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Home | LOCATING LONDON'S PAST Welcome to Locating London's Past This website allows you to search a wide body of digital resources relating to early modern and eighteenth-century London, and to map the results on to a fully GIS compliant version of John Rocque's 1746 map. Video walkthrough
A Roman Excavation A Roman Excavation These images have been produced by the Museum Education Service in partnership with Carisbrooke Castle Museum as a resource for teachers following a teaching session at your school. Please note that the objects featured here may not be exactly the same as those used in the teaching session. Possible uses of the images could be as follows:• power-point presentations by teachers or pupilsâ?¢ a recap of the session with the chance to draw out particular teaching pointsâ?¢ to show additional material which may have been omitted on the visit â?¢ individual images studied more closely for art and design workâ?
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Underwater Archaeology | The Museum of Underwater Archaeology | Shipwreck | Maritime
Interactive Dig - Archaeology Magazine's Online Excavations Interactive Dig - Archaeology Magazine's Online Excavations We bring the excavations to you! Follow online as ancient civilizations are unearthed. Get full access to frequently updated field notes, Q&A with archaeologists, personal journals, and more! Cahal Pech, BelizeRecent excavations have suggested that Cahal Pech, which was most likely settled by Maya from Guatemala, is one of the earliest Maya settlements in Belize.
Who we are MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) offers expert archaeological and built-heritage services across the UK to help our clients build for the future. Since 1973, our commitment to speedy, safe and cost-effective delivery and an international reputation for our research and publishing programmes has created a rich legacy of projects from complex urban sites to extensive rural landscapes. MOLA is an independent charitable company employing more than 200 professional archaeologists, consultants and specialists. Museum of London - MOLA Museum of London - MOLA
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PATOIS: Publications and Archives in Teaching - Monument Inventories PATOIS: Publications and Archives in Teaching - Monument Inventories This is one of a series of tutorials delivered over the Web for students and lecturers who want to explore the use of the resources available on-line for teaching, learning and research in Archaeology and the Humanities. This tutorial looks at the monument inventories that are created by national heritage agencies and local authorities to manage the historic environment. It will introduce you to ArchSearch, the Archaeology Data Service catalogue and show how to use it to identify original research resources held by curators based throughout the United Kingdom. Shap Abbey, Cumbria. © English Heritage The tutorial is in four sessions, each one is self-contained and should take around 45 minutes to complete.
GeoTime - Simple and easy to use OFFLINE geological time scale. Relative time (chronostratic) subdivisions of the Earth's geology versus absolute time (chronometric) in millions of years for the entire Phanerozoic. No advertisement - simply freeware. Some basic information on climate, animals and geology are included. GeoTime is freeware - and will be forever. Geological Time Scale - Android Market Geological Time Scale - Android Market
iGeology App | Britain's rocks in your pocket | British Geological Survey (BGS)
Hieroglyphic Typewriter Egyptian Hieroglyphic Name Translator alphabet writer
Hieroglyphic Name Translator