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LA Photo LA Photo Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake on January 17, 1994. The massive quake shook me, along with most Angelenos, abruptly out of slumber in the early morning hours. Soon as the quaking stopped, I quickly dressed and grabbed my camera bag along with the last 20 rolls of film from my refrigerator. The first stop would be the campus of CalTech in Pasadena, they would have first hand knowledge of where the quake was centered and how large it was.
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too much chocolate コラム1~5 ①対人恐怖症って何? 初めまして。講師の田中と申します。普段はカウンセリングの仕事をしています。 今回は、「対人恐怖症」という物についてお話したいと思います。実はこの対人恐怖と言うのは、日本特有の精神疾患であると言われています。 too much chocolate
Two Way Lens Two Way Lens MWWhat inspired you to start taking photographs, and what have been some of the most important milestones in your career up until now? Dad with camera HKG This is my favorite photo of my dad, Alex Kolikow, taking his self portrait in 1941 with his Argus C-3 camera. The camera he taught me how to shoot with.
Facebook Delicious Google Bookmarks MySpace Messenger Hey all. I’m putting my photography related focus into 2 large projects. For me to give these projects the focus they need and deserve I need to put a few things on hold. Urbansand | Photography Urbansand | Photography
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i recently re-read Regarding the Pain of Others and Regarding the Torture of Others by Susan Sontag. with the news lately, i have been thinking a lot about the cultural and political discourse around images of torture and war, and the way that our reactions to the images take on a life separate even from the referent (the act of torture) depicted within them. much has been written about the ways in which war photography often echoes iconic religious imagery. but i have been wondering how, in turn, the iconography of the new war and torture photography is also influencing fine art photographers today? no matter where you come down on the questions surrounding whether these photographs should be released (though i imagine most photographers believe that the images should be released and talked about), they inarguably seep into our individual psyches and ultimately have a profound affect on our cultural consciousness. subjectify subjectify
La Fototeca No sabemos con exactitud el momento en el que nació la fotografía. En el año 1000 A.D. un árabe de nombre Alhazen observó que cuando la luz se filtraba a través de un agujero en la pared y la habitación estaba lo suficientemente oscura, la imagen del exterior se reflejaba en la pared opuesta. Más tarde el astrónomo francés Guillaume de Saint - Cloud utilizó este método para la observación de eclipses e introdujo el concepto de ampliación al observar que podía variar el tamaño de la imagen al aumentar o reducir la distancia entre la superficie reflectora y el agujero. A finales del siglo XVI Giambattista della Porta inventó la primera cámara obscura utilizando el mismo principio que observó nuestro amigo árabe. La Fototeca
When looking for a photographer for your family portrait, wedding, or engagement session, what’s important to look for besides the photographer’s technical ability? One of the most import things to look for is the photographer’s ability to create a positive experience for their clients. The value in a couple’s portrait photography session lies partly in the important social/psychological function that the photo session performs. Of course there will also be pictures. That the pictures will be of high quality is taken for granted; I’m assuming that most clients who have a sense of the high-end experience they want also have some discriminating eye for high-level final product. Vaso De Agua - Image Blog Vaso De Agua - Image Blog
WATERFALL MAGAZINE WATERFALL MAGAZINE <div id="activate-javascript"> We detect Javascript is currently disabled on your browser, please enable Javascript for the best possible user experience. <a href="" target="_blank">How to enable Javascript?</a></div> Continuing the debut issue’s scale, the second NOT TODAY has come out, with finer details and more appealing stories.
It's that time of year and MOPLA is once again upon us. Saturday's opening sees a lot of activity over at Bergamont Station, including the second Lise Sarfati show at Rose Gallery, which should be worth the trip in itself. Be sure to check their website to see all of the programming, as there are a lot of good shows going on. We can shoot too We can shoot too
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Jyväsjärvi, Jyväskylä from the series Järvenjää/Lakeice, March 2010 Järvenjää/ Lakeice The interaction between man and nature has a long history in Finland. | women in photography |
The New Breed of Documentary Photographers Randy Olson “One Little Hammer” April 3, 2014 Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Multimedia. Tags: Multimedia Randy Olson (b.1957, USA) worked as a newspaper photographer at The Pittsburgh Press and received an Alicia Patterson Foundation Fellowship in 1995 to support a seven-year project documenting a family with AIDS, and a first place Robert F.
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Photographs copyright the estate of W. Eugene Smith 2013 co-published by University of Texas Press, Austin & Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona W. Eugene Smith’s The Big Book is a very interesting and unusual three volume set that includes a two volume facsimile of the maquette (book dummy) developed by Smith in 1960 and a third volume with supporting essays, reference photographs and information about the maquette. The Big Book maquette spans the majority of the late W. Eugene Smith’s oeuvre, an American photojournalist (b. 1918 – d. 1978 ) who developed the concept for the photo-essay. The PhotoBook
The Photo Exchange Milla Jovovich, Vogue Italy, Paris, France – Copyright by Peter Lindbergh Nina Burri, Vogue Germany, Berlin, Germany – Copyright by Peter Lindbergh Karen Elson, Milla Jovovich, Vogue Italy (C20316-13), Downtown, Los Angeles – Copyright by Peter Lindbergh Georgia Frost, Vogue Italy, Downtown, Los Angeles – Copyright by Peter Lindbergh The Fahey/Klein Gallery will be presenting a selection of photographs from photographer and filmmaker Peter Lindbergh’s expansive and influential career.
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