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Emerging Economies LEED in BIM Adoption; A Step Towards Betterment. Developing economies such as China, Brazil, South Africa, India etc. have come to understand the importance of green building construction following the rising need for imperative economical and sustainable development.

Emerging Economies LEED in BIM Adoption; A Step Towards Betterment

However, challenges such as lack of resources and financial conditions hinder the construction of green building in developing nations; unlike developed nations such as USA and UK. The pivotal hurdle in green buildings development for emerging economies is that these countries have many other national issues like poverty, unemployment, and ultimately better living standards to be looked after.

It has thus compelled governmental authorities to address aforementioned issues from the front; obviously putting green buildings construction to enter the fray from behind. In order to understand LEED benefits, it is vital to know how building construction harms the environment and leaves irreversible carbon footprints. Pay No More to BIM Charlatans; Else You Are a Propagator of BIM Wash. Posted by Hiral Patel on May 16th, 2017 The unnecessary BIM hype and counterfeit legalities that BIM charlatans [software technology vendors and BIM managers together] leverage is creating BIM wash across the UK.

Pay No More to BIM Charlatans; Else You Are a Propagator of BIM Wash

In fact, the act BIM implementation that UK government initiated, and the AEC industry professionals including EPC firms, general contractors, civil engineers, architects and consultants, surveyors and facility managers across the UK propagated, has started to act as a weapon against them. In the wake of compulsory BIM implementation; software vendors and BIM resellers hype about licensing and accreditation and set lose several deceptive claims propagating their products. The negative propagation of BIM wash doesn’t end here. It goes to the lengths of damaging the entire AEC industry, wasting both, money and time. BIM and Cloud: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Construction Management. Posted by Hiral Patel on May 9th, 2017 For general contractors, delivering quality construction projects in minimal time is the key to get quick ROIs.

BIM and Cloud: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Construction Management

However, delivering quality of work in construction sector has to start from grass root level since; lives of hundreds of inhabitants depend on it. Meeting both the ends of quality and quick building construction solutions was quite a challenge few years ago. There are 3 P's of BIM: people, processes and policies.

Advances in technology have impacted virtually every sphere of life, where Radio Shack stores have been replaced by cloud service providers like Google and Amazon, Netflix has replaced Blockbuster, and smartphones have successfully replaced Polaroid cameras.

There are 3 P's of BIM: people, processes and policies

The scenario in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) fraternity is no different where BIM is all set to replace CAD for planning, designing and modelling AEC projects. BIM is taking the architectural practice a step further BIM is the stepping stone helping the AEC industry to progress, along with the technological evolution called generative design. Construction Design Engineers should adopt Autodesk Revit to meet stringent project deadlines & market demands. Structural engineers, architects, MEP engineers, and drafters argue about the value of an array of novel modeling and sketching tools utilized by them for their project specific requirements.

Construction Design Engineers should adopt Autodesk Revit to meet stringent project deadlines & market demands

Today, with multiple advances in Information Technology, Revit and AutoCAD has delivered maximum usability in the AEC industry. Nevertheless; drafters and design engineers argue about the value of one over the other, purely based on their personal user experience. Although, today, Revit sees a wider scope in meeting stringent project deadlines and market demands. Information rich intelligent BIM 3D models generated in Revit suffice these needs and revolutionize the way contractors manage complex construction tasks.

Though both these software generate a 3D model of the building design; there are several differences owing to which industry leading construction design engineers chose Revit over AutoCAD. Revit begins where AutoCAD ends; the demarcation Looking at the litigation aspects. Forward thinking BIM; A walk through the Future. Is BIM Getting Tough; Or Is It Just A Deceit? Posted by Hiral Patel on April 25th, 2017 During the times of portraying BIM as protagonist, it would be a really dauntless statement to say that, “BIM is becoming tough with each passing day.”

Is BIM Getting Tough; Or Is It Just A Deceit?

BIM was introduced with an aim to coordinate and collaborate architectural, structural and MEP layout designs. But today, BIM has come way too far than just coordinating these three disciplines and includes much more efficient designs for firefighting solutions, energy modeling, facility management etc. Additionally, infrastructure and building construction projects are growing more complex in that race to meet urban population needs. Infrastructure that is being developed today, if compared to anything built even five years ago; makes the later look archaic. BIM & As-Built Models Mitigate Risks in Refurbishment Projects. To BIM managers and general contractors reading this, hang on before reading any further; and retrospect that how many times you encountered major variance in building models and actual facilities constructed when you visited construction sites for refurbishment.

It might happen that there are some columns missing on actual site that are shown in the models in spite of having BIM onboard. Site engineers are lucky, if these variances are picked up early in the stages of a building construction project; if not these are likely to cause significant cost over runs and a massive reputational hit. A lead structural design engineer and a site engineer employed on a refurbishment task would know how many errands he/she has to run in order to mitigate the risk factors and how many surprises await them in spite of having BIM assistance all the way through. In fact it’s not just BIM that starts to dim; the fundamental issue lies with refurbishment. Architectural Modeling & Rendering: 3D Residential Building Architecture. How BIM 3D Modeling Aids in MEP Spatial Coordination?

