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Ccasa Hostel / TAK architects

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Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table by Bruce Shapiro. Risks and challenges My experience building and installing large permanent Sisyphus istallations in museums around the world has taught me much about deadlines, budgets, working with others and above all, Murphy's law.

Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table by Bruce Shapiro

The main risks are in underestimating costs and time to deliver a large number of high-quality pieces. The major factor here is quantity, which is hard to predict. We are trying to produce everything, except the electronics, in America. Our pricing reflects this, as we feel this is the best way to ensure our work is of the highest quality and on schedule. Beyond the challenges related to fabricating and delivery, lie those related to interface and composition software.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter. National PolyLevel® Contractor Network. Apis Cor. We print buildings. Mobile-Shop, Changing the Way the World Works. Thumbtack - Consider it done. HouseCall. Penny App: Your Personal Finance Coach. Porch: Designs, remodel ideas, and costs for home projects. 3D measurement and floorplan tool. How to make a 3D scanner. 木製ブラインドの設計製造の東京ブラインド工業株式会社 オリジナルブラインドで日本に唯一のブラインド製造も 吸音ブラインド フェルトーン. Japanese Company Develops Sound-Absorbing Blinds (Video) In case you’re sensitive to noise and look for a discreet way to solve the problem in your apartment or office building, for example, the so-called Feltone [JP] might do the trick for you.

Japanese Company Develops Sound-Absorbing Blinds (Video)

Developed by Japan-based Tokyo Blinds, Feltone is a blind that can absorb sound and push down power noise by up to 60%. Feltone, which is – as the name suggests – made of felt, looks like an ordinary blind and can be used on windows or walls – just like conventional blinds, without any special modifications. Tokyo Blinds says installation takes about two hours, with their solution costing up to 90% less than soundproof panels, for example. The company explains: This sound-absorbing blind works because sound is absorbed extremely well if there’s a rear air layer, 50-200 mm thick, between the blind slats and a wall, when the blind is attached in the usual way.

Feltone (which is available in Japan only at this point) doesn’t come cheap: a 2mx2m blind costs $1,500. TIS & PARTNERS. Video: New Construction Material “CO2 Structure” Could Serve As Alternative To Concrete. This almost sounds too good to be true: a Japanese company called TIS&Partners [JP] has developed a new kind of construction material that’s supposedly “better” than concrete (by some measures, at least).

Video: New Construction Material “CO2 Structure” Could Serve As Alternative To Concrete

Dubbed “CO2 Structure”, the material hardens in about a day, as opposed to the 28 days it takes for concrete to cure to 100% of its strength. TIS&Partners says bricks consisting of the material can be formed in about a minute. After adding organic substances, CO2 Structure’s tensile strength is said to be “at least” 2.5 higher than that of concrete. In other words, the material not only hardens quickly, it’s also more “stable” than concrete.

TIS&Partners says that their material could be used to reinforce structures in buildings in a quick manner, for example those that were damaged by the earthquake that hit Japan back in March. This video, shot by Diginfonews in Tokyo, provides more insight on CO2 Structure: Home - Fastbrick Robotics.