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Studio Mumbai / Copper House II. Sound Sculptures & Installations, Sound Architectures. The VIPP Shelter / VIPP. Architects: VIPP Location: Denmark Chief Designer: Morten Bo Jensen Area: 55.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of VIPP Heating: Fireplace (Spartherm, Various 2L-100h-4S), corner glass.

The VIPP Shelter / VIPP

Ventilation: Mechanical ventilation Water: 120 liter hot water tank. Insulation: 250mm glass wool acc. building usually meant for vacation homes. Protan folio mounted underneath the metal facade / roof. Weight: 25 tons. From the architect. A 55m2 steel object emerges in a rugged landscape framed by naked trees and a silent lake that mirrors in the sky frame window facade. A shelter in its original sense has connotations of basic living serving a merely functional purpose and attending to our primal need of having a roof over our head. “The objective was not to make a house or a mobile home. According to Morten Bo Jensen, the biggest difference between this getaway compared to anything else on the market is the fact that he is not an architect.

Tropical solutions

Nest We Grow / College of Environmental Design & Kengo Kuma & As. House in Tousuien / Suppose Design Office. Cabin Porn™ Walden: A Place to Live and Work Outdoors in architecture Categor. Teahouse David Maštálka / A1 Architects. Teahouse / A1 Architects. Architects: David Maštálka / A1 Architects Location: Prague, Czech Republic Client: David Maštálka and Lenka Kremenová Project year: 2008 (35 days) Contractor: Vojtěch Bilišic , scupltor and carpenter (Slovak Republic) Collaborators: Lenka Kremenová, Marta Maštálková, Rudolf Maštálka Dome construction: Jan Bašta Opponency of Diploma Project: Terunobu Fujimori , University of Tokyo Interpreting: Petr Holý, Director of Czech Center in Tokyo Surface Area: 3,75 sqm Construction Area: 7 sqm Photographs: Ester Havlová The Garden At the foot of the hill dividing Hloubetin and Aloisov you’ll find a small garden.

Teahouse / A1 Architects

The garden is unostentatious, slightly wild but even so graceful, each spring apple and cherry trees blossom and when summer swiftly blows upon us our sight of the passing clouds is surrounded by slim blades of grass. Miers Architects. Architect: Swatt Miers Architects Location: Silicon Valley, California Project Team: Robert Swatt FAIA, Steven Stept AIA, Ivan Olds, Connie Wong (interiors), Jeanie Fan, Hiromi Ogawa Structural Engineering: Yu Strandberg Engineering Contractor: Neto Construction Project Year: 2009 Photographs: Tim Griffith The idea for the tea houses originated years ago, when the owner and his young daughter explored the remote hills surrounding their Silicon Valley home, discovering an idyllic setting below a ridge, under a grove of large California Live Oak trees.

Miers Architects

At first, the family thought the setting would be perfect for a tree house. Years later, after the 6000 square foot main house was extensively remodeled, the vision was realized as three individual tea houses, places where one could simply retreat into nature. Each tea house is designed as a transparent steel and glass pavilion, hovering like a lantern over the natural landscape. The design emphasizes sustainability. Glass Tea House by Tokujin Yoshioka. Tea ceremonies and tea drinking in general are quite the art form in Japan.

Glass Tea House by Tokujin Yoshioka

It’s deeply rooted in tradition and stands out as a symbolic part of the Japanese culture. Tokujin Yoshioka designed the Glass Tea House as a place to let you appreciate the surrounding nature while taking part in a tea ceremony, but creating a separation with the transparent, modern microcosm. From the designer: The Japanese conception of nature is characterized by its distinctive spacial perception. It involves the sensory realization of the surrounding atmosphere through what may be described as signs of presence, energies, or perhaps the aura. Saint benedict chapel peter zumthor. Ludwig bruderklauschapel peter zumthor. Peter Zumthor. Fcb studios installs the first 'observatory' mobile artist residence.

Feb 16, 2015 fcb studios installs the first 'observatory' mobile artist residence fcb studios installs the first ‘observatory’ mobile artist residenceimage © feilden clegg bradley studios exterior viewimage © feilden clegg bradley studios each structure can rotate 360-degrees from a crank wheel on the interior- it takes about 6 minutes for a full rotation.image © feilden clegg bradley studios open entrances put the artist in constant connection to the exterior landscapeimage © feilden clegg bradley studios interior viewimage © feilden clegg bradley studios image © feilden clegg bradley studios black flashing gives a clean edge to the textured charred timber planksimage © feilden clegg bradley studios floor plan function diagram sketch.

fcb studios installs the first 'observatory' mobile artist residence