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David Lindsey Wade. The Wade Brothers shot a selection of famous Portugese footballers in Lisbon for Nike Portugal’s latest campaign – featuring William Carvalho, Raul Meireles, Miguel Veloso, Christiano Ronaldo and Pepe.

David Lindsey Wade

Share This The Wade Brothers photographed the global above the line campaign for Bacardi with BETC in Panama and Mexico. The images focus on the brand’s famous heritage, and the incredible struggles that the family have overcome to get to where they are today – including fires, exile, prohibition and Cuban revolutionaries! The Wade Brother's worked in collaboration with M&C Saatchi UK to launch a look for Reebok's new campaign, Reethym of Lite. The Wade Brothers collaborated with Gatorade's digital agency VML alongside Chiat Day to create still imagery for a wide variety of uses.

Achim Lippoth Photographer. Olivier Laban-Mattei. Stéphanie LACOMBE. Estelle Lagarde. Michael Light. Joey Lawrence Fine Art. JeanYves Lemoigne. Loretta Lux. Camouflage... Fred Lebain. Unique photo series by Fred Lebain, a talented French photographer, features creative camouflage posters that blend into their surroundings.

Camouflage... Fred Lebain

After visiting New York for the first time and taking some pictures, Fred Lebain returned for a second visit with large poster prints and aligned them with their original locations. Also check out: Invisible Man and Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin. Myoung Ho Lee. Simon Høgsberg. Michael Hoppen Contemporary - Artist - Byung-hun Min - Flowers - Byung-Hun Min was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1955.

Michael Hoppen Contemporary - Artist - Byung-hun Min - Flowers -

Min started out as a musician and vocalist, then a student of electronic engineering, before finally discovering photography. He turned to study photography in his late 20’s at the Soon-tae Hong studio, from where he has pursued a successful career in photography. He has been awarded the Dong-A International Photography Salon’s silver medal (1984). Min’s black and white photography often represents nature and the environment; and his pictures aim to capture the essence of the Korean landscape. His photographs also draw references back to traditional Korean and East Asian art and culture, with a resemblance to Ink Scroll Paintings, floral themes, and a focus on simplicity and minimalist compositions. Martin Parr. Abelardo Morell.

Robert Mapplethorpe. PHOTOGRAPHER. Andrew Moore. Didier Massard. Lisette Model. Zed Nelson - photographer. 荒木経惟オフィシャルサイト araki nobuyoshi. Jeremy Nicholls. Adeline Mai : Adeline Mai.