For MEP contractors working on 3D modeling and spatial coordination, it is as good as working on actual construction and fabrication.

How BIM 3D Modeling Aids in MEP Spatial Coordination?

The only difference is that, initially a small group of experts used to work in virtual BIM environment, but now it’s almost a set norm of the construction industry; which everyone involved with the building project has to abide by. MEP Contractors and Spatial Coordination Imagine a MEP contractor who is not party to the spatial coordination, but is required to be ready for field fabrication and install the system at locations predefined by MEP contractors. They will fail miserably. Due to the disintegration of one of the member, the entire MEP coordination team suffers and it invites tons of RFIs - Request for Information and change orders, resulting in exceeded budgets. How BIM Improves Safety & Efficiency, and Reduces Operating Costs. BIM adoption has become a standard practice for architects and designers, and civil engineers too are now looking forward to make the most of BIM in their field.

How BIM Improves Safety & Efficiency, and Reduces Operating Costs

BIM & Earthquake Engineering aid Structural Engineers to Design & Build Robust Structures. BIM & Earthquake Engineering; Enabling Structural Engineers to Design & Build Strong Structures Sep 21, 2016 -- Earthquake engineering has become an important aspect of structural engineering, especially after the recent seismic incidents that took place in Chile, Mexico or New Zealand.

BIM & Earthquake Engineering aid Structural Engineers to Design & Build Robust Structures

These events shook the engineers from within and they are now expected to deliver stronger structure that can withstand such hazards. With latest tools and technology and of course BIM analysis methods, it will now be easier for engineers to design or build more earthquake resistant buildings. So what is seismic analysis and how can BIM analysis aid engineers for it? Calculating the response of a building structure during earthquake is what seismic analysis method is all about. BIM is at the very tender stage for fortification analysis. For instance, the Design model utilized for construction documentation needs to be channeled from BIM model to analysis model. Why BIM is an Ideal Choice for MEP Design and Installation?

Email In MEP industry the success or failure of MEP installations and drawings, affects the time and cost of building projects immensely.

Why BIM is an Ideal Choice for MEP Design and Installation?

It’s the most complex structure if compared to architectural and structural. The trades involved in MEP are much wider than other sectors. Though contractors are accountable for collecting design data to bring about fabrication and fitting, it’s not the same in larger projects. MEP Contractors Should Follow These 3 Steps for Efficient MEP Design. While the term MEP is familiar for those connected with real estate or building engineering and construction, there are few who don’t know the importance of MEP in building designs. In general, MEP means referring to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems utilized in the building structure. Its use is primarily for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water management, lighting, communication as well as fire protection. Things You Should Expect From Your BIM Model. Today, structural engineering firms who work on mega construction projects are using BIM tools for modeling concrete reinforcement to cut down field errors and reduce waste on-site.

But that’s just one side of the coin. Those structural firms working on small scale projects are still hesitant to model, and they prefer manual framework. And if you have ever used BIM, you will not deny that the concrete BIM productivity is quite low compared to other aspects like steel or wood. Structural Modeling Services to Expand the Strength of Building Structures.

Infrastructure Construction Posted by Hiral Patel on September 16th, 2016 Being the basic framework for the building, structure is as similar as human skeleton. The strength of the building relies heavily on its inner structure, just like a Skeleton supporting human body. Importance of 3D visualization in Manufacturing and Construction Industries. The use of advanced engineering methods and technologies is on a rise, and this is further enabling advanced 3D visualization technologies to grow, and give customers a feeling of customization and personalization. This is more prominent in aerospace industry where 3D visualization had enabled the benefit of making their customers better understand their product and engage more with what they are expecting to buy. It provides a personalized marketing experience using attractive and dynamic content that specifically addresses the customer needs. Apart from aerospace, the automotive industry is also one of the fields that utilized the benefits of 3D visualization.

Why MEP engineering firms should integrate BIM? BIM has evolved over a period of time, becoming a rich information model or rather a rich 3D database of a building instead of just a geometry depiction of what it looks like. BIM for Fire Engineering; Delivering Safe & Cost-Effective Building Projects. Fire engineering is a unique discipline within the construction industry that has its own language, design goals and analytical approaches. Using sophisticated and intensely accurate tools is becoming more important as sharing the building related data has gained serious consideration within the fraternity.

Construction Risks; Mitigating through BIM. Often construction project risk is like a black box full of unknowns. The contributing factor to this is disintegration. It’s like this unbreakable wall that hinders the smooth flow of communication among stakeholders involved. BIM Revit Family Creation for Components across MEP, Architectural and Structural Disciplines ~ REVIT BIM Consulting Services, Revit Drafting, Revit Modeling India.