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Monotron-E – Pulp Logic. The Synthesizer Network - Cases/Parts. ES25 - About. Vinyls, Technology and Carmen Dell'Orefice. Crisotop's finished projects. Irfrench.tumblr. Untitled page. NR synth was born of a strong passion for old electronic instruments, that of the early 70’s.

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The first MOOG, ARP, EMS synthesizers were not the product of market research, designed in cold and sanitized engineering offices; they were the work of great enthusiasts, "mad scientists", who conceived the instruments of the future, with no other limit than their imagination ... In 1666, Stradivarius has arguably perfected the most beautiful sound of violin in the world. In the same way, we can consider that Robert Moog, Alan Pearman or Peter Zinovief are to synthesizers what Stradivarius was to violin.

Handcrafted in limited numbers, these instruments had a soul that gradually disappeared as mass production and technical advances (integrated circuits and digital technology) increased. Interface Boards - Main Page. Hello.

Interface Boards - Main Page

Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. The largest range of Microcontroller Boards at the best possible price. 1U Tiles – Pulp Logic. Tile Size: 1U Tiles were born out of a combination of the Rack Unit specification and the Doepfer Eurorack specification.

1U Tiles – Pulp Logic

Since Tiles are to designed to be part of a Eurorack system the panel specifications was conceived as a 4U package with 3U for Eurorack and 1U for Tiles. Tile widths are based on the Eurorack HP standard of 0.200” per HP and are available in multiples of 6HP. Future Sound Systems. Future Sound Systems. Utility – matttech modular. Ginko Synthese. A DIY eurorack module!

Ginko Synthese

This complete and easy-to-build DIY kit is one of the cheapest ways to get a voltage controlled oscillator in your modular and sounds completely different than all other oscillators! It can do minimalistic clicks and plops, screaming leads, fat basslines, weird noises or chiptunes. Project Notes. For Sale. 24 Port Patch Panel Cat5e. Eurorack Lasercut Case 42HP 3U Skiff 70mm by nonlinearcircuits. Nonlinearcircuits: Open Source Eurorack cases. Clubnight 2006.08.19 Live @ MTW Offenbach 5 Jahre Merkwürdiges Verhalten - Heiko M.S.O. by Komapatient. 5250268-84 - VECTOR ELECTRONICS - NUT STRIP- 17.0 LG. IEEE front panels. Middle Atlantic Rack Rail 4-Space. Modular Monthly: How to make a DIY Eurorack 3U case. Rebel Technology. ADDAC System. Lite Racks. Electronic Music, Instruments and Music Studios. DIY Eurorack Console Case – Rear and Bottom Panels. Eastwick Alpha Black - London Modular.

Moog Unit Modules - Synthetic Sound Labs. Aion-modular. Tiptop Audio - Numberz: Digtal Audio Lab. ADDAC200 – Multiples « postmodular. Woodbrass Mobile. Untitled. Modularsquare. ADDAC System. 12 FOLDING INFO — Dark Modular Cases. Dark Modular Cases. GitHub - pichenettes/eurorack: Eurorack modules. Serge Modular for Eurorack (3U) by Random*Source. Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM) The legendary Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM) are designed to dynamically add new harmonically-related overtones to an input waveform.

Serge Modular for Eurorack (3U) by Random*Source

Accroding to the 1982 catalogue, they “alter the timbre in exciting new ways, producing interesting alternative forms of signal processing which are unique in the Serge Modular Music System. Since there are three entirely separate and different types of Wave Multipliers in this module, an enormously varied palette of new effects can be synthesized.” The top section offers two different modes, selected by a switch. In the “HI” position, the module functions to “square-up” an incoming signal, with a rounded flattening of the signal peaks, somewhat similar to overdriving a tube amplifier (with voltage control!). The middle section generates a sweep of the odd harmonics (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13th) when a sine wave is applied to its input and the FOLD knob is turned up or a control voltage is swept from low to high.


Electronics - Rack Cabinets and Accessories. Alibaba Group. Untitled. All the parts you need to build a 3U Eurorack row in either Skiff or frame sub-assembly form.


For a complete 3U ready to mount Eurorack you need 1 of each of these things Please note we don’t have the facilities at Thonk to cut rails to length. However the rails are reasonably easy to cut to length with a hacksaw and a vice – They have a consistent cross section over the full length. Acrylic Modular Synth Cases. Low Profile Power Supplies, ac-dc power supplies. Eowave cases. HINTON INSTRUMENTS: FullPower™ Linear Power Supplies. Our FullPower™ Linear PSUs and Distribution Systems are specifically designed to be used in large modular audio and synthesizer systems requiring a reliable high specification power system.

