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We are all about how you want to protrude yourself in the digital world. Yes, we the team Atom Groups are more of what you want to be and we work closely with data driven technologies to deliver up to snuff business solutions with a wide spectrum of services. ios and Android apps Mean Stack Development Graphic and Web Design Design and Development Training

How to develop map view application on iOS app development platform. NexMobile iPhone developers from India are known for their custom iOS app development services.

How to develop map view application on iOS app development platform

Till now, developers have made most intuitive apps and have intended bets custom app solutions for clients. On special request of one of the followers of the blog, developers are sharing this tutorial to let the development community learn about developing map view application that searches user’s current location with address and pin it on map. This tutorial is about developing map view application which searches users current location with address and pin it on map. Open XCode and create a Single View Application project and name it “MapViewApplication”. Complete Guidance to IOS Development With NexMobileApps. IOS Application Development - A Complete Guide.

DECODING THE SECRETS OF iOS ….! - mobileapptech’s blog. iOS is basically iPhone operating system.

DECODING THE SECRETS OF iOS ….! - mobileapptech’s blog

IOS has got direct manipulation user interface using multi touch waves. The SDK which when expanded is Software Development Kit is made available for the iOS app development for all iPhones, iPads and other Apple gadgets. They are even allowed to test in iPhone simulator. Coding amateurs can create iOS applications using a free copy of xcode. What exactly is this xcode? Every app development starts with a new xcode. The photo filtering app needs a source to display photo. It is now time to check your skills in C language. Hope you can now, develop your own iOS application. Pointers Used By Ios Development India Based Companies - World of Mobile Applications. Inside iOS 9.3: Apple's native apps gain new 3D Touch shortcuts on iPhone 6s. By Neil Hughes Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 06:07 am PT (09:07 am ET) The upcoming release of iOS 9.3 will bring new 3D Touch shortcuts to Apple's built-in apps on the iPhone 6s, most notably giving users the ability to quickly update App Store installs, or access battery or Wi-Fi settings.

Inside iOS 9.3: Apple's native apps gain new 3D Touch shortcuts on iPhone 6s

Developers were issued the first beta of iOS 9.3 this week, revealing some of the changes planned for the forthcoming update. In particular, Apple has added a new "Update All" 3D Touch shortcut to the App Store icon, as well as a "Purchased" link. Previously, the iOS Settings app lacked any 3D Touch shortcuts at all, but that's set to change with iOS 9.3. In the first beta, developers can quickly access "Bluetooth," "Wi-Fi," "Battery," and "Set Wallpaper" by firmly pressing the icon.

Apple's native Weather app also gains 3D Touch support in iOS 9.3, providing iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users with quick access to their most frequently checked cities. 7 new features coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.3. A new iOS update is brewing, coming soon to your iPhone. iOS 9.3 is now available for developers and includes some welcome upgrades that'll help you sleep better and stay organized.

7 new features coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.3

For now, iOS 9.3 is available as a developer preview, meaning it's not completely finished. There's no word on when it will arrive on your iPhone or iPad just yet, but Apple typically releases a preview just a few months before the final version. In the meantime, read up on the top new features below before they arrive. Stay up late with your iPad You may have heard that your phone's screen is ruining your sleep quality and yet you still fall asleep with it every night. Researchers believe that blue light emitted by LED screens halts the production of melatonin, the hormone that tells our brains to sleep. Apps like Flux and Twilight can already do this for your computer and Android phone.

News you'll (probably) want to read Apple tried to give us a one-stop shop for news last year with the News app. Rhythm Cat - Learn To Read Music on the App Store. About Us - Atom Media Labs. Training - Atom Media Labs. Get ready to convert your ideas and thoughts to reality in the virtual world with the most advanced and recognized Certification programme in Graphic Designing specially crafted by Atom Group.

Training - Atom Media Labs

Being a course clubbing together creativity, artistic talents and visualization skills, this unique curriculum is prepared to nurture the real designer inside you. Using the advanced software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw etc. we convert each student of this course to a master graphic designer and lets them to shine in the industry filled with lot of opportunities. We have special and expert knowhow in the fields of Graphic designing such as print designer, photo–editing, photo–retouching, vector and raster designs, computer designing, printing and publishing techniques, logo designing, visual enhancement and many more and we are always happy and open to share what we have to our students in the mode of a sophisticated course model in graphic designing.