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Unplanned Births: Another Outcome of Economic Inequality? Affluent women are likely to have access to more-reliable forms of birth control, and they're more than three times as likely to have an abortion in the case of an accidental pregnancy. There are lots of examples of the growing distance between the nation’s haves and have-nots, and the gap between unintended births for the most-affluent women and the least-affluent women is yet another area with a widening economic divide.

About half of all pregnancies are unplanned, which can make the possibility of an unintended pregnancy seem like not that big of a deal. But the financial impact of unintended pregnancies, and subsequent births, can be significant—particularly for low-income women. Unplanned pregnancies were five times as likely for those at or below the federal poverty level in 2008, according to data from the Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit that provides research and policy analysis of sexual and reproductive topics. Unintended Pregnancies, by Income Levels 1981-2008. Robert Reich: America is headed full speed back to the 19th century. Robert Reich: America is headed full speed back to the 19th century. College President Gives $90,000 Of His Salary To Lowest-Paid Employees On Campus. Raymond Burse, interim president of Kentucky State University, elected to have his salary decreased from $349,869 to $259,745 in order to boost the paychecks of the university's lowest-paid workers, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Burse's pay cut will increase the salaries of 24 KSU employees, some of whom were making as littles as $7.25 an hour, to $10.25 an hour, WLKY reported. Burse said that his giving up $90,124.96 is a response to "tough times" and wanting to ensure that university workers know the school's board and president "care about them and want to do the very best by them," according to the Herald-Leader. Burse has experience dealing with KSU employees -- he served as KSU president from 1982 to 1989, according to KY Forward. After his presidency, Burse held an executive position at General Electric Co. He retired in 2012 after 17 years with good benefits, the Herald-Leader reported. America's 'Job Creators' Would Rather Do Anything But Create Jobs: Survey. America's capitalists take every chance they get to remind us that they are our "job creators," but it turns out that their least-favorite thing on earth to do is create jobs.

Most U.S. business leaders would rather build robots, outsource work or use part-time employees than hire workers full-time, according to a new Harvard Business School survey. Here's a nice infuriating graphic from the smarty-pantses at Harvard Business School, who are educating all of our future non-job-creators in the art of not creating jobs: As you can see from the chart, 46 percent of our job creators would rather spend money on technology than employ humans, compared with a sad 26 percent who prefer people to robots, and another 29 percent who were confused or indifferent about the question or fell asleep while the survey taker was talking. Forty-nine percent would rather outsource than hire, compared with 30 percent who'd rather hire. Hooray. Ungleichheit: Superreiche besitzen mehr als die anderen 99 Prozent.

London - Die Tendenz ist bekannt, das Ausmaß erschreckend: Die Schere zwischen Arm und Reich geht immer schneller auseinander. Vom kommenden Jahr an wird das reichste Prozent der Weltbevölkerung mehr als die Hälfte des weltweiten Wohlstands besitzen. "Die Kluft zwischen den Reichsten und dem Rest wird schnell tiefer", teilte die britische Organisation Oxfam am Montag mit - zwei Tage vor Eröffnung des alljährlichen Weltwirtschaftsforums in Davos.

Demnach besaß das reichste Prozent in der Welt 2009 bereits 44 Prozent des Wohlstands. Im vergangenen Jahr war der Anteil schon auf 48 Prozent gewachsen und 2016 wird das eine Prozent der Superreichen laut Oxfam mehr als 50 Prozent des weltweiten Wohlstands besitzen. Noch drastischer wird das Bild, wenn man sich die Spitze der Reichsten ansieht: Nach Oxfams Recherche besitzen die 85 reichsten Menschen der Erde genauso viel wie die ärmere Hälfte der Weltbevölkerung zusammen - das sind rund 3,5 Milliarden Menschen. News verfolgen. Asilo: el gran reto de Europa ante la creciente llegada de inmigrantes - BBC Mundo. Goodbye Stalin. Si en España el partido político Podemos propone reestructurar la deuda, la derecha española pone el grito en el cielo porque esto supuestamente coloca al país en la senda del comunismo. Si en Estados Unidos se reforma al sistema de salud con un sistema de incentivos y castigos para que todos los ciudadanos compren seguros médicos a empresas privadas, el Partido Republicano clama que los Demócratas están destruyendo la economía capitalista y las libertades individuales.

Es un recurso bastante antiguo. Por allá en 1944, en una de las predicciones más erróneas que cualquier economista haya formulado, el famoso economista austríaco Friedrich Hayek publicó su ensayo El Camino a la Servidumbre en el que pronosticaba que con la creación del Sistema Nacional de Salud Gran Bretaña se había colocado en el deslizadero que conduce al totalitarismo. No se puede negar la eficacia de este recurso. Vivimos en un mundo distinto del de 1917 (o del de 1987). That’s rich! Why so many wealthy Americans think they’re middle class. By Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s reckoning, being a millionaire does not constitute living high above the ranks of ordinary people. Lew said last week that back when he was in the private sector enjoying six- and seven-figure pay packages, “My own compensation was never in the stratosphere.” Lew made that pronouncement as he sought to defend President Barack Obama’s embattled Treasury undersecretary nominee Antonio Weiss from charges that as a financial executive, he is out of touch with the interests of regular people.

