort longtemps que je ne vous avais pas fait d’article tout court.

qTip – Plugin jQuery – L’art du Tooltip

jQuery Ketchup Plugin - Documentation. Ketchup is a small (3.4KB minified & gzipped) jQuery Plugin that helps you to validate your forms.

jQuery Ketchup Plugin - Documentation

Out of the box it has 18 basic validations and a bubble like style. But truly this Plugin wants to be hacked to fit your needs. Easily write your own validations and overwrite/extend the default behaviour. Bubbles are not for everyone... Jquery Slider Filter. Jquery, image slider, js, ajax, ui, wordpress, filter internet, photos, navigateur, tutorial, opacity slideshow, tableau, framework, demonstration, drupal, html table, galeries de photos, slider, tinyurl, easy slider gallery, demo, extensions, bloc, diaporama, spip, couleur, fonctionne, lightbox tutorial, transition.

Jquery Slider Filter

jMenu : horizontal navigations with unlimited sub-menus in jQuery ! - jQuery Menu. jQuery Plugin: rotate3Di - Flip HTML content in 3D. Updated: published: topics: css javascript tools Rotate3Di is a jQuery Effect Plugin that makes it possible to do an isometric 3D flip or 3D rotation of any HTML content. Formation jQuery Plugin. JQuery Pagination Plugin. XColor - Un plugin JQuery pour manipuler les couleurs d'éléments HTML. XColor est un plugin Jquery vous permettant de manipuler aisément les couleurs de vos éléments HTML. Grâce à la fonction $(this).animate, vous modifiez le CSS d'un élément pour changer la couleur de ce dernier. Jusque là, on pouvait très bien le faire manuellement avec notre fonction faîte maison, mais ce n'est pas tout: La fonction $(this).animate vous permet également de changer les couleurs de vos éléments en fonction du temps, pour faire un background animé qui change de couleur par exemple, mais surtout, une autre fonction XColor, vous permet de calculer différentes opérations sur des couleurs (le principal intérêt du plugin).

Vous pouvez ainsi faire de multiples actions qui vous seront sûrement utiles, comme: Site Officiel. A jQuery Plugin For Face Detection On Images. As images are clearly a part of almost any web application (user photos, avatars, etc.), analyzing them better will always be functional for users. Face Detection is a jQuery plugin that returns the coordinates of faces in any given image. It uses an algorithm named CCV (a JS file that needs to be included in to the documents as well) and has callbacks on every level. The usage is straightforward, just mention the element to be analyzed and get back the results, nothing complicated. jQuery UI CoverFlow II. Matt Lunn. This jQuery plugin is the best way of applying default text to text input fields. .autoclear(); .autoclear(defaultClass); .autoclear(settingsObject); defaultClass is a string that is used as the class name when the input field is showing the "default" value.

If this is omitted, it will apply the "default" class. settingsObject is a map that defines and overrides the various settings of autoclear. Valid values are shown below. 1. 2. You can also put the default text in the value attribute 3. Mb.extruder. You can have a direct link, a link with a panel, just a panel or a disabled voice. It can be set on top or on left of your page; and if you have mor than one extruder (only on left) they are automatically positioned one behind the other.

The TOP extruder positionFixed param is set to false, so it scrolls with the page; the LEFT extruders positionFixed param is set to true (the default value), so they kip their position even when page scrolls. 3D Wall Gallery. JQuery Form Wizard. A simple jQuery plugin for revolving quotes. 30 jQuery Accordion Menus, Tutorials And Best Examples. Preview-jquery-accordion-menus-resources-tutorials-examplesAccordion menus are used widely in navigation, sliding, minimizing and maximizing content.

Such accordions practically are expandable whenever needed, you can really save some space and be able to show a lot of information using this technique. Yes, and of course such sliding content always is great from design point of view and giving your visitor unique experience while he is visiting. Great isn’t it? – here you will find a lot of customizable plugins, tutorials helping you to understand accordions at all as well as great examples, where this technique has been implemented in successful sites!

40 Useful jQuery Techniques and Tutorials for Great User Interface. Awesome jQuery Plugins And Techniques To Create Visually Excellent Websites. jQuery Plugins - Plugins, Extensions & Tutorials for jQuery JavaScript Library. jQuery Ajax tutorials, jQuery UI examples and more! - The Ultimate jQuery List. Smashing Labs - gMap, Google Maps jQuery plugin. La carte de l'Europe cliquable en Css et jQuery. JQuery Plugins. Here we developed several frequently-used jquery ui plugins.

They are all free (open source LGPL license), easy to use, and with great functionalities. Hope you can enjoy them. jQuery Mobile Examples - JQM Gallery. Video+html5+Popcorn.js=hyper-video. 25 Useful jQuery Plugins to Integrate Twitter into Websites with ease. jQuery Image Scroller Plugin. jQuery Mobile. 10 Awesome Techniques and Examples of Animation with jQuery.