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American election. Reading. Films. AEC - Pronunciation For Success 2nd Edition (Videos) The University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, and genetic information in the university's programs and activities.

AEC - Pronunciation For Success 2nd Edition (Videos)

Retaliation is also prohibited by university policy. Pronunciation links.

English world - school and education

Articles. English Grammar. Weather Eng5. Australia. NIVÅANPASSAT PÅ ENGELSKA – Patricia Diaz. Här tänkte jag försöka samla specifika digitala resurser som kan användas i engelskundervisningen i de grupper där man har lite extra behov av att förse eleverna med mer individanpassade övningar på olika nivåer.


Den här sidan är alltså ett komplement till den ”stora” länksamlingen för engelska som du hittar i menyraden under ”Länksamlingar” högst upp på den här sidan. Där hittar du också en länksamling över digitala verktyg. Gissar att det är verkligheten för många och att många av er har massor av bra tips att dela med er av. Lämna gärna en kommentar eller mejla mig om du har fler tips! Tyst film och högläsning - Mia Smith. För en vecka sedan var jag på de årliga tysklärardagarna i Göteborg.

Tyst film och högläsning - Mia Smith

Som alltid trevligt att träffa andra tysklärare, få prata tyska och framför allt få inspiration till den egna undervisningen.


To make a difference. Shakespeare. Health. Games. The TES - Education Jobs, Teaching Resources, Magazine & Forums. British Life and Culture in the UK - Woodlands Junior School. Image bank_Out of time_higher. TE_Monthly%20lesson%20plan_Internet%20safety_0.pdf. The Fault in Our Stars. Interviews with the audienceGirl: I'm really excited to see the book come to life.

The Fault in Our Stars

Boy: I was going crazy when I got the email. Girl: I had liked the film's Facebook page, saw the sweepstake and joined in. Woman: It's really exciting. Woman: We cartwheeled all the way from Manchester to here! Girl: It's actually one of my favourite books. Girl: It's a beautiful story and I'm very, very excited for this movie. Man: I'll probably walk out in tears, hopefully. Girl: I have really, really high expectations for the film. Man: It's written by a really competent man so I believe it will be good.

Lesson plans. Tattoo - Possibilities (higher level) Tattoo Possibilities is a set of teaching resources designed to encourage students to use their higher critical thinking skills.

Tattoo - Possibilities (higher level)

The focus on this lesson is hypothesising about an image using language prompts, reconstructing a text by means of a dictogloss, and practising speaking skills by speaking about values and attitudes. The materials accompanying this pack are designed to be used with higher level (B2+) students. Each pack in this series contains an audio recording with a photographer talking about an image they have taken and a complete downloadable lesson plan on how to exploit the image and the audio. There is a downloadable lesson plan and a full-size copy of the image. In this lesson, students are asked to do the following: Hypothesise about a photographic image, using prompt words. School Radio - Have your say! - Who needs rules? Drama part 2.


LearnEnglishTeens. Describing photos (comparing, contrasting and speculating) You are going to practise language for; Describing photosComparing and contrasting photos (discussing similarities and differences)Speculating on what might be happeningReacting to photos (giving opinions) Discuss Look at the presentation.

Describing photos (comparing, contrasting and speculating)

Follow the instructions and talk about some of the photos Write The language used here for comparing and contrasting / speculating is also useful for writing discussion / argument essays. Plan: Introduction - describe the situation / topic to be discussedCompare / contrast ideas (for and against / advantages and disadvantages)Speculate on solutions to problems raised by the questionConclusion - give an opinion Which pairs or groups of photos in the presentation could be used to demonstrate ideas for argument writing topics about education, technology, food, family, work, leisure, health, advertising etc?

TV411. Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - For English as a Second Language.


Listening. Speaking and discussing. The Learning Network - The Learning Network Blog. TeachingEnglish. Lesson plans. 10 Free Reading Tests for Students in Grades 5 Through 9. Introduction As noted above, I am offering 10 free reading tests on this page.

10 Free Reading Tests for Students in Grades 5 Through 9

All of them are short--students can complete them in about 15 minutes or so. I have found that shorter tests bring certain advantages. Once everyone is finished, papers can be exchanged, checked, and returned for instant feedback. This allows time for students to ask questions about items they missed or to find out why their own answers were incorrect. A second advantage is that all of these tests can be copied one per page--a savings in copier paper. Please note, however, that a few of them DO have a second page. In the very near future, I will be adding several reading tests that are longer--students will need the majority of a standard class period to complete them. However, these longer tests are more thorough and include a larger scope of reading skills than the shorter tests.

English news and easy articles for students of English.


Crime and punishment. Short stories for EFL learners. Intermediate 7-9 -