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MAY 7 2021

Black Widow: Disneyland Marketing Hints at Coming Release of Scarlett Johanss... Marvel's presence at the Disney theme parks is relatively small at the moment compared to the likes of Star Wars and Avatar, with only a few rides spread across a few of the company's six locations worldwide.

Black Widow: Disneyland Marketing Hints at Coming Release of Scarlett Johanss...

Fortunately, five of those six are set to get full areas dedicated to the superhero franchise in the coming years under the name Avengers Campus. The Avengers Campus location at the Disneyland Resort's Disney's California Adventure park was supposed to open in 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the parks to close their gates for an extended period of time, with the aforementioned ones in Anaheim, California not set to reopen until April 30 of this year and Avengers Campus California opening later in 2021.

BLACK WIDOW Is Expected To Be Delayed Again Before Disney Considers A Streami... Black Widow was supposed to be released last May, but after being pushed back to November thanks to COVID-19, it suffered yet another delay.

BLACK WIDOW Is Expected To Be Delayed Again Before Disney Considers A Streami...

Now, it's set to arrive in theaters this May. However, with January, February, and March now without any major blockbusters, there's already speculation that April and May will be next to empty out. That doesn't bode well for the Marvel Studios movie, but many fans have remained optimistic that a Disney+ "Premier Access" release will be considered. Unfortunately, it sounds like that's a last resort for Disney. Black Widow: Will Marvel Announce Disney+ Release Next Week? WarnerMedia is making it so the studio's entire slate of 2021 releases will pop up on HBO Max the same day they'll be first shown in theaters.

Black Widow: Will Marvel Announce Disney+ Release Next Week?

With no end in sight to the ongoing global pandemic, distribution through streaming video and over-the-top (OTT) services has never been stronger. Because of that, the decision-makers at Disney are going to have to make a pretty massive decision sooner or later, and that's the release plans for Marvel Studios' Black Widow. As it turns out, that new is something that could come as soon as next Thursday, December 10th — the date for Disney's annual Investor Day presentation. The House of Mouse has already confirmed the presentation — which will be live-streamed from the Disney site beginning at 4:30 p.m. Eastern — will last around four hours, and will be focused nearly entirely on its direct-to-consumer division. Black Widow is currently set for release on May 7, 2021. Disney + premieres Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Cruella away from Theatrical. EXCLUSIVE: No final decision has been made, but Deadline hears that the uncertainty of the future theatrical marketplace has Disney looking at launching a number of its upcoming tentpole family films on Disney+ instead of the theatrical release bows that were envisioned when the films were developed and green lit.

Disney + premieres Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Cruella away from Theatrical

At this point, the films being discussed to make that pivot are Cruella, the Craig Gillespie-directed live-action re-imaging of the animated classic that stars Emma Stone and Emma Thompson; the Robert Zemeckis-directed Pinocchio that has Tom Hanks starring; and Peter Pan and Wendy, the David Lowery-directed film that has Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi set to play Tinker Bell. It isn’t clear at the moment whether the films will be offered free to Disney+ subscribers, as with the Pete Docter-directed Pixar film Soul, or for a premium charge as was done with Mulan. Still, it’s a bombshell development in the fast-changing theatrical/streaming landscape.

Black Widow Star Reveals New Details About Red Guardian's Connection to Natasha. At long last, Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff will finally get her own solo film in the form of Black Widow.

Black Widow Star Reveals New Details About Red Guardian's Connection to Natasha

Though it was originally supposed to hit theaters nearly seven months ago, it's since been delayed to next May. As such, some of the surrounding marketing as already surfaced for the movie, due to publishers and toy manufacturers being on a timeline much less flexible of that than a movie studio. That has lead to the early release of Marvel's Black Widow: The Official Movie Special Book, a special publication from Titan Books giving fans a deep dive into the Cate Shortland feature. In it, David Harbour also reveals how his character — Alexei, the Red Guardian — came to know Romanoff and some of the other characters involved in the movie. Black Widow Reveals Best Look at Taskmaster Yet. At long last, Black Widow will introduce Taskmaster to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Black Widow Reveals Best Look at Taskmaster Yet

The iconic Marvel villain (and sometimes anti-hero) has a cult following and before long, the baddie will officially make their live-action debut. In Black Widow: The Official Movie Special Book, the character has a prominent presence as pieces of concept art and behind-the-scenes shots of the character's costumes can be seen. In addition to the concept art, a group of stills from the trailers are available, showing another one of the major showdowns between Taskmaster and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). Then there's an image of the character's helmet, both with and without its hood.

