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Digital painting is an amazing, beautiful and most popular art. Many of designers want to learn about its tips and techniques. Today, i have a collection of absolutely astounding digital painting tutorials. These tutorials will help you on your way to becoming a master digital artist, so if you’re looking to improve your skills. 50 Digital Painting Tutorials 70+ Mind-Blowing Digital Painting Tutorials

70+ Mind-Blowing Digital Painting Tutorials

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Free Art Lessons-Art

Free Art Lessons-Art ANYONE, I mean ANYONE can draw and paint, and do it well!!!( In fact, it is really true, you can do anything you want to.) Take a look at some of the free art lessons -you'll see.
Every mark in a painting both calls attention to itself and directs your attention elsewhere. As a musician seeks to control every aspect of a note to flow in balance and harmony with the rest of the song, the painter should seek to be aware of all dynamic components inherent in their marks - it is then that the subtleties of time can be controlled. Time here has dual meanings: individual marks and sections can be varying speeds as well as the space between distinct and related patterns of colors and shapes throughout the canvas. When you put too much emphasis on a singular focal point, you will not fully explore the impact of your canvas; try to develop other areas of interest as secondary focal points. Secrets of A Modern Painter Secrets of A Modern Painter
Introduction After receiving some positive feedback to my last work “yuka” I decided to write a detailed tutorial about creating process. My main goal was to create a painting which was really detailed. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it without a real photograph so I started to look for something that would interest me and make me want to spent a lot of hours painting it in photoshop. And I found a perfect picture on . I received a lot of e-mails saying that it's not a big deal to just paint something like this using a real photograph.

Making of Yuka

Making of Yuka
Mozilla Firefox Introduction It's very crucial for a creator to foresee the image in his own mind and be able to know if it will make a good artwork, or not. I wanted to create a scene filled with tension and drama, just like a still from the film itself. Designing the Movement Planning the work, I wanted to bring out the tension and conflict as a priority, which led me to an explosive duel scene that would draw audiences into the work. What troubled me was deciding whether the duel should take place during the day or night. Mozilla Firefox
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Step 1: Line art I've always been fascinated by realism, and because of this it is really important to me that the base line-art sketch has got proper proportions. I usually use the old trick by putting a grid on top of a reference photo I've shot, and then I copy the same grid onto a blank canvas and start drawing grid by grid from what I see on the reference photo. I make sure to keep the grid on a separate layer so that I easily can remove the grid at a later stage, and also keep the drawing on a separate layer underneath the grid. Step 2: Blocking in, and grey scale shading Once I have the line art version ready, I delete the layer with the grid, and then I make another layer behind the line art drawing which I fill with one grey scale colour using a hard brush. Tutorials Tutorials
Head Study Painting
Assigment #3: High Key We'll be focusing on value for the next couple of assignments. Below is a reference chart for value. Notice that the values have been numbered with 0 being the darkest value and 10 being the lightest value. Sometimes artists choose to work within a certain range of the value scale. By doing this you can change the mood of the piece. Assigment #3: High Key
Here is Whistler broken down step by step. 1- Lineart~ I used HB lead on high quality copy paper (it's really white and smooth, the one with the Aa on the cover). Scanned it and tinted it green in photoshop. Why green? I don't remember! 2- Though i liked the single pistol, I think there were a few girls I designed already at this point who had pistols, so I decided to give her something different. APB Whistler Step by Step by ~arnistotle APB Whistler Step by Step by ~arnistotle
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Sponsors make this site possible. Wire Drawing Exercise Example from – this example has been placed on a painted acrylic background With this exercise you are not going to be drawing at all.

today in art » 8 Drawing Exercises That Every Artist Should Practice

Learn to Draw and Paint has a growing collection of articles, tips and techniques created by artists, art teachers and masters of yesteryears for art lovers (students and teachers alike!). These drawing and painting articles are intended to complement your learning at art schools, drawing courses, or how-to-draw books. And if you're just considering learning how to draw and how to paint, you're also very welcome to this site! Learn How to Draw and How to Paint... Like an Artist!
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