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Vintage/Historical Sewing Patterns

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About Us – Decades of Style Pattern Company. Since 2005, Decades of Style Pattern Company has been providing very high quality vintage sewing pattern reproductions to its loyal and world wide customer base.

About Us – Decades of Style Pattern Company

Each Decades of Style pattern is available in 9 sizes from a 30" bust to a 46" bust. The crew behind Decades of Style lives, eats and breathes vintage sewing patterns. Our goal is to take the amazing styles from the 1920s through the 1950s and make them available to anyone who sews! All sizes welcome. (Our apologies to those who want patterns from the 1970s and 80s - that is not our area of interest.) Most Decades of Style patterns include all 9 sizes in one pattern. Professional, high quality sewing patterns with clear and comprehensive instructions is the standard at Decades of Style.

Wholesale accounts are available for brick and mortar fabric stores and stitch lounges; no internet retail wholesale accounts offered. Contact us: info (at) decadesofstyle (dot) com 1474 University Ave. #165 Berkeley, CA 94702. Au: Transparent Mending Tissue 1/2"x600" MOMSPatterns Vintage Sewing Patterns - Search Results. Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany. For all of my fellow frugal crafters out there, I've collected a bunch of vintage or vintage-inspired free sewing, knitting and crochet patterns for you!

Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany

I find new patterns all the time so this list will be updated constantly, so do check back! If you posted a free pattern to share that isn't listed here, please leave a link in a comment below. A Few Threads Loose: Making Your First Dress - A Lesson from 1927. I just keep finding things inside of my Woman's Institute lesson books!

A Few Threads Loose: Making Your First Dress - A Lesson from 1927

This time I was looking through Dressmaking - Perfection in Details and this flyer was tucked in the back. It was most likely included in the mail order coursework as part of the Dressmaking Program. It mentions a few commercial patterns that one could purchase to make these looks including Ladies' Home Journal 5146, Butterick 1390, Butterick 1561, Pictorial Review 4006, and Ladies' Home Journal 5503.

1800s. 1920s Mode Pratique vintage French sewing pattern supplements-Flapper fashions! – EvaDress Patterns. Madame Weigel's Patterns. Guest Post: The Best Vintage Sewing Patterns: Free PDF Downloads. The best patterns & supplies for your historical frillies & fancies – Old Petticoat Shop. The Vintage Pattern Files: 1940's Sewing - Quick & Easy Summer Wardrobe Patterns. MOLDE - costurar com amigas. Vintage Sewing Patterns.

Free Vintage Patterns! - Laura After Midnight. Guest Post: The Best Vintage Sewing Patterns: Free PDF Downloads. SewTawdry: VIntage Patterns - Resizing using a sloper - Part 1. I have a lot of vintage patterns.

SewTawdry: VIntage Patterns - Resizing using a sloper - Part 1

Most of them are not in my size. One day I told myself, "no more buying vintage patterns if you aren't going to do something with them. " So I decided to try resizing one of them to fit me. I chose a 1940’s Vogue Couturier design pattern, number 380. It included a "fitted jacket with small inset godet at centre of dropped back-line. There are various methods to resize a pattern. 1.

Like many patterns from the 1940’s, the pattern pieces have no printing on them. I find non printed patterns difficult to “read”. From these I learned the back is cut on fold with a faced slit opening at the top. 2. I don't want to cut up the original pattern so I make a copy of it. Then I remove the pattern from underneath the tracing paper and mark all the seam allowances dart and tuck lines, hem lines and waist line with a marker and ruler so it looks just like a commercially printed pattern. 3.

My slopers are heavy cardboard. 4. 5. Back Horizontal Adjustments– Collecting vintage sewing patterns - a guide from the Sewing Palette. For an overview of practical matters, A Beginner's Guide to Pattern Collecting by Jennifer Warris is an excellent place to begin.

Collecting vintage sewing patterns - a guide from the Sewing Palette

Jennifer's guide hits all the points you need to consider (including quite a few you've probably never thought of) and it's easy and enjoyable reading. Although originally posted in 1999, the guide remains pertinent today. One thing we would update: the book A Century of American Sewing Patterns 1860 - 1959 Identification and Price Guide by Lori Hughes has been supplanted by other resources. For your next step, we recommend the vintage patterns overview written by Vintage Fashion Guild members Karen Gray and Elizabeth Bramlett. It's an easily digested summary of the history of sewing patterns and a good introduction to the important pattern companies. Antique Pattern Library Antique Pattern Library. Conditions of Use By downloading the files, you are agreeing to the following conditions: The files are scans of books which are now in the public domain.

Antique Pattern Library Antique Pattern Library

Although the originals have no copyright, the scans are the works of the owners or scanners of the books and, as such, are copyrighted. The owners of the books give permission for you to download and use these file for educational and personal use. You are free to copy and distribute the scans, as electronic or hard copies, free of charge and to make derivative works under the following conditions: You must attribute the borrowed elements to the original title and author of the publication For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of these works Any of these conditions can be waived if you get written permission from the copyright holder (the current owner of the original book) You do not have permission to sell these copies in any format.

The national garment cutter book of diagrams. G... Welcome To The Catalog Of Patterns. Vintage Sewing Patterns - SOLD McCall's Patterns. 1900s Edwardian Vintage Sewing Pattern Two-Piece Dress b38-40-42 (r774) > 1900s Edwardian Vintage Sewing Pattern TWO-PIECE DRESS B38-40-42 (R774) Click here to view our shop Be sure to add me to your favourites list!

1900s Edwardian Vintage Sewing Pattern Two-Piece Dress b38-40-42 (r774)

So Vintage Patterns - 1948 « Vintage Patterns Dazespast Blog. Enjoy these three lovely vintage 40′s Dress patterns This type of system is similar Lutterloh and other systems and one of the easiest for pattern making in my opinion.

1948 « Vintage Patterns Dazespast Blog

All you have to do is click on the link and print out the pieces and follow the directions–be sure that you are working with a metric tape measure and the correct rulers. EvaDress/Pattern Retrospective. Vintage Sewing and Dress Patterns from Decades of Style. Past Patterns. Dazespast Vintage Patterns. Mrs Depew Vintage Sewing Patterns. Bramcost Publications - Vintage Lifestyle and Handicraft Books.

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Vintage Pattern Marketplace. Australian Vintage sewing patterns by allthepreciousthings.