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Activity 1: Managing the realization of a solar photovoltaic ins

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Our first installation to be managed, will be a solar photovoltaic installation in a house.
Here you will find resources to learn everything you need about this type of installations.

Video: Photovoltaic solar energy ¿How does it work? Video: Photovoltaic solar energy. Simulation. Web: How a PV System Works. Simply put, PV systems are like any other electrical power generating systems, just the equipment used is different than that used for conventional electromechanical generating systems. However, the principles of operation and interfacing with other electrical systems remain the same, and are guided by a well-established body of electrical codes and standards.

Although a PV array produces power when exposed to sunlight, a number of other components are required to properly conduct, control, convert, distribute, and store the energy produced by the array. Depending on the functional and operational requirements of the system, the specific components required may include major components such as a DC-AC power inverter, battery bank, system and battery controller, auxiliary energy sources and sometimes the specified electrical load (appliances). Figure 1. Why Are Batteries Used in Some PV Systems? Photovoltaic solar energy installation scheme. Technical vocabulary of renewable energies (Spanish / English).