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Augmented Reality Meets Manufacturing. Frank Bauman would have never thought the fictional electronic spectacles (aka Character Markers) he imagined in the illustrated novel The Master Key would be a reality someday.

Augmented Reality Meets Manufacturing

These glasses would let wearers see letters on the foreheads of people, indicating their character. Good people would bear the letter “G,” evil ones the letter “E,” and so on, letting wearers immediately know the true nature of all the people they encounter. Though still firmly in the realm of fiction, developments in augmented reality (AR) are bringing this sci-fi device closer to reality. AR today connects the computer and physical worlds with human experience, opening possibilities that can further blur the lines between virtual reality and reality. However, AR is still seen as a technology best suited for the gaming industry, and we can blame Pokémon GO for this common notion.

Sector. 3D CAD helps Metal Fabricators to Embrace the Digital Thread Opportunity. Science Published on May 28th, 2017 | by Guest The future of industry is digital.

3D CAD helps Metal Fabricators to Embrace the Digital Thread Opportunity

Often termed as the “digital thread” – a single data source covering the design from concept to finished parts holds a great potential for the metal fabrication sector. The data-driven advantage with digital thread can enable fabricators to make a quantum leap in productivity, quality and machine efficiency. Switching to a New CAD Tool? Read This First! As a manufacturer, when was the last time you heard a major OEM switchingthe enterprise CAD platform to a newer one?

Switching to a New CAD Tool? Read This First!

Companies rarely take the decision of changing their CAD tools entirely, and rather prefer upgrading the existing ones as a better alternative. There are multiple reasons why manufacturing organizations prefer sticking to the existing design tools. CAD migration projects often run into difficulties with challenges of managing and converting legacy design data, getting a hold of new system and ensuring that the swap does not impact the production efficiency.

Fabricators have to Select the Best Bad CAD Design Option for Profitability. Even with CAD technology, there are no good designs.

Fabricators have to Select the Best Bad CAD Design Option for Profitability

3D Furniture Design and Rendering: Effective Advertising Solution for Manufacturers. Posted by Jaydeep Chauhan on May 22nd, 2017 Furniture manufacturers globally, struggle with one common challenge – finding the right way to advertise their products.

3D Furniture Design and Rendering: Effective Advertising Solution for Manufacturers

The solution to this lies in adopting 3D furniture design and rendering tools. Too often, sales team have got fraction of seconds to raise interest within customers and intrigue them to look further for product details. Even if they manage to bring interest, sales teams still need to effectively demonstrate the furniture features, so that the customer is eventually persuaded to make the purchase.

Whether it is one of the beautifully crafted wooden furniture pieces or the one designed and fabricated from a sheet metal, making the 3D furniture designs sellable is a key to keep the business running. Advertising, be it digital or offline, thus plays a crucial role to attract customers and generate the possibilities of a sale and drive more revenues. Let’s look at some of the key benefits associated with 3D rendering: 3D Modeling & Rendering; Enrich Furniture Sales Catalogue with Photorealistic Designs.

DriveWorks: To Create that Engaging Customer Buying Experience for Your Boring Products – DriveWorks: CAD Design Automation & Customization. We sell pressure vessels, storage tanks, industrial pumps, gas burners, platforms and… did I just make you fall asleep while I write this?

DriveWorks: To Create that Engaging Customer Buying Experience for Your Boring Products – DriveWorks: CAD Design Automation & Customization

Let’s face it, there are companies who sell pretty boring stuff but are important for our economy. Unlike Marvel’s new comic series or Apple’s new iPhone, there are products that don’t help in raising eyebrows or bringing excitement within the masses, but are actually important to many. Industrial equipment isn’t exciting, but is critical for every industrial plant. Does that mean that there is no scope of bringing more interest in selling these critical equipments to potential customers? Add Value to Your Shopfitting Business with Online Configurator. 3D Design and Rendering for Wooden Furniture Manufacturers. Building Products Posted by Kashyap Vyas on May 18th, 2017.

3D Design and Rendering for Wooden Furniture Manufacturers

Combining CAD and Cloud – A Different Look. If one believes of the buzz in CAD designing world, there are widely two opinions that are being discussed in and around CAD and cloud technology being collaborated.

Combining CAD and Cloud – A Different Look

Metal 3D Printing Complements Machining; It’s Not a Replacement. The ambitious claims of 3D printing technology to revolutionize the way we do almost anything has the potential, but the technology is not quite there yet, at least not in the near future.

Metal 3D Printing Complements Machining; It’s Not a Replacement

This is because we imagine a world made out of 3D printers. You’ll often read about how 3D printing is used to build homes, aircraft components, or even guns. But the uses are limited and aren’t always clearly defined. You may see some of the highly inspiring, artistic yet functional objects promoted by metal 3D printing advocates, but you won’t find anyone talking about the efforts, cost, and build time that would have gone into developing that object. There are investments happening, however, to enhance the reliability of industrial 3D printing in terms of operation and print quality. How SolidWorks can help in to manage Large & Complex Sheet Metal Assemblies? Furniture: Mass Customization Can Boost Up Underperforming Business. Mass Customization for Furniture Manufacturers: End of “One Size Fits All” Furniture is all about personalization.

