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Machine learning/nlp/AI

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Program an SMS Bot Using Python and Twilio. AdobeStock/Kitja This winter I went to Utah with some friends, and explored some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world.

Program an SMS Bot Using Python and Twilio

I hiked through Star Wars looking terrains, and was in awe at the bright red canyons. However, there was one problem: we were in such remote places, the cellular connection was usually 2G at best. 2G is just enough to send a text message, but it cannot load The Weather Channel. Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing. Chatbot Fundamentals: An interactive guide to writing bots in Python. “It is said that to explain is to explain away.

Chatbot Fundamentals: An interactive guide to writing bots in Python

This maxim is nowhere so well fulfilled as in the area of computer programming, especially in what is called heuristic programming and artificial intelligence…Once a particular program is unmasked, once its inner workings are explained in language sufficiently plain to induce understanding, its magic crumbles away; it stands revealed as a mere collection of procedures, each quite comprehensible. The observer says to himself, I could have written that. . ” — Joseph Weizenbaum, ELIZA (1966) Gunthercox/ChatterBot: ChatterBot is a machine learning, conversational dialog engine for creating chat bots.

Computers Speaking in Irish. Most of us use computer terminals, tablets and smart phones, absorbing information quickly and easily.

Computers Speaking in Irish

How do the many thousands of Irish people who are blind or visually impaired manage to interact with computers? For them, entering data by keyboard or voice is easy, but special software is needed to convert the text on screen into a form for output to a loudspeaker or headphones, or to drive a refreshable Braille display [TM095, or search for “thatsmaths” at].

Braille display ( Computer processing of language enables us to speak to a machine and to carry out simple tasks like web-searches by voice. Satnav systems issue voice instructions based upon speech synthesis. Minds and Computers: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (9780748620999): Matt Carter: Books. This Is How AI Will Change Your Work In 2017. Artificial intelligence is growing fast.

This Is How AI Will Change Your Work In 2017

Recent research puts it as a $5 billion market by 2020, and Gartner estimates that 6 billion connected “things” will require AI support by 2018. Connected machines, wearables, and other business tools like voice assistants are already boosting productivity at work and at home. Two reports just surfaced that tackle the troubling predictions that automation, artificial intelligence, and robots are going to supplant human workers. Chatterbox - a conversational program that chatters with human users. The term Chatterbox refers to a computer program that attempts to simulate intelligent conversation with a person via textual methods.

Chatterbox - a conversational program that chatters with human users

Typical usage This term is typically used by individual developers who have developed a Chatterbox themselves, improving their creations all the time, and submitting them to contests, such as the Chatterbox Challenge. Over time, the more experienced developers tend to switch to synonyms such as chatbot, chat bot or chatterbot. Background Since 1765 - 75 a chatterbox signifies a person whose voice box chatters constantly. Guide to the Sequential model - Keras Documentation. The Sequential model is a linear stack of layers.

Guide to the Sequential model - Keras Documentation

You can create a Sequential model by passing a list of layer instances to the constructor: from keras.models import Sequential from keras.layers import Dense, Activation model = Sequential([ Dense(32, input_shape=(784,)), Activation('relu'), Dense(10), Activation('softmax'), ]) You can also simply add layers via the .add() method: model = Sequential() model.add(Dense(32, input_dim=784)) model.add(Activation('relu')) Teach yourself Machine Learning the hard way ! It has been 3 years since I have steered my interests towards Machine Learning.

Teach yourself Machine Learning the hard way !

I had just graduated from college with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Which is, other way of saying that I was: a toddler in programming.little / no knowledge of algorithms.studied engineering math, but it was knowledge of modern knowledge of statistical inference. 7 Steps to Mastering Machine Learning With Python. Getting started.

7 Steps to Mastering Machine Learning With Python

Two of the most de-motivational words in the English language. PyBrain. Neural Bots - Evolving Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence that evolves in Python. SpaCy - Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing in Python. Kip. Introduction to Natural Language Processing with Python. In this talk, Jess Bowden introduces the area of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and a basic introduction of its principles.

