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Photos from the International Space Station Photos from the International Space Station We have checked the telemetry from the Space Station and have calculated its approximate position. Using that information, this web site has looked through an extensive catalog of NASA handheld orbital photography and has returned the following images. If you would like to refresh the station's current position please click here. Disclaimer: Please note that this collection does not contain live images. If you would like to view more images of Earth please visit the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth website for the best and most complete online collection of astronaut photographs of the Earth.
Images of ISS, Space Shuttle and other spaceflight objects by Ralf Vandebergh
10 Years on the ISS
Internationale Raumstation ISS - Home Internationale Raumstation ISS - Home Deutsche Astronauten Auf einer Sonderseite präsentieren wir alle Deutschen Astronauten, die schon einmal ins All geflogen sind - aber auch den neuen deutschen Kandidaten Alexander Gerst. 1978 war der DDR-Bürger Sigmund Jähn als erster Deutscher im Weltraum. Die Themenseite Deutsche Astronauten enthält weitere Porträts über Ulf Merbold, Reinhard Furrer, Ernst Messerschmid, Ulrich Walter, Klaus-Dietrich Flade, Reinhold Ewald, Gerhard Thiele und Thomas Reiter. Der bislang letzte Deutsche im All war Hans Schlegel während der Columbus-Mission 2008.
ISS Observations
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ISS Height Profile This plot shows the orbital height of the ISS over the last year. Clearly visible are the re-boosts which suddenly increase the height, and the gradual decay in between. The height is averaged over one orbit, and the gradual decrease is caused by atmospheric drag. As can be seen from the plot, the rate of descent is not constant and this variation is caused by changes in the density of the tenuous outer atmosphere due mainly to solar activity. ISS Height Profile
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