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Spaces. Easily Create a VR Scene - Wright ICT. You can now use any color you like for your #CoSpaces creations with the new color picker. #VR #tutorial #edtech. Scripting with CoSpaces. @cospaces_io just got even cooler with blockly coding! Here's my short review #ARVRinEDU #VREdu #cospaces. just got even cooler, coding! ~ Pioneering VR in Education. I've been a pretty big fan of ever since I found it back in September this year. just got even cooler, coding! ~ Pioneering VR in Education

It fills a hole in the market for educational VR in K-12. You can read a few of my initial thoughts on their app in this earlier blog post. Now that I've had even more time to play with it and see kids using it in the classroom, I can continue to reiterate that I think Cospaces, a small company based out of Germany, is really onto something. One thing that I've noticed in the increasingly fast-paced field of educational technology is that the need to innovate and push new things often times overlooks the educational value being offered by the tools. This mentality is in direct opposition to what most teachers value in their craft and it can be easy to be caught up in all the flash without finding the substance.

What is Cospaces answer to this quandary? A little while back their website quietly added the ability to code in javascript and more recently, they have introduced blockly programming! Build your own battle field – Making VR child’s play. Marilyn Seislove, Keven Rinaman and an 8th grade from Ohio let battles from the American Revolution come to life — with a virtual version of the “old shoebox diorama”.

Build your own battle field – Making VR child’s play

Keven, you work as a Technology Integration Specialist and Marilyn, you teach…? Marilyn: Social Science. I teach the 7th and 8th grade. Keven: This is actually my background, I was originally a Social Studies teacher and I have moved into Educational Technology. I like to go to Marilyn when I find exciting, new tools to use in class as I normally think about how something can be used in that course of study. Marilyn: It’s great if the students hear a different voice from time to time. Ice Skaters. Virtual reality explained for kids – Making VR child’s play. Using #minecraft and @DoInkTweets to create eco-friendly homes and give tours @Varmond_School #VarmondEcoCribs #Knotion #Edtech #iMovie.

26 Critical Thinking Tools Aligned With Bloom’s Taxonomy. You can now customize the colors in #CoSpaces. Here is how. CoSpaces – Virtual reality for everyone Review. CoSpaces the app is a window into a world that is created on a computer using your usual browser.

CoSpaces – Virtual reality for everyone Review

The app and the web-based software are two sides of the same experience so this review will consider the use of both of them separately and how they come together. The app and the creation tools are linked together by the use of a log-in. Each user needs a username and password. Whatever they save on-line then becomes available in the app. Needless to say, a Wi-Fi connection is essential, as is a way for each student to create an identity on-line. There are new animated objects in the #CoSpaces marketplace – including these ice skaters whose movements you can program with Blockly. #VR. How to use the animated objects in CoSpaces. Stepping inside: How VR inspires students to connect with literature. Brian Schumann, a Gifted Resource Teacher from Illinois, took literature class into the virtual world and let his students interpret novels in VR.

Stepping inside: How VR inspires students to connect with literature

Some people argue that literature class is too unworldly to teach kids real-world skills. You went a step further — and let your students translate literature into virtual realities. What do you think they can learn from a project that takes them so far away from “good old reality”? Brian: The good old reality is no longer best practice in teaching. Worksheets and book reports do not foster imagination or inspire kids to connect with literature. Can you describe the literature projects your third and fourth graders have been doing with CoSpaces? Brian: My third grade students had two tasks. You always wanted to meet a dancing #penguin in #VR? Now you can! We've just published new objects to the #CoSpaces marketplace. Explore the new winter objects in the CoSpaces marketplace - like these skaters whose path you can #program with #Blockly. #VR #edtech. Virtual Reality and Learning – In the spring of 2015 I was accepted to beta test a new app from Google before it’s general release.