Furniture: Mass Customization Can Boost Up Underperforming Business

We love to choose furniture that can actually fit in our room or office space. The one that connects to the surrounding environment and becomes an integral part rather than protruding as a piece that is completely unrelated to the existing environment. SOLIDWORKS & DriveWorks for your CAD Drafting, Modeling & Design Automation Needs. Posted by Jaydeep Chauhan on March 30th, 2017 With more than 3 million users all over the globe, SOLIDWORKS leads the CAD industry with nearly 50% market share. The tool has been helping designers, engineers and manufacturers in number of ways and making it possible to ideate, design and manufacture high-quality products with enhanced productivity. Globally, engineers rely on the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS to efficiently convert complicated product design ideas to manufacturing ready 3D CAD models and drawings that can be put straight to manufacturing with quickest turnaround. The parametric modeling facility empowers designers to quickly develop complex parts and assemblies, evaluate them through simulation and push the designs for fabrication or manufacturing faster.

As a CAD service provider, we have been utilizing this intuitive tool for our client projects that range from sheet metal furniture, industrial equipment, automotive parts, heavy machinery and building products. 2D Drafting. Who can Use CPQ? Embed Code Embeded for hosted site: Click the code to copy. 3 Signs that Indicate Your Existing CAD Solution Needs an Upgrade. Software tools, no matter for whichever industry they are developed, eventually requires to be upgraded at some point in order to take productivity to the next level.

It is important for us to find new and better solutions that allow competing in the rapidly advancing marketplace. CAD tools are no different in this regard. How DriveWorks Adds Value to your Electrical Enclosure Manufacturing Business. DriveWorks is commonly perceived to be only useful in the product design stages to automatically generate 3D models and drawings, but it can actually be applied across multiple stages to expect better productivity and value addition. Despite wide application of enclosures meant to protect electrical equipment and machines, its manufacturers ideally have very few differentiating factors to compete in the market. There are international design standards that almost every enclosure manufacturer has to follow along with couple of other certifications for quality checking purposes.

The demand for electrical enclosures on the contrary is expected to rise, with rising demand in consumer goods, energy, food, clean water, construction materials and infrastructure. Create Robust Sales & Production Deliverables for Furniture Business with DriveWorks – DriveWorks: CAD Design Automation & Customization.

Every piece of furniture involves a small or large degree of customization to suit the specific requirements of the customer who’s buying it. For furniture manufacturing companies then, it is no more a value proposition but a necessity to offer customization for each furniture product that they sell. But the actual complexity lies in comprehending these custom orders and responding to customers with a proper quote that can help in winning more business. Further, processing these orders is a big challenge in itself. Specifying drawings and production documentation for each new custom order consumes significant time and keeps engineering teams occupied in performing repetitive tasks.

The overall impact of these processes is on delivery then, keeping manufacturers on their toes all the time to ship the product on the committed dates. SolidWorks & DriveWorks: A Success way for Stairway Manufacturers. CAD Synchronized 3D Geometry For Furniture Fabricators Ensures Excellent ROI. Embrace 3D to compete in the digital manufacturing era - Design Solutions. Digital is our world’s future and that’s where every possible industry vertical is heading. The increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) is challenging conventional processes and products, and is bringing an altogether different experience for the people at buying end.

Wearables, drones and connected cars are just the beginning as IoT promises to influence various kinds of environments – home, office, logistics and even our factories for that matter. In fact, by 2025, the impact of IoT is set to touch by 3 trillion alone in the manufacturing sector, at least that’s what a survey from McKinsey suggests. The growing trend means that industrial equipment manufacturers need to adopt a new approach towards developing the products that are aligned to the IoT strategies that a plant owner must be expecting. Building a connected industrial equipment however isn’t as easy at seems. 3D CAD Modeling and Rendering – Upcoming Stage of Furniture Industry. Prominence of PMI Features in 3D CAD Modeling for Collaborative Fabrication. Posted by Jaydeep Chauhan on April 19th, 2017. CAD Improves Wind Power Generation Capacity to Meet Global Green Energy Demand. Posted by Jaydeep Chauhan on April 12th, 2017 For technologically advanced nations, wind energy output targets grow higher with each passing year.

Efficient Sheet Metal Fabrication of Processing Equipments by Leveraging 3D CAD Modeling & PDM Plugins. CAD fabrication drawings of automotive components. Tools & Die Manufacturer Turn to CAD to Increase Sales & Decrease Costs. Posted by Jaydeep Chauhan on April 10th, 2017. Pressure vessel design by analysis versus design by rule. Pressure vessels are an integral part of many manufacturing facilities and processing plants, enabling the safe storage of pressurized liquids and gases. From industrial boilers to gasoline tankers, pressure vessels operate in a wide array of potentially hazardous environments.

However, if not properly designed, constructed and maintained, pressure vessels can be extremely dangerous. Hire SolidWorks Designers: Hire DriveWorks Professionals & CAD Drafters. Heavy Machinery Equipment Manufacturers can Improve Productivity through CAD Design Support Solutions. Sheet Metal Enclosures: Engineering of Designs & Art of Designing. Fabricators – Integrate CAD & ERP Data or Pay for your Mistakes.