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Vaping / E-Cigarettes

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Vapes/E Cigarettes. Watch "Why e-cigarettes are more dangerous than we think | Shreya Chattopadhyay | TEDxYouth@Conejo" Video at TEDxTalks. Magazine homme GQ, mode, culture, beauté, lifestyle, Magazine homme. Vaping health risks: E-cigarettes could be more dangerous than we think, scientists warn | Health News | Lifestyle | The Independent. The level of chemicals used to flavour e-cigarettes could be harmful and lead to respiratory problems, researchers have warned. The chemicals used to add an array of tastes to e-cigarettes – ranging from coffee to bubble gum – are often the same as those used in food and confectionery, and are therefore marketed as safe by manufacturers. However, this safety corresponds to eating, not inhalation, researchers from Portland State University, in Oregon, claimed.

The team set out to determine the type and level of chemicals used in both disposable and refill bottles, examining 30 different products. Six of the 24 compounds identified were aldehydes, which are recognised to be primary respiratory irritants. When consumed at a rate of around 5ml per day, a commonly used volume, vapers are exposed to twice the recommended limit of benzaldehyde and vanillin. “Regulations are needed,” researchers added. FCTC COP6 10Rev1 en. TobaccoUseinCanada 2015 EcigaretteSupplement. Vape%20Brochure.