Virtual Reality and Learning –

It’s title was Expeditions and it would allow me (as a classroom teacher) to curate virtual field trips to hundreds of destinations around the world without having to leave my classroom. I downloaded the app on my phone and tablet at home and I was amazed by it’s potential–if I was having so much fun with it myself, I knew my students would be drawn in just as quickly! Here in Nova Scotia, there are several options for teachers interested in applying for funding for innovative teaching methods in their classrooms. The most accessible is Brilliant Labs. Based in New Brunswick, this team of forward-thinkers has made STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) materials accessible for teachers across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to motivate students to create and learn in meaningful ways.

Jaws dropped. Grade 5 students exploring for the first time. CoSpaces: Getting Creative with Virtual Reality - The EdTech Roundup. How I use CoSpaces to help students create their dreams – My role in my school district, involves working directly with classroom teachers in kindergarten through 12th grade to help them create effective learning experiences with technology.

How I use CoSpaces to help students create their dreams –

Recently, I’ve become a fan of what virtual reality brings to the classroom. I came across CoSpaces through Twitter at the start of this school year and it has quickly become a favorite classroom tool due to the creation platform. No software to install and no subscription fees are a huge plus. I also appreciate that they value educator input and actively seek feedback to improve the product. Easily Assemble & View VR Scenes with the CoSpaces App.

Creating a #VR #exhibition with #CoSpaces is easy. Here is how you can do it #art #edtech #arvrinedu. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Trend News & Reviews - Virtual Reality Reporter. Coming 2017: Program Your Own VR Experiences with CoSpaces You don’t need to code in order to create virtual reality experiences with CoSpaces.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Trend News & Reviews - Virtual Reality Reporter

But now you can! From early 2017 on, the easy VR creation tool will include a feature that makes it possible to build interactive VR experiences or even games, using code. Those who don’t want to wait until next year, can already join the Early Access Program. Virtual reality faces a lack of content. CoSpaces currently is one of the most intuitive – if not the easiest – tool available to create virtual reality environments.

Create your own VR exhibition – Making VR child’s play. What you will need: a laptop or computera smartphone with the free CoSpaces app (Android or iOS)a cardboard headset, at best with a magnet switch 1.

Create your own VR exhibition – Making VR child’s play

Check out the eco-cities of the future that @MrLouisPienaar's students built and explored in #VR with #CoSpaces. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. Home. Have you already experimented with #Blockly in #CoSpaces? With it, you can easily #program interactive or animated #VR experiences.

Showcase your art in new ways with Tilt Brush Toolkit. Create your own VR exhibition – Making VR child’s play. 10+ virtual reality apps transforming education – Haptical. Recent reports indicate, by 2025 virtual reality will mostly disrupt the video game industry followed by health care, live events and engineering.

10+ virtual reality apps transforming education – Haptical

However, there is one other area that may have the most pervasive impact; education. VR can provide low-cost, low-risk and effective methods of training that all industries may benefit. Here are some examples of the virtual reality apps that have already started this transformation. Thinglink — Virtual reality lessons VR Lessons by ThingLink is a collection of interactive images and videos on a variety of topics including science, language, and arts. Through the app, students are shown different places like French Alps, the archipelago of northern Australia, a Norwegian tundra or a cold winter forest in Finland.

Top Educational Virtual Reality Apps – Virtual Reality Pop. Virtual Reality in K-12 Education: How Helpful Is It? This article originally appeared in the Q2 issue of Converge magazine.

Virtual Reality in K-12 Education: How Helpful Is It?

With school budgets tight and parents often complaining that kids spend too much time playing video games, why are educators pushing students to use a relatively little-understood, but visually powerful technology? More and more school districts and classroom teachers are finding that virtual reality can be just what they need when classes can’t afford to take a field trip across town, much less to another state or overseas.

And that’s just the beginning of the possibilities that VR offers. With affordable devices such as Google Cardboard, a growing number of virtual experiences are suddenly available to students everywhere. While data on just how widely virtual reality is used in schools is hard to come by, anecdotal evidence and the rate at which VR apps and devices for educational purposes are popping up suggest that educational VR is here to stay. Construyendo realidades virtuales en el aula. Why 2017 could be the year of virtual reality. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters Virtual and augmented reality have been featured in sci-fi movies for decades, but it wasn't until 2016 that a lot those concepts actually became a reality and were placed in consumers' hands.

