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The 14 Stations of the Cross Sculpture Relief via crucis. List of secularist organizations. Secularist organizations promote the view that moral standards should be based solely on concern for the good of humanity in the present life, without reference to supernatural concepts, such as God or an afterlife.

List of secularist organizations

The term secularism, as coined and promulgated by George Jacob Holyoake, originally referred to such a view.[1] Secularism may also refer to the belief that government should be neutral on matters of religion, and that church and state should be separate. The term is here used in the first sense, though most organizations listed here also support secularism in the second sense. Secularists, and their organizations, identify themselves by a variety of terms, including agnostic, atheist, bright, freethinker, humanist, nontheist, naturalist, rationalist, or skeptic.[2][3] Despite the use of these various terms, the organizations listed here have secularist goals in common. List[edit] International[edit] Afghanistan[edit] Afghan Atheists Organization Australia[edit] Austria[edit] 6 Reasons to Sign Up for The Abundant Artist Email List. Are You a Hardcore Atheist?

Secular E-Mail Lists & Discussion Groups. Rationalguy. Social Media Tools: Google Reader + Flipboard + Buffer + Hootsuite. UPDATE: Check out the new, simpler version of this workflow, which only uses two apps.

Social Media Tools: Google Reader + Flipboard + Buffer + Hootsuite

One of the best things that you can do for your online presence is to stay active – both on your website/blog and on social media channels. In this post we’re going to cover some of the best tools (Google Reader + Flipboard + Buffer + Hootsuite) to help stay “alive and kicking” on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Quick Disclaimers: Google Reader + Flipboard + Buffer + Hootsuite First, while this workflow is really great, it isn’t perfect. There’s a giant gap that needs to be filled here and I’m hoping that one of the app/service developers will step in and fix it. (I’m looking at you, Buffer and Hootsuite.)

Second, although this is a good way to automate posting to social media channels, it should NOT be your only interaction with followers. And although this isn’t a disclaimer, I’d also like to jump on my soapbox briefly to talk about how social media should and shouldn’t be used by businesses. Flipboard.


Shermer. Famous Dead Nontheists. A list of famous dead people who have rejected God and religion.

Famous Dead Nontheists

These are people throughout history who have advocated living life without deference to a transcendent power. The list is in order of birth date. The purposes of this list are to combat the pervasive myth that atheists are terrible, immoral people and to convince the undecided that it is OK to be an atheist. Just like any other large group of people, some of these people lived exemplary lives and others did not. The point is not that these people are all heroes, but simply to notice that there are more nontheists out there than most people realize. For a list of living celebrity atheists, I highly recommend Reed Esau's excellent, Celebrity Atheist List. Rationale for Selection | Contributors | Resources | Distribution | To Contribute Confucius, Chinese philosopher (551-479 BCE).Confucius' teaching can be considered a noteworthy Chinese variant of humanism.

Anaxagoras, Greek philosopher (500? Protagoras, Greek philosopher (481? Atheist Blogs. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Biblecontradictions-reasonproject.png (3327×4418) Dawkins. Atheist Planet. New Masters Academy. God Discussion. Freedom From Religion Foundation. Sam Harris.