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Tumblr. Tumblr. Project Linus-Patterns. Tumblr. Tumblr. Refinish Your Exterior Door Hardware and Make it Look Amazing. Repainting hinges & door knobs can be a creative way to save some money and customize the look of your doors.

Keeping this to update the fixtures purchased for the display posts. – rins

And even though it’s way easier to just buy new stuff at the store I wanted to experiment and see if I could paint our existing hardware instead.

Refinish Your Exterior Door Hardware and Make it Look Amazing

I had leftover oil rubbed bronze spray paint from a prior project anyway and wanted to use it up versus going it to waste. Depending on how many hinges or door handles you have, this project could take between 1-2 hours and shouldn’t cost more than $33 total. Firesidetextiles: Going to make him into a mini... - Ethan's Embroidery. Tetris quilt – squared up. Modern Grandmothers Flower Garden Applique Quilt Pattern. Description Modern Grandmothers Flower Garden Applique Quilt Pattern – three designs included – This Modern Grandmother’s Flower Garden Applique quilt pattern includes: list of fabric requirementsinstructions for preparing the applique piecestips for working with fusible webinstructions for assembling the center designsuggestions for quiltingtips for easy quiltinginstruction for washing and finishing the quiltfull size pattern for a 42” center design You will learn: how to choose your color palettehow to achieve the mosaic effect Quilt size 55” x 55” (138 x 138 cm)Center Design 42” diameter (105 cm) This pattern requires fusible web and water soluble pen.

Modern Grandmothers Flower Garden Applique Quilt Pattern

You have to mark the design on fabric and then fuse the applique pieces onto it. Test how your marking pen reacts to ironing. I use washable markers designed specifically for kids. Pixelsandpurls: done. #catface #crossstitch - Ethan's Embroidery. Handmade Feather Tutorial. Queen of Top!Rukia. Queen of Top!Rukia. Cool tapes. Queen of Top!Rukia. Queen of Top!Rukia. House of Miranda Cross Stitch & Embroidery — leavingmybody: moss embroideries for a show i... Kiradical: craftinggeek: STICK A FORK IN IT.... Brain Floss and Mind Frills. Bawdyembroidery: Gradient Tree 1.

Upload your logo and get a FREE sticker to try! How to: Make DIY Geometric Concrete Bookends with Scrap Cardboard. Octodon. Ever wanted to do a sampler, but could never find... RGB values for DMC floss. X-STITCH: Companion Cube by DaCyanWaffle123 on DeviantArt. Mommy & Me Circle Skirt Tutorial. Created by: Sweet Red Poppy Hi, I'm Kim from Sweet Red Poppy and I'm excited to share one of my favorite tutorials with you today!

Mommy & Me Circle Skirt Tutorial

Circle Skirts are super easy to make and oh SO comfortable! My little girls and I love wearing them and the best part is they transition from season to season perfectly! Throw on a pair of boots and a button up in the winter, or a v-neck tee and sandals in the summer, to get all-year wear out of this closet staple! Once you start making these skirts you won't want to stop!

Supplies Needed 1-2 yards of knit fabric (use the skirt calculator below to determine the exact amount)- we used Art Gallery Swifting Flora Boho, Aqua Di Rose Boho, Observer OverShot Gold1 yard of 1" ElasticSewing Machine or SergerCoordinating threadIron I used Art Gallery knits for this tutorial. Before choosing a fabric, decide what type of a circle skirt you want. Let's Get Started! First, head over to By Hand London to use their circle skirt calculator . Place pins along the side seams. DIY Bedside Pom Pom Rug. I’m putting the finishing touches on the joint kids room now and am excited to show it to you soon!

DIY Bedside Pom Pom Rug

It’s been a real challenge to bring together elements for both a 6 yr old boy and 9 month old girl. A fun one though. I’m sharing one project for the room today: a DIY pom pom rug. I wanted to make something soft to stand on and soothe Edie in her crib when she got up in the middle of the night and thought a DIY pom pom rug would be the perfect addition. Also, it adds a touch of feminine when the room is feeling much more masculine right now. Vv. Pardalote: Calling this finished. For the moment... Vintage Sewing Patterns.

Frame Stuff with PVC

Queen of Top!Rukia. Soggywarmpockets: safetytank: ... DMC New Colour codes for PCStitch – MadXStitcher. The other day, I noticed that the “new” floss colours DMC released in 2013 aren’t actually mapped to PCStitch.

DMC New Colour codes for PCStitch – MadXStitcher

So I spent a few hours picking the colours out and mapping them to PCStitch. Here are the RGB values so you can add them as well. MadXStitcher — So, a couple of weeks ago, I was making some new... 15 Hand Embroidery Stitches for Beginners - Learn Step By Step Embroidery Designs. Are you fond of Art and crafts?

15 Hand Embroidery Stitches for Beginners - Learn Step By Step Embroidery Designs

Do embroidery stitches excite you? Then this post is for you to learn a lot from. We all love embroidery, and it is not that difficult to create these beautiful images with thread. Practicing a little with a sincere dose of patience can work magic in developing your skills for the art. We bring you 15 most loved embroidery styles and tell you how to do them too. Hand embroidery has become the most in-demand work on outfits. 1. If you are a beginner then try out this simple and easy to do embroidery stitch.

Step 1: To start with, poke the needle through the fabric from one side of the cloth and pull the thread. How do you color in the spots without stitching?... Cough into my open mouth, psst yo, i'm in a Moth Mood today. What are some... Nuages verts. Lady Feral — lord-bear: queen-and-commander: D.I.Y. hat... Kijilinn: I need this in my life. For my cats.  - I Give Up. You Win. A Master Tailor Demonstrates the Proper Technique... — raisajulianne: Finished with this piece! “Have... Assuming increased acceptance. Assuming increased acceptance, This was when I decided that Asian-style pieces... Brain Floss and Mind Frills. Geekhyena: loralieoncom: techfails: aicosu: ... - Because, Reasons.

Fatbottompurls: Look at what I found on... Brain Floss and Mind Frills. Lyriumnug: made my biggest, brightest and most... Assuming increased acceptance, Incense Blending: A Guide. Marcela-lotus. Wafflepatterns: 3 diy Ironing water recipes for... - Fine, you win. Amemait has a tumblr now. Making your own PVC lapstand. July 11, 2012 by mommyfang R&R crafts makes a nice pvc needlework lapstand available in small or large sizes.

Making your own PVC lapstand

I found the small large enough as anything bigger, I’d be moving the project my floor stand. I don’t want something HUGE balanced in my lap. On the message board, instructions for making your own were posted. Even though I already own the R&R crafts frame, I couldn’t resist the fun of trying to make a clone. In the picture below, the stand on the left is the original and the stand on the right is the inexpensive knock off.

The knock off has “knuckle” corners. Here is the parts list for what I used for the .5 inch (half inch) diameter pvc piping and .5 (half inch) diameter connectors ——————– 4 pieces cut at nine inches 2 pieces cut at eight inches 2 pieces cut a six inches 6 pieces cut at two inches. Here is the list of qsnap snap replacement clamps that fit. You need a total of six clamps. Instead of cutting pvc today, should of been stitching.. .just couldn’t resist. The voices say... Bow down before the Queen of Blood! - treasures-and-beauty: Hand painted,...

Cross Stitch