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Slipperman and his productions

Medeski Martin & Wood - Friday Afternoon In The Universe (Full album) Ahmad Jamal - One 1978 (FULL ALBUM) Andy Stott and Lakker play St. John at Hackney Church this Friday - hyponik. Since 2007, Denovali Records have curated and organised international music festivals, with an imposing lists of past guests including Ben Frost, Nils Frahm and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Andy Stott and Lakker play St. John at Hackney Church this Friday - hyponik

With a focus on various forms of experimental and avant-garde, this year’s dynamic line up will see Andy Stott – who recently announced his latest LP Too Many Voices, set for release on April 22 – take to the stage at St John at Hackney Church on Friday April 15. Traktor Audio 6 Direct Thru with Traditional Vinyl test. André Stordeur - Analog and Digital Electronic Music 1978-80. Pessimist 'The Woods' NIN-Pages.


Samples. Tunes. Music Archives - Open Culture archive. Sound. DR HOFFMANN & ASCION AND D.CARBONE - Blind Spot - Techno radio, releases, mixes, interviews. Lps. Night Vision guitar tab by Hell Is For Heroes. [Full Album] Buckethead & Michael Shrieve - Octave of the Holy Innocents. Diy audio. Rythm. They Always Know - Atmosphere Lyrics.

A journey through ambient music; it's history; producers; labels and big inspirations. I’ve seen a few articles over the past few years detailing the best ambient albums, the state of ambient or the return of ambient, and whilst they’re often very positive for the genre, the artists and every other person involved in making this type of music, I can’t help but feel a bit empty after reading them.

A journey through ambient music; it's history; producers; labels and big inspirations

These articles rarely scrape the surface of a genre that has never gone away, and will probably never “make a comeback” but instead, the genre continues to evolve. Ambient music will always remain a sub-culture of many popular music styles out there, or more to the point of this article, be the hidden undercurrent that’s helped inspire many other styles of music. Techno preparations; I need more hands. Basic Channel - Q-Loop (Full Length) ESP Projects Pages - DIY Audio and Electronics. Category Index of Projects Page Last Updated - September 2014 Main Index Projects Index Projects Sorted By Number Pricelist Note Carefully.

ESP Projects Pages - DIY Audio and Electronics

Jim Morrison Predicted The Future Of Music In 1969. Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction (Original) KJ Sawka in his Basement. Facebook. Schematics / Moog Parametric Equalizer. It is adequate for a music class to take a rather simplistic view of the precise nature of electricity, so the following discussion is not complete or rigorous.

The phenomenon known as electricity involves the exchange of very small particles (electrons) between atoms. Now a particular atom generally possesses a constant number of electrons, and there are some rather potent forces within the atom working to keep the correct number of electrons, so if an atom looses an electron because of some mechanical or chemical process, it will very quickly pull in a replacement.

There are seldom spare electrons around, so the replacement likely comes from an adjacent atom, which, shy one electron, steals from its neighbor, and so forth. The exchange of electrons propagates in much the same way as the pressure disturbance I discussed in the section on sound, and exhibits all of the associated wave effects. Fig. 1 A simple circuit. EMS: Technical Essays. Kit - Phat Phet. This is a components kit for the Phat Phet, which is my final adaptation of the classic Urei 1176 circuit.

Kit - Phat Phet

The goal of this design was to make it as easy as possible to build and trouble shoot, rather than create a visual clone. Features Classic 1176 FET circuit on double sided board with star ground Pads spread out for easy soldering, and a minimum of wiring. Joe Morello on Conan O'Brien - Take Five. Joe Morello - Drum Method 1 - Natural Approach To Technique. Beat Dissected. Old School But Good School. Peanut Butter Wolf's 12hr 12/12/12/ Set Part 1 of 3. Electrix Pro Filter Factory. The Filter Factory is a stand-alone 2-unit rack module stereo/mono analog filter.

Electrix Pro Filter Factory

Use it to filter drum loops, synth arpeggiations, vocal tracks or entire mixes! It features notch, low-, high- and band-pass filtering modes. Untitled. When our editor, Dave Thomas asked me if I would be interested in reviewing a small active loudspeaker and preamp system, I have to admit to being a little hesitant.


My hesitation stemmed from the fact that I had been used to listening to monolithic electrostatic speaker systems from Sound Lab and had become a little jaded toward dynamic speakers. Boy, am I glad I took this assignment because the system was the ATC SCM10A-2 loudspeaker and CA2 preamp. I’ll cut to the chase and say that this has been one thoroughly enjoyable experience. To find out why, please read on. Dave put me in contact with Chris Barry, owner of High Fidelity Systems in Chicago, to pick up the ATC equipment. Electrix Pro Filter Factory. x0xb0x. Congratulations, you are the proud new owner of a box of electronic components.


With a bit of effort you can transform these parts into a x0xb0x. By following these instructions, we think you'll be able to get your kit together with a minimum of suffering. Enjoy! There is absolutely zero guaranteed tech support with this project. We cant guarantee any response to requests for help. Modular Love: Suzanne Ciani Interviewed. When studying composition at Berkley, CA, in 1968, Suzanne Ciani met the person who would change her artistic life.

Modular Love: Suzanne Ciani Interviewed

Don Buchla was a contemporary of Robert Moog's in the field of designing and building electronic musical instruments. But while Moog wanted to prove that he could assemble electronics to make them fit in with standard perceptions of what instruments should be - the Western piano keyboards, their use to 'synthesize' already standard sounds - Buchla was launching off into the unknown by designing a complicated modular electronic instrument system that represented a complete break with what had gone before. In order to save money to buy her own Buchla 200, Ciani started working all hours in the inventor's factory. After graduating from university she moved to New York with her ever expanding modular system and her desire to make progressive, left field music with it. Ether^ra : visual arts, sound manoeuvring & arcana: July 2010.

Reaktor Tips: Chroma and Gris-Gris: Sequenced Monster Monosynth. Ladies, Gentlemen, Exalted Bipeds, may I introduce to you my latest creation, the Chroma and Gris-Gris ensemble: Chroma is a performance oriented monosequencer and VA carefully tuned for ergonomic ease of use and glitch free operation in standalone and plugin mode.

Reaktor Tips: Chroma and Gris-Gris: Sequenced Monster Monosynth

Slur features in Chroma match up with legato and glide features in the Gris-Gris synth to create a slinky sinuous note articulation. Sequences can be created and controlled via mouse, MIDI, Konkreet Performer, TouchOSC and Lemur. Since there is now full OSC support in the Reaktor plugin version, you can do everything with Chroma in your preferred DAW that you can do stand-alone. KONKREET LABS. Iced Audio - AudioFinder. Zábavná fyzika. Keď zvukové vlny roztancujú farbu. Zábavná fyzika.


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