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Diversity and inclusion

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Pixar SparkShorts. Purl Pixar. Purl Quiz questions. Quiz questions 1. Task description: Listening comprehension with fill the gap exercises, multiple choice questions and also some questions to check their understanding.

Quiz questions 1

Created using the grammar quiz generator of iSLCollective. Make your own quiz from any Youtube video in a few minutes. Scene summary: Purl is a 2018 American computer-animated short film written and directed by Kristen Lester with the story written by Michael Daley, Bradley Furnish, Lester, and James Robertson, and produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Video quiz questions 2. Fill the gap: I still think it's ________________________ that I'm really here.

video quiz questions 2

Put the words in order:feelingreallyaaboutgoodhavethis! I Fill the gap: Hey, what's ________________________ a porcupine and a BMW? Fill the gap: So, ________________________ wants answers. So what exactly is diversity. Discrimination Prej 1/1. Discrimination Prej 2/3. Discrimination Prej 3/3. Teaching inclusivity & diversity – resources & activity. Diversity and Inclusion - Easter. BAC ANGLAIS - AXE 7 DIVERSITE ET INCLUSION - VOCABULAIRE


Diverse dolls. A Short Animated Film. See dyslexia differently. Homelessness. Inclusion begins with you. The Silent Child — Oscar® Winning Short Film. The real you matters. The real you matters. Wksheet The real you matters. Empowering Employees with Disabilities. Employees with disabilities. Cause Café Empowers Adults With Autism. 'We are one and free': Australia's national anthem and Indigenous history. The Australian government will remove a reference to the country being “young and free” in the national anthem, amid concerns the existing wording overlooks the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that stretches back tens of thousands of years.

'We are one and free': Australia's national anthem and Indigenous history

The conservative prime minister, Scott Morrison, made the surprise announcement on New Year’s Eve, saying the change would help foster a “spirit of unity” after a year of big challenges. From 1 January, the second line of Advance Australia Fair will say: “For we are one and free.” ZOOM 1: We all matter! The Social Model of Disability - by Toucan Diversity. Disability Inclusion Matters for All. Disability and inclusion in the workplace. Uk black history month.

The first self made female millionaire

Black lives matter. Unless native american. Astronaut Jeanette Epps Will Be The First Black Woman To Join The ISS. In 2018, Astronaut Jeanette Epps was ready to embark on a trailblazing mission of space exploration by being the first Black woman to reside on the International Space Station (ISS).

Astronaut Jeanette Epps Will Be The First Black Woman To Join The ISS

Epps' training in Russia and Kazakhstan was a success, and she was all set to go when suddenly she found herself pulled away from the mission. She didn’t have any medical conditions or family issues that would have prevented her from participating in the mission, but, unfortunately, her dreams of space travel were put on standby as her spot on the mission was replaced by Serena M. Auñón-Chancellor. The reason for this swap was never directly explained; but, despite this setback, Epps persisted and remained true to her ambitions and is now again finding herself presented with the invitation to join the ISS crew in 2021.

Next year’s trip to space will be a first for Epps. Next year, Jeanette Epps is planning to blast off in a Boeing CST-100 Starliner spacecraft. All images via NASA. Racial Equity & Social Justice. About Racial Equity & Social Justice The Allen Institute Leadership stands with the Black people within our community, our country and the world.

Racial Equity & Social Justice

Black lives matter. Talking about Race and Medicine: Importance of Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Science. This guy built a prosthetic arm using Lego. Fighting for disability in business. Improving shopping for people with disabilities. These dancers don't let their wheelchairs stop them. QuiZinière. Refugee Day Teaching Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint 2719574. Caremongering: positive news video – Speakeasy News. This video is a positive news story your pupils can study during the current quarantine.

Caremongering: positive news video – Speakeasy News

This report from Canadian CTV News gives examples of the trend for “caremongering”: using social media to organise, or ask for help during the Covid-19 quarantine. It’s just two minutes long and can be used from B1 by pupils at home. It gives positive examples of how people are helping each other, from buying groceries or medicine for those who can’t get out or making donations to a distillery that is making hand sanitiser to distribute for free. It ends on an organic vegetable box company that has been inundated with orders, and so decided to pay its staff a special bonus.

The report on the page includes most of the information on the video, if you’d rather have pupils do written comprehension, or as a second step for more detailed comprehension. Ready to Use Downloadable resources ready to use in class > Caremongering Article and Video. Snowball effect corrigé. Disabled access to UK Stores poor. Social Policy useful vocabulary. Inclusion & Diversity. Worksheet Video diversity at Apple.

Inclusion & diversity at APPLE (1) Vocabulary Diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The real you matters. Does race or gender matter to your paycheck .pdf. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace. A woman's choice. Questions et corrigé Inclusion. Why We Make - An inclusive workplace. How poor people survive in the USA. So together kadir nelson. Escape Game Immigration Liens Drive by elisabeth.jendraszczak on Genially.