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6 Free Ways to Direct YouTube Traffic to Your Crowdfunding Campaign. Get free crowdfunding traffic from YouTube Interestingly enough, many promising crowdfunding campaigns across all major platforms fail not because they don’t have a crowd, but because they do not know how to reach it effectively and actually drive traffic to their campaign pages.

6 Free Ways to Direct YouTube Traffic to Your Crowdfunding Campaign

If your crowd is on YouTube then you have at least 6 great ways to utilize the power of the world’s biggest video platform and drive traffic from YouTube to your crowdfunding campaign without spending a penny. On YouTube, the obvious way to reach your audience is through video. 6 post que no te puedes perder para aplicar el storytelling a causas solidarias. Desde hace tiempo vengo escribiendo consejos para que las ONGs e iniciativas emprendedores aprendan a utilizar el storytelling como herramienta de comunicación fundamental para sensibilizar, captar fondos y cibermovilizar.

6 post que no te puedes perder para aplicar el storytelling a causas solidarias

Es una técnica de marketing fundamental aplicada por grandes marcas y por ONGs de gran prestigio que permite hacer llegar el mensaje de forma rápida y con gran efectividad. Tu ONG no puede quedarse rezagada, en la web no importa que tan grande o pequeña es tu entidad, lo que cuenta es la habilidad que tienes para desarrollar habilidades comunicativas. 6 post que no te puedes perder para aplicar el storytelling a causas solidarias. Crowdfunding Bible: Top Book on Crowd Funding, Kickstarter. Bootcamp/ Oct 23-25 2014 #GCCB2014 As we enter our 3rd year, #GCCB2014 has established itself as the premier global gathering of the world of crowdfunding.


Whether you're new to the concept of crowdfunding or have been doing it for years, this conference is for you. Whether you're into technology, fashion, music, games, real-estate, non profit, equity, peer to peer, books, food and so much more. #GCCB2014 is your one chance a year to learn and celebrate with the worlds industry leaders. Share this resource with your friends!

Crowdfunding is now helping people raise billions of dollars annually to help their ideas come to life. We put together this manual from collecting years of data, speaking with dozens of campaigners, and tapping into our team’s crowdfunding know-how in order to empower our campaigners to make the most of their crowdfunding experiences and help them reach their goals.

What % of a crowd will jump into a crowdfunding campaign? My goal is to build our audience to 100,000+ before have a Kickstarter campaign for Our Next Movie. Idea Analysis: Building a Great Crowdfunding Campaign - Part 2 - EntreCity - City of Entrepreneurial Learning and Sharing. Part 2: Pre-Launch As part of an ongoing series on Crowdfunding, this week, we take a look at the steps of launching a great Crowdfunding campaign, including pre-launch and post-launch strategies.

Idea Analysis: Building a Great Crowdfunding Campaign - Part 2 - EntreCity - City of Entrepreneurial Learning and Sharing

7 Consejos Social Media para tu proyecto Crowdfunding. WAX Science, a new way to fight stereotypes. WAX Science is a young French association created by Aude Bernheim and Flora Vincent, two students from AgroParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Science) and the CRI (Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity).

WAX Science, a new way to fight stereotypes

It aims at enhancing the image of science by breaking down stereotypes. To do so, a team composed mostly of volunteers was mobilized to develop a collaborative platform that launched just yesterday, May 15 th . Attractive visuals, some lively content, the promotion of its participants and a variety of formats are all important elements of this new approach to science, devoted to stimulating curiosity about science in young people. This article is a translation of “ WAX Science, une façon de lutter contre les stéréotypes ” by Timothée Froelich. MyScienceWork. Wax Science. OKF Open Science Working Group. Meet the Members The working group has nearly 400 mailing list members and many have chosen to be listed as official members here on the website.

OKF Open Science Working Group

You can find a complete alphabetical list towards the bottom of the page. Firstly, you can find out about the background and motivations of some our members through their mini-profiles below. If you would like to be added to the membership list or contribute a mini profile please get in touch with the Working Group Coordinator: Jenny Molloy ( Carl Boettiger What’s your background? I received my bachelor’s in physics from Princeton, currently I am PhD student at UC Davis, working on regime shifts in ecology & evolution. What got you interested in open science?

Open Science

Ciencia ciudadana. The dark side of crowdfunding. Storytelling for CrowdFunding. Industry Report. 7 Strategies For Launching A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign. Get Creative! Ideas for Enhancing your Campaign. News, Information and References for CrowdfundingCrowdFund Beat. The concept of offering a few bucks to help out a project might have started to help your friend’s new album, but new numbers show it’s growing rapidly–and turning into a legitimate form of investment.

News, Information and References for CrowdfundingCrowdFund Beat

Crowdfunding is booming. More than 1 million campaigns across 308 platforms raised $2.7 billion last year, an increase of 81% on 2011. And that volume is set to almost double in 2013, to $5.1 billion, according to a new report. But, if you thought the future of crowdfunding was all about dinky video game pitches, and cheerful perks on Kickstarter, you’d be missing something. Going forward, crowdfunding is likely to take on many forms, be more geographically-diverse, and, for better and worse, look more like big-time investing. From SIS to Sfor and withS.pdf?attachauth=ANoY7crsLOjglrpGJQIONYqrZiLs7q4olrDwT5fVphu2U6mk3mcKrX1plLljbOccT1i11N_BBwkGqyYrCpZIOCi9JiMKKWW9FoPqN_81ptbjl0Uh2EoiFrjyQnuhdyNsIVD4x.

Obrint la Ciència: Documentació i materials. En aquesta pàgina es publiquen els materials i les referències bibliogràfiques importants per a la realització i seguiment del curs en cadascuna de les seus.

Obrint la Ciència: Documentació i materials

Tanmateix, incloem a continuació l'informe final del curs:Informe final d'Obrint la Ciència 2013.Fent ús dels comentaris de la pàgina podeu participar i aportar tota aquella bibliografia que us sembli interessant! Documents: El dinero está en Europa (Cinco Días). Artículo sobre Horizon 2020 y financiación de proyectos. La ciencia necesita otro discurso. Enllaços: Bunders and Regeer (2009): Knowledge Co-creation. Community Based Research Canada: A network of people and organizations engaged in Community-Based Research to meet the needs of people and communities.Curso Investigación científica 2.0.1: procesos clave en una sociedad digital.

Raising Money Through Crowdfunding? Consider These Best Practices for Success. A Creative Fool. Firs, here are the presentations I give to whom ever is inviting me: 1.

A Creative Fool

My own shortlist 2. A step by step method 3. You are welcome to contact me, and I’ll tell you all about it.