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The Vikings

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Sport set to reckon with impacts of climate change, and encouraged to act now. Sports globally are reckoning with the impacts of climate change, no longer seen as an issue far off in the distance but one that is being felt today.

Sport set to reckon with impacts of climate change, and encouraged to act now

Key points: At present, the Federal Government's National Sports Plan does not address climate changeA new report suggests Australia's summer leagues and codes are particularly threatened by the impacts of climate changeThe Brisbane 2032 Olympics would have to adhere to strict sustainability measures should it go ahead Sports from grassroots to elite have had to delay, move, or cancel events because of unsuitable conditions while clubs in extreme climate-affected areas are now struggling to pay hugely increased insurance premiums to guard against flood or fire. Snow and ice sports are suffering from less snow, more rain and shorter winters.

Summer sports have been impacted by increasing heat for longer periods, as well as worsening air quality and smoke hazard from bushfires. Remains of Viking ship found in Norwegian paddock under lost burial mound. Posted about 10 hours agoWed 27 Nov 2019, 11:33am Researchers have discovered what they believe to be a 1,000-year-old Viking funeral ship buried under Norwegian farmland.

Remains of Viking ship found in Norwegian paddock under lost burial mound

Missing Lewis Chessman piece, a Viking relic found in a drawer, sells for $1.3 million. Updated about 3 hours agoTue 2 Jul 2019, 10:44pm A medieval chess piece found in a Scottish antique dealer's drawer has been sold at auction for 735,000 pounds ($1.3 million).

Missing Lewis Chessman piece, a Viking relic found in a drawer, sells for $1.3 million

Key points: Girl, 8, pulls 1,500-year-old sword from lake in Sweden. By Lara Lauth Updated Fri at 12:01pmFri 5 Oct 2018, 12:01pm An eight-year-old girl went for a dip in a Swedish lake and returned wielding an Iron Age sword.

Girl, 8, pulls 1,500-year-old sword from lake in Sweden

A local museum described the find as "spectacular"Experts said the weapon was up to 1,500 years oldIt was found complete with a scabbard made of wood and leather Young Saga Vanecek was swimming with her family in southern Sweden's Lake Vidosten when she stumbled upon a long metal object. Boy finds treasure linked to Viking king 'Harald Bluetooth' on Baltic island.

Updated Tue at 2:47amTue 17 Apr 2018, 2:47am Hundreds of 1,000-year-old silver coins, rings, pearls and bracelets linked to the era of Danish King Harald Gormsson have been found on the northern German island of Ruegen in the Baltic Sea.

Boy finds treasure linked to Viking king 'Harald Bluetooth' on Baltic island

A single silver coin was first found in January by two amateur archaeologists, one of them a 13-year-old boy, in a field near the village of Schaprode. The state archaeology office then became involved and the entire treasure was uncovered by experts over the weekend, the Mecklenburg-West Pomerania state archaeology office said. "It's the biggest trove of such coins in the south-eastern Baltic region," the statement said.

The office said the two amateur archaeologists were asked to keep quiet about their discovery to give professionals time to plan the dig and were then invited to participate in the recovery. "This was the [biggest] discovery of my life," hobby archaeologist Rene Schoen told the German news agency dpa. Topics: archaeology, history, germany. Viking Crafts - Free Crafts Ideas for Kids. The Amazing Vikings. Ravagers, despoilers, pagans, heathens--such epithets pretty well summed up the Vikings for those who lived in the British Isles during medieval times.

The Amazing Vikings

For hundreds of years after their bloody appearance at the end of the 8th century A.D., these ruthless raiders would periodically sweep in from the sea to kill, plunder and destroy, essentially at will. "From the fury of the Northmen, deliver us, O Lord" was a prayer uttered frequently and fervently at the close of the first millennium. Small wonder that the ancient Anglo-Saxons--and their cultural descendants in England, the U.S. and Canada--think of these seafaring Scandinavians as little more than violent brutes. But that view is wildly skewed. The Vikings - Lesson Plans, Games, Powerpoints, Activities. Games and Animations.

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Games and Animations

Below you will find an annotated list of fun history games and animations organized around broad historical periods. Most of these games and animation are aimed at students ages 10-16. We hope you enjoy these selections and encourage you to submit a recommended history game or animation to us via the contact form. Many thanks to Joshua Dale for his help in organizing and developing this section. – Tom Daccord Ancient History Games and Animations Gladiator: Dressed to Kill This game has the player choose the correct armor for three different types of Roman gladiators within a time limit. Housesteads Fort This is a 3D tour of a reconstruction of a Roman fort along Hadrian’s Wall in Ancient Britain. Mt. The Mummy Maker Test your knowledge of history with an interactive challenge. Roman Villa This is an interactive reconstruction of a Roman villa viewed in Google Earth. Medieval History Games and Animations.

History Sites And Resources For Students In Year 8 Stage 4. History - Ancient History in depth: Viking Quest. Primary History - Vikings - Who were the Vikings. Vikings - Exploration. The mid-10th-century reign of Harald Bluetooth as king of a newly unified, powerful and Christianized Denmark marked the beginning of a second Viking age.

Vikings - Exploration

Large-scale raids, often organized by royal leaders, hit the coasts of Europe and especially England, where the line of kings descended from Alfred the Great was faltering. Harald’s rebellious son, Sven Forkbeard, led Viking raids on England beginning in 991 and conquered the entire kingdom in 1013, sending King Ethelred into exile. Middle Ages for Kids: Vikings. Back to Middle Ages for kids The Vikings were people who lived in Northern Europe during the Middle Ages.

Middle Ages for Kids: Vikings

They originally settled the Scandinavian lands that are today the countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. You searched for vikings ⋆ History Channel.