Lew was seeking to cast his own lot with the ranks of ordinary Americans at a time of growing economic inequality. But in doing so, Lew shed light on a uniquely American phenomenon — the tendency of extraordinarily rich people to cast themselves as everyday members of the middle class. According to IRS data, 99 percent of American households make less than $388,000 a year, and 95 percent make less than $167,000 a year. Then again, Lew is a pauper compared to Weiss. Racism and the founding of the GOP: Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War and the real history of the Republican Party. The political party that grew from these concerns over slavery was the Republican Party. In turn, it nourished and carried forward the public’s anti-slavery feelings. But the party was an amalgam of strangely different elements. It contained men from different political backgrounds, and it combined antislavery convictions and antiblack prejudices.

“He was more nearly the founder of the Republican Party than any other one man.” So declared Alexander K. McClure, the well-connected Pennsylvania journalist and politician, in regard to Francis Preston Blair. This grand old man of Washington politics, father of Postmaster General Montgomery Blair and Congressman and General Frank Blair, had far-reaching influence. Both Lincoln and Blair came originally from Kentucky. Blair first made his name and career supporting Jackson in the nation’s capital.

Blair “retired” to a beautiful home and country retreat in nearby Maryland. Politically, however, Francis Preston Blair never retired. OECD moniert wachsende Ungleichheit zwischen Arm und Reich. Berlin - Die Kluft zwischen Arm und Reich in Deutschland hat sich laut OECD deutlich vergrößert. Die reichsten zehn Prozent der Bevölkerung verdienten Mitte der achtziger Jahre fünfmal so viel wie die ärmsten zehn Prozent; heute liege das Verhältnis bei 7:1, hieß es in einem am Dienstag veröffentlichten Arbeitspapier der Industriestaatenorganisation. Die OECD fordert die Politik zum Gegensteuern auf.

"Unsere Analyse zeigt, dass wir nur auf starkes und dauerhaftes Wachstum zählen können, wenn wir der hohen und weiter steigenden Ungleichheit etwas entgegensetzen", sagte Generalsekretär Angel Gurria. "Der Kampf gegen Ungleichheit muss in das Zentrum der politischen Debatte rücken. " Die gestiegene Einkommensungleichheit hemme die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung. Das Bruttoinlandsprodukt pro Kopf in Deutschland sei zwischen 1990 und 2010 inflationsbereinigt um etwa 26 Prozent gewachsen, so die OECD. Gucci-Laden in Frankfurt: Soziale Kluft lähmt Wachstum News verfolgen. Thomas Frank: Ann Coulter and David Brooks play a sneaky, unserious class card.

A few days ago, New York Times columnist David Brooks took the occasion of the outrage in Ferguson, Missouri, to call for a national effort to combat “classism,” an unfortunate form of prejudice that, he says, results from widening inequality. Nowadays, Brooks asserted, “classism intertwines with racism” to produce a truly monstrous complex of attitudes toward the people at society’s bottom. If you are a newcomer to the culture-war labyrinth, you might be surprised to hear a leading conservative deplore “classism,” because it’s the right’s beloved free-market system that has opened the yawning crevasse between the classes—between the people who work and the people who own.

But in truth class grievance is central to the cosmology of modern conservatism. They love nothing more than to denounce snobbery—just as long as they are able to attribute that vice to scholarly liberal weaklings who disdain the plainspoken ways of middle America. “Liberals thrive on the attractions of snobbery. “There’s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won” The Middle Class and Working Poor's Lifelong Losing Game -- In 10 Slides | Richard (RJ) Eskow.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. If that's true, the following 10 images could provide the lyrics for a thousand blues songs. The graphs are taken from series of recent reports which, when considered together, create a paint-by-numbers picture of the lifelong losing game faced by working Americans. The chorus to our blues song goes like this: The middle the class and working poor are increasingly trapped in a cycle of economic decline, a downward slope which stretches from their golden youth to their sunset years.

And there's no way out, unless we find one for ourselves. Born Indebted It begins with the ever-growing mountain of debt which students must acquire in this society in order to receive a college education. Since 2007, the last year before the financial crisis which Wall Street created, total student debt has more than doubled: Total student debt in this country now exceeds the total credit card debt held by all Americans. Source for above: U.S. Falling Behind. Noam Chomsky exclusive: Pope Francis, Oscar Romero and the horror of Reagan foreign policy. Last month an apparently unremarkable series of reports about Pope Francis drifted through the international news carousel, attracting little attention from the national media — though it should have. They recorded the pontiff’s desire to expedite a deceased bishop’s journey toward prospective sainthood in accordance with the customs of the faith.