Black Widow Star Florence Pugh Calls the Movie Plot "Horrifying" in Official ... Marvel fans have waited a long time for the Scarlett Johansson-led Black Widow to be released after multiple delays led to a 2021 release.

Black Widow Star Florence Pugh Calls the Movie Plot "Horrifying" in Official ...

As folks eagerly await the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film since Spider-Man: Far From Home, they're paying close attention to any details that might drop about the highly-anticipated film. In fact, there's a new book titled Marvel Studios' Black Widow: The Official Movie Special Book. According to Yahoo Entertainment, the book features Florence Pugh (Yelena Belova) sharing some exciting hints about the movie's plot. "The storyline that we are telling is very horrifying," Pugh reveals in the new book. "It's about women that have been, essentially, abused and trained up to be killing machines. " Black Widow: Florence Pugh Says Abuse of Women Will Be Addressed In Marvel Fi... At this point, the main subject of discussion among MCU fans is whether or not Black Widow will finally be released this November.

Black Widow: Florence Pugh Says Abuse of Women Will Be Addressed In Marvel Fi...

It's hard to envision a scenario where the Phase 4 film will premiere in theaters during that time due to the current global pandemic, especially after Tenet's somewhat disappointing box office performance and the recent delay of Wonder Woman 1984. It appears that Marvel Studios and Disney are still assessing the current situation before declaring an official announcement.

Marvel's Black Widow: New Release Date Reportedly Being Planned by Disney - M... Black Widow: Could Marvel Studios Release Movie First Internationally? Warner Brothers has double-downed on the fact it wants Tenet to remain a theatrical release.

Black Widow: Could Marvel Studios Release Movie First Internationally?

Even when other studios are bending the rules and releasing films straight to VOD services, WB is holding strong on giving the Christopher Nolan flick a traditional theatrical release. The studio is so dedicated to sending Tenet to theatres, it announced Monday morning that the movie is receiving a wide release in specific international markets as early as August while getting released in select cities domestically during Labor Day weekend.

The movie, one which most movie-goers considered the first true blockbuster of the year, could certainly set a precedent with other studios in Hollywood, even more so if you look at an outfit like Marvel Studios. Over the past 12 years, the Kevin Feige-helmed outfit has intricately woven a complex cinematic universe together with a singular continuity amongst dozens of films and shortly, a handful of television shows. Scarlett Johansson Reiterates Black Widow Is a 'Franchise' Starring Herself a... Many fans considered Black Widow to be the only safe character in Avengers: Endgame, considering her standalone flick was already filming.

Scarlett Johansson Reiterates Black Widow Is a 'Franchise' Starring Herself a...

Well, so much for that. Fans have learned that the Black Widow standalone film would take place in the past, leading many to assume this would be a one-off adventure for the MCU's resident Russian spy. However, new words from star Scarlett Johansson suggest there may be more than just one film for Natasha Romanoff. Could there be more Black Widow films in Marvel's future?

Twitter account @BestfScarlett revealed a clip of Scarlett Johansson praising co-star Florence Pugh, where Johansson refers to Pugh as her "co-star in the Black Widow standalone franchise. " Black Widow Star Florence Pugh Says It Was Daunting to Join the Marvel Universe. Black Widow’s Florence Pugh says that it was very daunting to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her character will stand shoulder to shoulder with Scarlett Johansson in the film late this year. But, the Marvel movies have become an absolute force of nature. Marvel Studios on Instagram: “Black Widow in theaters November 6” Scarlett Johansson Says Black Widow Heavily Revolves Around Family Drama - MC... Based on an interview with Total Film, Scarlett Johansson, who plays Natasha Romanoff in the film, revealed that "one of the themes of the film is family. " She also teased how the film is set to revolve around that particular theme by defining how it affects the characters: “What is family? How does it define us?

