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New iFrames Facebook Page App With Fan Gate Option – from Wildfire. The clock is ticking to March 11th, 2011 when Facebook will no longer allow the creation of new FBML custom tabs/apps.

New iFrames Facebook Page App With Fan Gate Option – from Wildfire

Users will need to switch to iFrames where you basically create your own app and host your own media that’s used to customize any pages. (Important note: any and all custom content you created with the Static FBML app up to and including March 10, WILL continue to be supported. You will not suddenly lose any custom content; you’ll still be able to edit the content, you just can’t add any new FBML “tabs.”) For most small business owners, the switch to a more complex system where you create your own app might sound scary. However, your web design company can create any custom web page on your own website, skin it to no more than 520px wide, and that’s what you drop in to your iFrame app.

The ability to include some Facebook coding such as Fan Gate (also known as a Reveal Tab) can be tricky with iFrames. Good news: Wildfire to the rescue! Facebook Page in an IFrame 10 steps. While working on our WordPress to Facebook Plugin we discovered that from the 14th March 2011, we will not be able to add a page using the Facebook App and FBML, Facebook is moving to a more standard language. So what does that mean for Facebook template page developers. We can now create and add a Minisite in ten steps, it will require a minimal amout of editing, if you want to use a product like Artisteer to create a static html Minsite. The Template One thing that has not changed is the width, Facebook allow us 520px of real estate, we do not want ugly scrollbars so we create a set of html template pages at 520px wide!

If you are using Artisteer set the width to 520px wide, in this example we have a simple three page site that we created with our WordPress to Facebook Plugin. Here is the announcement from Facebook that introduces the Iframes, so here are the steps we took in getting our sample fan page live! Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7. Tips and Advice from Nick Watson. Feed Informer: Mix, convert, and republish feeds. JavaScript Tip: Browser Detection And Redirection. JavaScript Tip: Browser Detection And Redirection by Larisa Thomason, Senior Web Analyst, NetMechanic, Inc.

JavaScript Tip: Browser Detection And Redirection

Most Web sites want to attract as many visitors as possible, so developers are motivated to design sites that will be accessible to the largest possible audience. But browser incompatibility problems often make it necessary to design pages for individual browsers. A JavaScript browser detection and redirection script can improve your visitors' experience by routing them to pages optimized for their particular browser. Uses For Browser Detection and Redirection Although it's time-consuming, there are times when you need to design separate pages for specific segments of your audience. Browser Detection Scripts A browser detection script can check for browser types, browser versions, available plug-ins, languages, and platforms. The first step is to decide which browsers you need to check for.

Browser Redirection Note: the page names we used in this script are for illustration only. Adding an iFrame Application to your Facebook Fan Page – 2011. If you’re NOT on the HyperArts Blog, CLICK HERE!

Adding an iFrame Application to your Facebook Fan Page – 2011

This post was updated on 3/19/11 to reflect change to Tab URL and Secure Tab URL settings. New Tutorial: Add the Reveal Fan-gating Feature to your iFrame Page Tab Facebook recently announced that on March 11, 2011, the Static FBML application will no longer be available to be added to Pages and that no new FBML applications can be created after that date.

While Facebook indicates that current Static FBML and FBML tab applications will continue to function for now, it strongly encourages everyone to move from FBML to using iFrame applications. Over the coming weeks, we will be posting a series of tutorials to help you get started with using iFrame applications on your Fan Page. iFrames are now supported on Page tabs Prior to February 10, 2011, Facebook had disallowed iFrames on Page tabs and, although allowed on Canvas pages, iFrames required a user to click activation text or an image to load the iFramed content. What is an iFrame application?