The cleric in question was Oscar Romero who, prior to his murder in 1980 by local death squads, held one of the most senior positions in the Catholic church of El Salvador. As some of the coverage mentioned in passing, he was killed not long after after having written to President Carter, appealing to him to halt his support for repressive government forces that were tearing the country apart in their assault on mass movements that opposed their undemocratic rule. Carter never replied; Romero was shot at mass. I wrote to Chomsky to ask him for a statement on these events. Punched in the Face: A New Leadership Contract Emerges | Valerie Keller. "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. " The Mike Tyson quote elicited a ripple of laughter at the Davos breakfast last week - but the somber truth is that traditional leadership approaches have been punched in the face. The world has changed. Profound economic, social and technological forces are rapidly transforming businesses.

And the corporation has changed from being viable on its legal and financial construct, to being viable on its social contract. There's a permeable membrane between business and an increasingly complex group of stakeholders -- boards, regulators, activist investors, media and consumers. In our social media-powered ultra-networked world, corporate behavior is driven externally as much as internally. The scaffolding of relationships has shifted and it's possible we do not yet realize just how radically it's changed.

"This job is always painful," DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman explained. El atípico banquero que triunfa con un banco sin bonos - BBC Mundo - Noticias. The 7 strangest libertarian ideas. ¿Quién era Óscar Romero, el arzobispo cuya canonización fue prohibida por el Vaticano? - BBC Mundo - Noticias. Workers struggle in Hamptons, playground for rich. SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. (AP) — This is a town where people are so rich that a $2 million home can be a handyman's special. A town where the thrift shop is stocked with donations of designer dresses and handbags. But Southampton, with its privet hedges, pristine beaches and some estates costing tens of millions, also is where 40 percent of children get free or reduced school lunches, where a food pantry serves up to 400 clients a month and where some doctors and nurses share homes owned by the local hospital because they can't afford to buy or rent.

Studies show the wealth gap separating the rich from everyone else is widening, and few places in the country illustrate that as starkly as Long Island's Hamptons — America's summer playground for the haves and have-mores, where even middle-class workers struggle with the high cost of living. Kerry Lewendoski, who succeeded Tupper, adds: "The people aren't just coming here to work in the summer. R. The deep roots of economic inequality.

The New Capital

El nuevo mapa de la pobreza en Europa - BBC Mundo - Noticias. A más de cinco años del comienzo de la gran recesión del siglo XXI, Europa exhibe un nuevo mapa de la pobreza. En la eurozona, Grecia vive “al borde de una catástrofe humanitaria”, España tiene tres millones de personas que sobreviven con ingresos mensuales de menos de 307 euros (US$417), las cifras oficiales de Portugal colocan a un 18% de la población por debajo de la línea de la pobreza, y en países fundadores del proyecto paneuropeo como Italia, el número de pobres se duplicó entre 2007 y 2012. La situación va más allá de la llamada periferia. En Alemania casi ocho millones de personas sobreviven con unos 450 euros (US$611) mensuales de salario y, por fuera del euro, en Reino Unido, los bancos de alimentos, administrados por organizaciones caritativas, se han multiplicado por 20.

Los datos de la agencia de estadísticas europea, Eurostat, o del Banco Mundial, coinciden con los de ONGs que luchan contra la pobreza como Oxfam. ¿Qué es ser pobre en Europa? Derechos de autor de la imagen AFP. Merkels Populismus im Europawahlkampf. Es ist Wahlkampf und die Frau, die von der ganzen Welt „Mutti“ genannt wird, fischt wieder Stimmen am rechten Rand. Europa sei keine Sozialunion, sagt sie. Leistungen wie Hartz IV soll darum in Deutschland nur Deutschen zur Verfügung stehen. Das ist selbstverständlich nicht durchführbar und ist „doch nur Wahlkampf“.

Tatsächlich ist es weitaus mehr als das. Denn ihre Worte schaffen Fakten. Wenn Neoliberalisten einen anderen Menschen beleidigen wollen, klingt das oft seltsam. Raider heißt jetzt Twix und gut heißt jetzt schlecht „Es ist eine ideologische Neubesetzung von Begriffen, die es uns schwer macht, überhaupt noch außerhalb dieser Ideologie zu diskutieren. In Orwells Neusprech gibt es das Wort „schlecht“ übrigens gar nicht.

Wenn Frau Merkel behauptet, Europa sei keine Sozialunion, so sagt sie damit im Grunde nicht viel weniger, als das Europa asozial sei. Marktwachstum auf dem Rücken der Bevölkerung Darum geht es ja auch in Merkels Zitat. Sie haben die Wahl.