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SEL PAIS: A Mindfulness Based Approach to SEL in Lower School

SEL PAIS: Tips and Tricks: Implementing Character Education Work. SEL Practical Tips. Jungle Drums. What is Meditation / Mindfulness Good for? — Information is Beautiful. How to Meditate - Well Guides. Mindfulness Articles - Positive Psychology Program. Mindful - taking time for what matters.

SEL Books. SEL Curriculum/Training. Meditation Techniques For People Who Hate Meditation. It’s rare to go a week in 2016 without some new development or rumor coming out of the streaming music industry.

Meditation Techniques For People Who Hate Meditation

But seldom are these tidbits as interesting—or potentially consequential—as the news this week that Spotify is in "advanced talks" to acquire SoundCloud, according to the Financial Times. The deal is by no means set in stone—Recode reports that it’s "more talk and less action" at this point—but it would certainly make a ton of sense. 100 Benefits Of Meditation. Did you know that people who meditate for a short time each day are much happier than people who don’t?

100 Benefits Of Meditation

Meditators are much healthier with greatly extended life spans, too. As a matter of fact, their health is so much better that a number of insurance companies have reduced premiums for people who meditate. Find Out How You Can Ease Chronic Illness With Meditation and Mindfulness. A novel study suggests that meditation and mindfulness can greatly improve the lives of people with chronic illness, particularly those with diabetes mellitus or coronary heart disease.

Find Out How You Can Ease Chronic Illness With Meditation and Mindfulness

Instead of worrying about the past or the future, patients begin to gently accept the limitations of their illness and focus on what is possible and beneficial in the present moment. The study, published in Behavioral Medicine, found that patients who practice meditation and mindfulness experience better sleep and relaxation patterns and have a more accepting outlook toward living with a long-term illness. Negative thought patterns, such as worry and thought suppression, are also greatly reduced. Thought suppression occurs when a person tries to stop thinking about a specific undesirable thought — often causing it to come back even stronger. Using Your Senses to Gain a Richer Life. Being present is the essence of a mindfulness meditation practice.

Using Your Senses to Gain a Richer Life

When we think of meditation, we often think of sitting on the floor, eyes closed, legs crossed, chanting “om,” but you don’t have to begin here — nor do you have to chant om. Actual “sitting” practice is what we call formal practice. 8 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life. By Kristine Crane for US News Shrimati Bhanu Narasimhan, a petite Indian woman wrapped in a bright fuchsia sari, has a soft voice but a big presence.

8 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life

She holds the rapt attention of some 100 people who have come to learn how to meditate at the Art of Living Center in the District of Columbia. The type of meditation she teaches is called Sahaj, Sanskrit for effortless. It’s a mantra-based meditation she advises doing twice a day for 20 minutes — before eating. Becoming a Better Man Through Meditation. Every once in a while in life, you realize you’re stuck.

Becoming a Better Man Through Meditation

You’re not evolving. You’re caught in a bad pattern. And you know you’d better do something about it quick or your life is going to be on replay for the next 30 years. How to Find Your Life Purpose: An Unconventional Approach. By Leo Babauta Let’s say you’re feeling unmotivated, unsure of yourself, aimless, can’t find your passion, directionless, not clear on what your purpose in life is.

How to Find Your Life Purpose: An Unconventional Approach

You’re in good company — most people are in the same boat. Now, there about a million things online telling you how to find your passion in life, and that’s a good thing. It’s a search worth undergoing.

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