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What happens when your college roommate ‘horror story’ goes viral. She had her desk lamp on again.

What happens when your college roommate ‘horror story’ goes viral

In the 12-foot-wide room that the two near-strangers shared, that lamp felt as bright as a spotlight. Jessica Taylor hated that Nikki, her college roommate, kept the light on to do homework late into the night. She needed to get to sleep at 11 p.m., and couldn’t with that bright light shining just feet from her pillow. Nikki, meanwhile, was very tidy, and couldn’t stand that Jessica’s side of the room was so messy and cluttered. She suspected that Jessica was the one responsible for a mysterious stain on the carpet, and she thought her sleep-deprived roommate should just buy a sleeping mask if the lights bothered her so much. “Right off the bat she annoyed me,” Jessica told The Washington Post. Time went on, and neither Penn State freshman talked to each other about the increasing tension between them. “Two weeks down, and I already hate my roommate,” she tweeted in early September. “How??” Things were playing out a bit differently in the physical world. Twitter Help Center.

How to Use Social Media for Your Job Search. Credit: ra2studio/Shutterstock Advancing your career or changing jobs comes with numerous challenges.

How to Use Social Media for Your Job Search

"Blending in" is not an option. Because the pool of candidates is vastly competitive, hiring managers will analyze your resume, past professional experiences and social presence, so standing out is key. "It is important for candidates to utilize social media," said Rebecca White, area director at staffing firm Kavaliro. "Not only does this show that they are current on the latest technologies, but it also provides them [with a way] to stay in touch with their colleagues, expand their professional network and open themselves up to other career opportunities. " Each social network has its own unique characteristics and best practices. What Hiring Managers Look For on Social Media. Credit: Twin Design/Shutterstock The number of hiring managers using social media to investigate job candidates has grown immensely over the past 10 years, according to a new CareerBuilder study.

What Hiring Managers Look For on Social Media

Specifically, 60 percent of employers now turn to social networks to research job applicants, up from 52 percent last year and just 11 percent in 2006. "Tools such as Facebook and Twitter enable employers to get a glimpse of who candidates are outside the confines of a resume or cover letter," Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer of CareerBuilder, said in a statement. The good news for job seekers is that most hiring managers aren't checking out potential applicants' Facebook and Twitter feeds in an effort to dig up dirt. Twitter Tutorial (2015) Beginner's Guide to Using Twitter for Professional Development - 2015 Tutorial.

5 Ways to Make a Positive Digital Footprint! Think Time: Teens and Social Networks. Social Media 2014. How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates [INFOGRAPHIC] Over the past few years, we've seen social media used in the job market in a number of ways — startups, small businesses and large corporations alike are diving into the socialverse to find top talent, and job seekers are likewise getting creative with social media.

How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates [INFOGRAPHIC]

Three Secrets for Developing your Personal Brand. Cole Powers is a student at Hilliard Davidson High School.

Three Secrets for Developing your Personal Brand

He has an online blog he started as part of an internship last year. He reached out to Superintendent John Marschhausen for input and advice. After reading this blog, Dr. Marschhausen thought it would be nice to post Cole’s blog as a guest columnist in this week’s Get Connected Blog. Blogger/ Social Media Facilitator - 2495745. Company Location: Newton, MA Application Deadline: Available Year-round Position: Part-time, Unpaid Description A unique, therapist-owned wellness and healthcare practice in Newton, MA is looking for a creative, energetic intern to create content and manage our social media sites as well as write and create blog posts related to health and wellness.

Blogger/ Social Media Facilitator - 2495745

Experience with internet research, writing, bogging, and understanding of social media (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest) is a must since we will not provide training in these areas. LinkedIn: I Joined. Now What? 20 Steps to Mastering the Art of LinkedIn. Twitter in 60 seconds.

Your name is a brand — treat it as one online. The digital business landscape has changed tremendously over the last couple of years and personal branding is starting to play a crucial role online.

Your name is a brand — treat it as one online

Having a strong personal brand can do so much more for you than just win you a new job. It adds credibility to your name and can improve the reputation of any business associated with you. In business, people aren’t buying products, but people. With the advent of social media, it’s also easier to be won over by someone’s personality than by their marketing strategy. A person that is likeable and confident will be able to sell almost anything regardless of the quality or their knowledge or how it works. Personal branding is powerful.