Last year, we had a plethora of headsets that used virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, Google's Day Dreamer, and Sony's PlayStation VR. But they were still mostly used by tech enthusiasts. In 2017, this technology might truly become more broadly adopted by the mass-market. VR and AR, although similar, are distinct technologies with unique characteristics. Construyendo realidades virtuales en el aula.

Best in Class VR Apps for Educators with Jaime Donally- Show 8. Show Summary Jaime Donally has been using VR and AR technologies in the classroom for years, and has helped thousands of learning professionals do the same as a global speaker and one of the foremost experts on the subject. In this podcast, Jaime covers over a dozen current (and former) VR and AR applications every teacher should know about.

About our Guest Jaime Donally. Google Cardboard VR. VR for Education: Don't Call it a Revolution. 3D/VR technology is on the rise, and there's a tangible sense of excitement from the education community about it. Here at Edorble, we're as excited as anyone about this technology, and our product, a 3D world for online classes and meetings, revolves around it. It's one of our core beliefs that online learning has yet to live up to its promise and potential, and that 3D + VR technology can be one of the drivers that pushes it forward.

That said, having endured the laptop/tablet/smartphone/smartboard hype cycles, we're not inclined to throw around dramatic terms like "revolution" or "disruption", and we're duly skeptical towards claims that any particular piece of hardware or software will "change the way people learn". We also have a healthy skepticism about technology that aims to replace teachers or minimize their role in the learning process. Will this bring about an educational "revolution"? But we'd rather not call this a revolution. 10 Ideas to Get Started with Virtual Reality in the Classroom. Jumping into the world of Virtual Reality (VR) begins with a basic understanding of what it is. To start, imagine swimming around the ocean, admiring colorful fish, only to turn around to find yourself face-to-face with a shark… Now imagine students having this same experience while standing in your classroom.

Virtual reality provides teachers the ability to provide an immersive experience where learners can feel as if they are living the content that you are teaching. THAT is student engagement. While it’s important to understanding that the difference between reality and virtual reality can be a fine line, particularly for younger students to understand, it is a powerful tool to bring intense learning experiences into the classroom. How to Use Virtual Reality and Google Expeditions in the Classroom. Save Pinterest Virtual Reality in the Classroom – Part 2 *This post is sponsored by Samsung.

All thoughts and opinions are my own. . * Google Expeditions! Is VR safe for kids? We asked the experts. Realidad Virtual en Arteixo. Acercamiento a la Realidad Virtual. Expedición “Volcanes”. Google Expeditions. Creating VR stories with kids – Making VR child’s play. Valentine's Day. Google Expeditions STEMtrunk Lesson Plan - Volcanoes - STEMtrunk. Volcanes by pdbrozos on Genially. Virtual reality explained for kids – Making VR child’s play. La Narración Digital. " If you are made of water, oxygen, and bone, you are made of stories.

" Joe Lambert. Can Virtual Reality “teach” empathy? - The Hechinger Report. Storyboard VR - Artefact. O Homiño de Papel. Roundme. Paseo por el litoral. A Coruña. Paseo fotográfico por el litoral. Para el reto 3 de VRMooc me he decidido a estudiar las posibilidades de un paseo fotográfico utilizando la app Google Street View. Me ha parecido una app fácil de utilizar y que devuelve unos resultados muy buenos al crear fotografías en 360 grados en un par de minutos. Después, me entretuve cacharreando con RoundMe y Holobuilder. Me han gustado en varios sentidos aunque los resultados que ofrecen no me convencen. No sé si es debido al dispositivo que usé para tomar las fotografías si es problema de estas apps, el caso es que los resultados son de escasa calidad. Presionada por el tiempo, me he decidido a subir uno de los paseos virtuales. El uso de este tipo de fotografías y la creación de paseos o itinerarios es absolutamente fantástico para clase.