Introduction to Natural Language Processing with Python

She uses Python and some of its fundamental NLP packages, such as NLTK, to illustrate examples and topics, demonstrating how to get started with processing and analysing Natural Languages. She also looks at what NLP can be used for, a broad overview of the sub-topics, and how to get yourself started with a demo project. This talk was part of AsyncJS (May event). [00:00:08] Today, I’m going to be talking about natural language processing, specifically with Python, just a bit of an introduction. Yes. SpaCy Usage Documentation.

On this page, we'll be featuring demos, libraries and products from the spaCy community.

spaCy Usage Documentation

Have you done something cool with spaCy? True AI is both logically possible and utterly implausible. Suppose you enter a dark room in an unknown building. You might panic about monsters that could be lurking in the dark. Or you could just turn on the light, to avoid bumping into furniture. The dark room is the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Unfortunately, many people believe that, as we step into the room, we might run into some evil, ultra-intelligent machines. Science AMA Series: I'm Joanna Bryson, a Professor in Artificial (and Natural) Intelligence. I am being consulted by several governments on AI ethics, particularly on the obligations of AI developers towards AI and society. I'd love to talk – AMA! : scien. Keras/ at master · fchollet/keras. Nlp - How can i cluster document using k-means (Flann with python)? Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Mobile Game.

Eager learning - Wikipedia. Lazy learning - Wikipedia. In machine learning, lazy learning is a learning method in which generalization beyond the training data is delayed until a query is made to the system, as opposed to in eager learning, where the system tries to generalize the training data before receiving queries. The main advantage gained in employing a lazy learning method, such as case-based reasoning, is that the target function will be approximated locally, such as in the k-nearest neighbor algorithm.

Because the target function is approximated locally for each query to the system, lazy learning systems can simultaneously solve multiple problems and deal successfully with changes in the problem domain. The disadvantages with lazy learning include the large space requirement to store the entire training dataset. Particularly noisy training data increases the case base unnecessarily, because no abstraction is made during the training phase. Lazy classifiers are most useful for large datasets with few attributes. Lazy learning - Wikipedia. Nearest centroid classifier - Wikipedia.

In machine learning, a nearest centroid classifier or nearest prototype classifier is a classification model that assigns to observations the label of the class of training samples whose mean (centroid) is closest to the observation. An extended version of the nearest centroid classifier has found applications in the medical domain, specifically classification of tumors.[2] Algorithm[edit] Tf–idf - Wikipedia. One of the simplest ranking functions is computed by summing the tf–idf for each query term; many more sophisticated ranking functions are variants of this simple model.

Motivation[edit] Term frequency[edit] Suppose we have a set of English text documents and wish to determine which document is most relevant to the query "the brown cow". Euclidean distance - Wikipedia. Definition[edit] Vector space model - Wikipedia. Definitions[edit] Rocchio algorithm - Wikipedia. Algorithm[edit] Lloyd's algorithm. NP-hardness - Wikipedia. Definition[edit] P versus NP problem. NP - Wikipedia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia NP may refer to: Arts and entertainment[edit] Organizations[edit] Places[edit] Computational complexity theory - Wikipedia. NP - Wikipedia. Machine learning - Wikipedia. Machine learning is the subfield of computer science that, according to Arthur Samuel in 1959, gives "computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Language necessarily contains human biases, and so will machines trained on language corpora. Radial basis function network - Wikipedia. In the field of mathematical modeling, a radial basis function network is an artificial neural network that uses radial basis functions as activation functions. The output of the network is a linear combination of radial basis functions of the inputs and neuron parameters. Radial basis function networks have many uses, including function approximation, time series prediction, classification, and system control. They were first formulated in a 1988 paper by Broomhead and Lowe, both researchers at the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment.[1][2][3] Network architecture[edit] Named-entity recognition - Wikipedia.

Linear classifier - Wikipedia.