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Make Your Own Fiesta Salsa. The following content was Provided by "Digging Yourself out of debt, when all you have is a spoon!

Make Your Own Fiesta Salsa

" This Zesty Fiesta Salsa recipe is my absolute favorite. You can alter the level of spiciness by altering the amount of jalapeño peppers or by tossing in some finely diced habanero peppers, if you're daring enough! This easy recipe is great for beginners that have no idea how to start canning. First, gather all of your ingredients & anyone you can con into helping you chop up veggies.

Christmas Jam. Green Cherry Tomato Salsa. There are always a few tomatoes that just don’t ripen in time in the fall.

Green Cherry Tomato Salsa

Many people harvest these green tomatoes and either let them ripen on their own or use them for green tomato recipes. Once you taste this delicious green cherry tomato salsa, you will never have to wonder what to do with your green tomatoes ever again. Salsa is a terrific method of using up fresh produce in a tasty way. Green cherry tomatoes make an excellent addition to salsa. They are firmer than ripe tomatoes, but they are similar to tomatillos in flavor. Since green tomatoes are only available at certain times of the year, you may want to consider canning cherry tomato salsa. Comprising jalapeño, lime, green onion, sweet onion, and of course the cherry tomatoes, this makes a wonderful salsa. Daring Cooks: Apple Butter and Roasted Roma Tomatoes.

This month John from Eat4Fun chose to do home canning as our Daring Cooks challenge.

Daring Cooks: Apple Butter and Roasted Roma Tomatoes

I was excited about the challenge because I have already been doing a lot of canning this year. In fact, I actually started teaching some of my friends how to can this year. Homemade Cranberry Jam - Will Cook For Smiles. Crock Pot Apple Butter Recipe. A lot of people take their kids apple picking as a great family friendly activity this time of the year.

Crock Pot Apple Butter Recipe

We too have made it a tradition and I have found and tried many great ways to preserve and use all of those beautiful apples. Crock pot apple butter. Crock Pot Apple Butter. This week’s recipe comes from the internet.

Crock Pot Apple Butter

We received a whole box of apples from Katie’s aunt from the mountains of North Carolina, and we were struggling with what to make with so many apples! Katie’s cousin had just given us some apple butter, and we thought why don’t we try to make it ourselves. We have been very busy with both of us back in school, and at first we were a bit daunted by the task of making apple butter. Apple Butter Recipe in Slow Cooker. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that apple butter was, in fact, not a variation of butter.

Apple Butter Recipe in Slow Cooker

While butter it was not, I found it was still utterly fantastic slathered on a piece of toast, or on top of brie and a cracker. Apple butter has become one of my favorite things to stock up on during the fall season when it’s plentiful at farmer’s markets, orchards and local grocery stores. Fun Home Things: Crock Pot Apple Butter. September is usually when I make all of my apple recipes, but with a baby due in just a few weeks and some serious apple butter cravings going on, I did what any pregnant woman would do--I made some apple butter.

Fun Home Things: Crock Pot Apple Butter

Then ate most of it. Oops.What can I say, this is one my favorite family recipes. The original calls for all Granny Smith which was a little too tart for me, so I use a mix of Granny Smith, Fuji and Gala instead. Delicious Apple Butter Recipe for Your Crock Pot. The county in which I live in Western North Carolina is well-known for its bountiful apple crops.

Delicious Apple Butter Recipe for Your Crock Pot

We even have an entire festival dedicated to apples, and everyone who grew up here knows what it’s like to run barefoot through an apple orchard. Not only do we know how to pick a basketful of apples and where to find the best ones around, we also know all about the versatility of the humble apple. Sure, they taste good by themselves, but there are so many other wonderful things to make with them. Applesauce, pies, cider, caramel apples – you can probably think of as many options as I can. Amish Crock-Pot Apple Butter. Homemade Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe. Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe (plus free printable labels!) I am really happy that I decided to make homemade apple butter as one of my do-it-yourself projects for this year.

Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe (plus free printable labels!)

I’m not typically that much of an apple butter fan, but I’m glad I didn’t let that deter me. Because let me tell you, this homemade apple butter is fantastic–much, much better than any storebought stuff I’ve ever tried. I used two of the $0.59 bags of apples that I picked up on clearance at the health food store to make this, so it was very inexpensive. And other than the peeling and chopping process, which did take me a little while (though it was relaxing–especially since I listened to an audiobook at the same time!) , the whole process was so simple. Once the apples were peeled and sliced, the crockpot did the rest of the work!

Homemade Crockpot Apple Butter (recipe adapted from Sweet and Savory By Sarah) Ingredients: Peel, core, and slice apples in fourths. Cool and pour into jars or an airtight container. Apple Butter (Crockpot) — Moms with Crockpots. Amish Crock Pot Apple Butter. Apple butter takes me right back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania Amish country where I first sampled this thick, spice infused goodness.

Amish Crock Pot Apple Butter

The laundry, hung out to dry, flapping in the wind next to rows and rows of corn filled my window that morning. A black buggy driven by a stately man dressed in all black with the Amish style beard waved as he rode by. I couldn’t help but feel that I had stepped back into time, and I pretended that I was Amish — for like 5 minutes. For those 5 minutes, I really thought I’d try to fall in love with an Amish man and join this simpler, peaceful way of life.

Anyway, now you know that I am completely fascinated by the Amish, and if I had to join any group, it would probably be them…. because they make amazing apple butter…like this one. The one thing I don’t like about traditional apple butter recipes, is that you have to use your hard-earned homemade applesauce to make it, and it cooks down to nothing. STEP 1: Peel, core, and slice the apples. Frugal Foodie Mama: Homemade Apple Butter in the Crock Pot. Other than pumpkin flavored everything, nothing says fall more to me than some good, spiced apple butter. Every fall a church close to my parents' house makes apple butter the slow, old fashioned way- outdoors, in cast iron kettles, over an open fire. It is a tradition. Cranberry-Apple Butter: Slow Cooker Style - Striving to Follow Him. Homemade Apple Butter Recipe {Plus FREE printable Jar Labels} » Joyful Thrifty Home.

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Homemade Pickles Cool and crunchy, delightfully sour and capable of going from snack to sandwich without a hitch — that’s what I call a good pickle. Did you know that they’re a cinch to make at home? You don’t even need to set aside the afternoon; you can make a few pint jars in less than thirty minutes. Here’s everything you need to know to make your own batch of homemade dill pickles right now.Ingredients: 24 (or so) small 4″-5″ pickling cucumbers9 cloves garlic, ends removed and smashed9 bay leaves2 1/2 tbls pickling spice(cloves, coriander, allspice, pepper, mustard seeds)Fresh Dill4 tbls large granule sea salt (kosher salt) Method: Clean 3 quart sized mason jars.

Pickled Peaches Recipe - Georgia Spiced Peaches Recipe. Make Your Own Zucchini Relish. The following Content was Provided by "Digging yourself out of debt, when all you have is a spoon" This is a great recipe for using up the abundance of zucchini that tends to overwhelm the garden. It's perfect on hot dogs & hamburgers- don't be surprised if you catch yourself eating it by the spoonfuls straight from the jar! Combine the following ingredients in a large bowl and let stand overnight, 12 C.

Ground Zucchini2 Green Peppers (ground)2 Red Peppers (ground)4 C. In a large pot, Combine the following: 2 1/2 c. Heat to boiling & add rinsed, drained vegetables. Ladle into hot jars, adjust 2 piece caps. Can Me Up: Over 50 Canning Recipes.