How does our past define us? How does our family – however we define it – make up who we are, for better or worse?” Johansson also praised the unpredictability of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige when it comes to creating a film that can surprise fans. "I think part of Kevin Feige's genius is that he always thinks about what fans expect out of these films and then gives them something that they never could've dreamed of. Disney May Release Both "Black Widow" and "Mulan" On Digital and Disney+

We may have some good news for all of you Mulan and Black Widow fans. With the current pandemic, movie theaters across the country have been closed for health and safety concerns. Because of this, a lot of film productions have been shut down and the release of some upcoming films have been postponed. But for those films that were just about to be released in movie theaters, well, some of them may be coming straight to digital. New #BlackWidow promo art (via @matttaylordraws)… Black Widow Release Pushed Back Amid Coronavirus Pandemic - The Direct. Here are two newly-released official stills from #BlackWidow! Here are the brand new @EmpireMagazine covers for Marvel Studios' #BlackWidow!… Scarlett Johansson flies solo for EW's exclusive <em>Black Widow</em> cover s...

The Upcoming Movies That Could Be Affected By Coronavirus. The coronavirus outbreak is beginning to affect the global film industry in huge ways. Certain analysts have even predicted the fallout to be upwards of $5 billion in the international market alone. People living in the highly impacted areas of China, Japan, South Korea, and Italy have all been urged to stay away from places with crowds of people. That makes a movie theater one of the first places to avoid. And a high-profile movie premiere event? Forget about it. Following publicly voiced concerns from the founders of two James Bond fan sites, MGM and Universal recently made the joint decision to delay No Time To Die’s release in China. A comic-accurate Iron Maiden mask can be spotted in the new #BlackWidow trail... Actor @OTFagbenle's recent Tweet about the new #BlackWidow trailer seemingly ...

Marvel Studios' Black Widow. Happy #InternationalWomensDay from Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh!… The new #BlackWidow #SuperBowl spot has been officially released! Black Widow Movie: Who Is Playing Villain Taskmaster. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues its expansion, but before it introduces viewers to new superheroes, it will take them back a couple of years with Black Widow, a prequel film with Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) as the lead and Taskmaster as main villain – but who is behind the mask? The MCU is moving forward with a new wave of films after the Infinity Saga came to an end with Spider-Man: Far From Home and Avengers: Endgame gave closure to the arcs of some of the original Avengers, among them Black Widow.

Avengers: Endgame saw Natasha sacrificing herself to obtain the Soul Stone in Vormir, and because of that, Hulk couldn’t bring her back when he undid the snap. However, Marvel fans will get another chance to see her in Black Widow, which is set between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Black Widow Funko Pop! Toys Tease Possible MCU Spoiler.

There may be a pretty large spoiler connecting Black Widow to Avengers: Endgame in some new Funko Pop! Figures. The popular toy company revealed a set of figures for Natasha Romanoff's upcoming standalone adventure, which takes place after the events of Civil War. As Marvel Cinematic Universe fans know, Romanoff did not make it out of Endgame alive after she sacrificed her life on Vormir. Hawkeye was left alone, but he gained the Soul Stone, which was ultimately the key to making their time heist work in the first place. Black Widow Leaks: Robert Downey Jr., Post-Credit-Scenes, Taskmaster. Black Widow leaks are said to have hit the net involving Robert Downey Jr., the post-credit scenes, the identity of Taskmaster and more. Warning: Possible big spoilers follow. The Sneaky Way Marvel Is Trying to Make Up For Its 'Black Widow' Mistake. When a studio takes too long to make a movie, that’s typically not something they want to publicize.

However, Marvel is far from a typical studio, so they’re actually making the delay into a selling point for Black Widow. Fans loved Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff from the moment she came on screen in Iron Man 2. Florence Pugh preparing for Black Widow role. Actress Florence Pugh is having one hell of a run. This summer she wowed audiences in Ari Aster's Midsommar, a horrific meditation on gaslighting and grief. In December, she plays a March sister in the upcoming adaptation of Little Women and then in 2020, as Russian assassin Yelena Belova in Marvel Studios' Black Widow, toplined by Scarlett Johansson. In fact her coming-out party for Yelena was in July in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, where she and her Black Widow cast were introduced to 7,000 fans.

"Oh my god," she tells SYFY WIRE of that roar that washed over her as she was introduced. "It was totally nuts. Black Widow's Villain Can Connect With Falcon & Winter Soldier. Black Widow Movie Will Start a New MCU Franchise. Avengers Endgame alternate Black Widow death scene revealed. In a bid to traumatise every Marvel fan all over again, an alternate Avengers: Endgame death scene for Black Widow has been released. Black Widow movie offers Scarlett Johansson closure.