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How the most sustainable dress in fashion was created  Are We Over-Complicating Sustainable Fashion? “Sustainable fashion“.

Are We Over-Complicating Sustainable Fashion?

It’s a phrase that has been met with mixed reactions from the fashion industry - yawns of boredom, downright cynicism and complaints that it is a contradiction in terms. What does it actually mean? Is it anything more than a marketing tool with big brands paying lip service to the fact that fashion needs to clean up its act. As the co-founder of an online sustainable fashion store (Gather&See) I am, frankly, bored of having the same conversations over and over again.

No wonder the fashion press are generally disinterested. Photo credit: Kowtow Consumers want great products and value for money but they also want straight forward choices - clarity and authenticity. A Member Of Sephora's Beauty Bootcamp For Female Entrepreneurs Delivers A Sustainable and Philanthropic Dream Cream. New LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt is the kind of mutipurpose product to keep on hand all winter.

A Member Of Sephora's Beauty Bootcamp For Female Entrepreneurs Delivers A Sustainable and Philanthropic Dream Cream

A sumptuous hydrating balm that disappears into skin leaving behind a much-desired, glowing finish. The single-ingredient salve is great around tired eyes, as a natural highlighter and perfect for chapped lips. It’s comprised simply, but meticulously of a rare shea butter (nilotica) harvested from the nuts of 20-year-old trees at the source of the Nile River in Uganda. To extract the butter, the nuts are pressed and gently heated using no emulsifiers. Zara's Sustainable Collection Is Giving Us Life. Fast Fashion: Can It Be Sustainable?

In the last 50 years, the way we produce and consume fashion has dramatically changed.

Fast Fashion: Can It Be Sustainable?

Sustainable Fashion Made Easy. Fast Fashion is Big Business.

Sustainable Fashion Made Easy

There is some serious money to be made meeting the seemingly insatiable demand of consumers in the developed world for cheap clothes. This demand for cheaper and cheaper clothes means that corners are cut at every level of the supply chain as retailers and manufacturers strive to cut prices, while still maintaining their bottom line.

Inevitably it is the people at the bottom of this long and complicated supply chain that are suffering. People working long days in often dangerous conditions for less than a living wage. Children working picking cotton, or sewing on buttons by hand. Emma Watson creates her own chic sustainable fashion wardrobe- and you can shop it too  Couple Make Beautiful Sustainable Clothes From Trash Because The High Street 'Isn't Doing Enough' Gender pay gap to remain until 2069, report says. Image copyright Getty Images The gender pay gap in the UK will not close until 2069 based on current salary progression, research suggests.

Gender pay gap to remain until 2069, report says

Accountancy firm Deloitte said the hourly pay gap between men and women of 9.4%, or about £1.30, was narrowing by just two-and-a-half pence a year. It also found men were paid more than women at the start of their careers. It said more women should be encouraged into science and technology jobs, where salaries are more balanced but women make up just 14.4% of the workforce. The Deloitte analysis, based on data from the Office for National Statistics, found women earn an average of 8% less in graduate starting salaries than their male counterparts across all science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects combined.

This compares with 9% less across all other industries. Career paths But the Deloitte report showed there was no pay gap in starting salaries across medicine, dentistry, engineering and technology. Role models. BHS brand to be revived online in the UK. Image copyright BHS The collapsed retailer BHS is to re-launch as an online shop, selling some of the most popular items previously available on its website.

BHS brand to be revived online in the UK will employ just 84 people, a fraction of the 11,000 who lost their jobs after efforts to find a buyer for the high-street business failed. The last of BHS's 163 department stores was closed last month. The new website, which is owned by the Qatari Al Mana Group, will go live in the UK on Thursday. "We are nimble and efficient, but with a great brand, strong customer base and a proven and dedicated team," said David Anderson, the managing director of the new online operation. Image copyright PA Mr Anderson added that the website would have "a number of advantages over a typical start-up", including an "iconic" brand and a loyal customer base in the UK, including 1.2 million former online shoppers.

BHS to launch online a month after last store closed. BHS is poised to make a comeback as an online retailer just one month after the brand closed its last remaining high-street store.

BHS to launch online a month after last store closed

The business will be relaunched on Thursday, selling lighting and home furnishing products before adding clothing lines and kitchen and dining ranges over the coming weeks. BHS collapsed into administration in April, leading to the loss of about 11,000 jobs and leaving a pension deficit of £571m. will be a smaller operation, with just 84 employees based in London and fewer products initially on offer. It will focus on former BHS best-sellers, such as bedding and lighting, and by November new clothing ranges will be available.