Lo que más me ha llamado la atención de las visitas o paseos virtuales es: INTERACTIVIDAD. Me parece una herramienta muy útil para trabajar de modo integrado diferentes áreas del currículo. Me gusta: RETO 2. Escape the room. Narrativa virtual. Román. VR Story Tellers. How to program parallel actions in Blockly. Creating our own VR with CoSpaces! Embracing Social Media as a teacher has completely transformed my teaching. In fact, it has taken my career on a path I never dreamed possible. I love how many ideas I pick up from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This is one app I spotted recently: Narrativa Digital: RETO 3: Escape the room. Realidad Virtual en Arteixo. Lo que la realidad virtual puede aportar a la educación. RETO 3: Escape the room.

Escapa da casa! REALIDAD VIRTUAL. Reflexión VR. VR & AR in the primary classroom copy.key. 20 Top Virtual Reality Apps that are Changing Education – The Tech Edvocate. We're proud to announce that you can now also program #VR experiences in CoSpaces using #Blockly. #ARVRinEDU. @RonanMcNicholl already used CoSpaces for #programming lessons with #JavaScript. You can now also use #Blockly. We're excited to announce improvements to the live-session experience w/ new features like Multiple active sessions! 8 Tips for Successful Virtual Field Trips with ClassFlow – ClassFlow Blog & Events.

I have fallen in love with virtual field trips in ClassFlow. Through ClassFlow, students have visited unfamiliar regions, explored underwater habitats, and even toured the White House without ever leaving the classroom. By embedding 360° images and videos in ClassFlow, our students have earned many frequent flyer miles this year as they travelled virtually to places they have never seen allowing them to build background knowledge and acquire new vocabulary relevant to the content being studied. Since the last thing I want for students is to have them feel as though they are looking at someone’s vacation pictures, I adhere to 8 simple ideas to make the experience engaging and academically sound. 1MAKE IT AN ADVENTURE.

Dress the part, even if it is just make believe! 2PLAN FOR INTERACTIVITY. The Top 10 Companies Working on Education in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 3D History: Exploring the world with Virtual Reality & Google Cardboard. Virtual Reality (VR) A bit of #Blockly code can have a big effect on your #VR creations – it can, for example, make an alien invasion come to life in #CoSpaces. How to use the animated objects in CoSpaces. A boy travels to a strange planet: Explore our #VR story or create your own one! #storytelling #VirtualReality. Introducing VR and 360° Content for All Sites – The Blog. Virtual Reality is coming to! As of today, you can create and publish your own VR content on any site, starting with 360° photos and 360° videos (beta), and you can view regular photos and panoramas in VR. Our goal is to make publishing VR content as simple as publishing text or photos to the web — just add VR content to your site and anyone with a web browser can instantly enjoy it.

Introducing Live 3️⃣6️⃣0️⃣ Video! Introducing Live 360 Video – Periscope – Medium. Hey Periscope Community, We’ve always said that joining a broadcast is like stepping into someone else’s shoes and seeing the world through their eyes. Today, we’re introducing a more immersive way to experience those moments — with live 360 video. "Creating virtual reality in the classroom" – talk at EduTECH Asia. Explore CoSpaces creations in 3D and VR. CoSpaces: Making space for imagination. Great New Creativity Tool - TechNotes Blog - TCEA. Discover CoSpaces, an amazing and free tool that lets students easily design 3D virtual worlds.

This is the way learning should be! I’m always on the lookout for a new tool to use in the classroom. And I’m thrilled to get to share this one with you today. Have you seen that you can program #VR experiences in CoSpaces with #Blockly now? Learn more. CoSpaces adds Blockly to Early Access program. Using Google Earth #VR for #Education - Using Google Earth VR for Education ~ Pioneering VR in Education. 14 Virtual Tools: Favorite Math Apps. #VR in #Education: What’s Already Happening in the Classroom – Adding 50 new tours for schools with Google Expeditions. “We are seeing an excitement that we haven’t seen towards vocabulary in a while.” @senorlloyd about his #VR project.

VR in Education: What’s Already Happening in the Classroom. Voxelus permite crear contenidos para realidad virtual sin tener que programar. Vizor – Create and Share VR on the Web.