HINTON INSTRUMENTS: FullPower™ Linear Power Supplies

The performance of any system is limited by the combination of both the PSU and power distribution it is based on. It is pointless to expect high quality audio running on a cheap switchmode psu or a wall wart, but it is also pointless to have a high grade PSU and then use it with a poor distribution system like long pcb buscards. FullPower™ PSUs can deliver up to 2.0A on each rail continuously without dropping out of regulation and without the use of fan cooling. We recommend rear mounted 19″ panel configurations with ventilation above and below for convection cooling and our heavy duty, low impedance distribution systems.

Modular case. Equalizers - 500 Series - Pro Audio - Perfect Circuit Audio. Bleep Drum - Foxtone Music. Eurorack module testing tool (DIY) - Mutable instruments' users community. CB55 build guide - Revision 1_1. About - AC Toolbox. Sigma. Audio Damage // Home. A-100 timing capacitors position. Stekker 2015: Richard Devine Live Rig Rundown (Part 1) Sell, Buy and Trade Used Modular Synthesizer Modules. The Tuesday Night Machines. Mixiplexer. Audio Synthesis via Vacuum Tubes. Audio Synthesis via Vacuum Tubes Eric BarbourOwner, METASONIX, Redwood City, California USA e-mail: Power Supplies for Tube Synthesizers One of the major counts against the use of tubes in audio equipment is the frequent objection to the need for a "high voltage" power supply for the plates.

Audio Synthesis via Vacuum Tubes

This seems to be more of an economic objection than anything else, given that the capacitors and other components for operation at voltages above 100v dc tend to be more costly than low-voltage components used with solid state technology. Also, many hobbyists seem to have some fear of such voltages due to the danger of electrocution. Personally, I've been working with "high" voltages for more than 20 years, and have yet to kill myself.

Besides, I don't really consider 150v to qualify as "high" voltage. As it happens, making a DC supply of 120-150v is relatively easy. You do not need special transformers to make this voltage. Figure 1 shows the basic idea. FC Power Build Doc. Frequency Central. FC Power works from a 12VAC wallwart and provides ~500mA at +/-12V, ~100mA at 5V (optional).

Frequency Central

Dead simple to build and based on easily sourced and inexpensive parts. You can also choose to built it as a +/-15V supply with minor component changes. I use this AC power pack with mine: You can plug it into a single module for testing purposes, or break out the power to a Doepfer bus board, Tiptop flying bus board, or DIYed stripboard bus board. Dimensions of the PCB are 110mm x 42mm. The perfect solution for: bench test supplysmall self contained synth projectsskiffsetc. etc. etc. !! Ssm2040. Power Lunch. If you're hungry for modular, Power Lunch is on the menu.

Power Lunch

The perfect size for a voice or for an effects system to augment a keyboard/guitar. Check out our 1U modules. RAT Clone. Synthrotek’s “super-slim” Deluxe Power is designed to give you maximum power in a small, elegant package. SMALL & SAFE: 4HP Panel at only 29mm deep! Doepfer A-100 Planner.


Creative Audio Part 2 - Sound Design & DIY Musical Effects - Continuing this investigation of new applications for computer technology in sound studios, Clive Williamson discovers creative uses for TDM and VST Plug Ins in digital Sound Design and demonstrates how a hands-on approach to synthesizers, samplers and MIDI can help generate original atmospheres and Musical Effects for broadcast and post production. (First published: LINE UP Magazine - The Journal of the Institute of Broadcast Sound, April/May 2000) Traditionally, sound design has been achieved through a mixture of sound effects, location recordings and music: either from commercial discs; library albums; or special commission from a composer. But the latest developments in sound technology are capable of unleashing a surprising freedom for sound engineers and dubbing mixers in broadcasting and post production.

Home page « postmodular. Knobcon - Knobcon. Modular Synth Comparison Chart. A side by side shot of two popular VCOs from Blacet and MOTM, showing the different form factors. The Blacet VCO is 5.25" high x 3" wide x 6.25" deep. The jacks are 3.5mm, panel .062 aluminum. The knob width is .45". Space required is 98.4 cubic inches. The module weighs 6.6 oz. Power supplies and connectors vary. Some manufacturers make very simple modules, while others add many features. Music Gear Daily. Tags: analog synth, arduino, diy, microcontroller, modulation, Software, Synth. Powerdata.pdf. Beginners Tutorial for Modular Synthesizers - Analog Modular Synthesizers for Electronic Music by

10th Analog Synthesizer Builders' Summit Party. Unusual synth circuits.