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Ancient Pueblo - [Satellite View, FlexiJourney Travel] Tourist Attraction in NY. Regional History Project: UC-Santa Cruz. Oral History Projects: Welcome The Regional History Project has been documenting the history of the Central Coast of California and the institutional history of UC Santa Cruz since 1963, through oral history.

Based at UC-Santa Cruz, the Regional History Project "has been documenting the history of the Central Coast of California and the institutional history of UC-Santa Cruz since 1963." On their site, visitors can read and listen to some of the hundreds of interviews they have conducted over the past five decades. The interviews are divided into thematic sections, including "Out in the Redwoods", "Agricultural History", and "Santa Cruz History". – macopa

This web site includes the complete catalog of our collection, oral history resources, and links to other oral history sites on the Internet.

Regional History Project: UC-Santa Cruz

All of the oral histories are available in full text (PDF) through our Digital Collections site and many are available on the University of California's escholarship site at Copies of our oral histories are also available for the cost of photocopying, which varies according to the length of the document. Viewing Note: If you experience technical difficulties with accessing the PDFs though Digital Collections, try a different browser or contact us to let us know you are experiencing difficulties.

Please contact Irene Reti at for ordering information on the particular oral history in which you are interested. The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 Photographs. The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War. The Colonial Williamsburg Official History Site.

Visitors can read biographies of people who inhabited colonial-era Williamsburg, listen to their fife and drums corps, and tour the town. – macopa

UMarmot » Digital Collections for UMass. Digital UMass contains the results of several initiatives to document the history of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and its predecessors the Massachusetts Agricultural College and Massachusetts State College.

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst has created the Digital UMass website in order to document the history of their campus, and their predecessor institutions, which include the Massachusetts Agricultural College. Currently, this digital archive contains an oral history of the institution's administrators, reflections on student life, and materials related to women's experiences at the school. Visitors to the site will notice the diverse holdings here, which include annual reports from 1864 to 1932, the archives of the "College Monthly" (an early student newspaper), and transcripts and audio files of oral histories with female students who attended the school in the 1920s and 1930s. That's far from all, as visitors can also look at student handbooks, faculty papers, and several student research papers, such as "Undergraduate Women and the Post-War College: The University of Massachusetts". – macopa

In addition to an on-going project to capture the oral history of the University’s administrators and reflections on student life, the archives has digitized materials relating to the early years of co-education at MAC and women’s education at the University.

UMarmot » Digital Collections for UMass

Additional materials will be added as they become available. The Collections Annual Reports, 1864-1932/33 College Monthly Student newspaper, 1887-1889 Distinguished Visitors Program, 1972-1979 Invited lectures on current topics by distinguished speakers (audio files in mp3 format). Oral Histories Barnard, Ellsworth and Mary, Classes of 1928 and 1934 Bromery, Randolph W., Chancellor Class of 1919: Mary E. Selected records related to women’s education at Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1906-1924. DELANTE, Birthplace of Benjamin Franklin, Milk Street (por. DELANTE, Bush, George H. W.: Panama Invasion - The Free Information Society. Digitizing Kansas Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, 1883-1922 - Sanborn Maps Project - KU Libraries. Copyright & Scholarly Communication The Libraries assists faculty and students to share their scholarly work in open access, publicly accessible ways; manage copyrights; and learn about the scholarly communication system in which they are major stakeholders.

Digitizing Kansas Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, 1883-1922 - Sanborn Maps Project - KU Libraries

GIS & Data Services Assistance with GIS and statistical analysis questions and software, including course-integrated instruction and workshops. Guidance in data management planning. Kansapedia - Kansapedia. The Great Chicago Fire & The Web of Memory. Boston Streets: Mapping Directory Data: Welcome Page. Ancient Pueblo - [Satellite View, FlexiJourney Travel] Sioux City History Website. - Historical military records. American Memory from the Library of Congress - Home Page. 1978 Volume III: 20th Century American History and Literature. Digital Collections : The Herald-Post Collection.