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Tiny fat bubbles reboot immune system to calm arthritis. The human immune system is incredibly important for our health, allowing our bodies to fight off infections that could otherwise be lethal.

Tiny fat bubbles reboot immune system to calm arthritis

But sometimes it can be a bit overzealous in its role and start attacking healthy cells. Now, researchers at the University of Queensland have found a way to “reboot” the immune system, helping to treat and prevent diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and vasculitis. חדר כושר למוח: 20 האתרים שיהפכו אתכם לחכמים יותר. Understanding Bioprinting and Its Applications. Teacher Guides. Muscles and Bones Teacher Guide Students investigate bone and muscle structure, physical stress and nutrition, the body's center of gravity, and ways to prevent muscle and bone loss. (10 activities) Grades: 6-8 Plants in Space Teacher Guide Students conduct three scientific investigations to learn how light, gravity and microgravity affect the growth of Brassica rapa roots (Wisconsin Fast Plants®).

Teacher Guides

Grades: 3-5 6-8 9-12 PowerPlay: Fitness and Physical Activity Teacher Guide Students learn how exercise and diet affect their bodies, and engage in fun, unique physical challenges at a children's museum exhibit. (10 activities, 5 pre-visit and 5 post-visit) Grades: 3-5 Resources and the Environment Teacher Guide Young students explore how living things—including humans—use resources found naturally in their environments, or modify resources to meet their needs. (11 activities).

Teacher Guides. Air Teacher Guide Students explore basic concepts related to air and the atmosphere, air quality, and associated issues, such as allergens in the places we live, study and work. (11 activities) Grades: 3-5 Alcohol Teacher Guide The Alcohol teaching unit tackles the tough subject of alcohol and alcoholism with candor backed by cutting-edge scientific research.

Teacher Guides

Hands-on activities make students think about alcohol in a totally different way. (9 activities) Grades: 6-8 9-12 Allergies and Allergens Teacher Guide The Allergy Busters Teacher’s Guide uses an integrated approach including survey techniques and graphing to help students learn about allergies and allergy-causing organisms. (8 activities) Grades: 3-5 Ants in Space Teacher Guide Students conduct open-ended investigations on the search patterns of pavement ants in Earth's gravity and compare them to experiments conducted in microgravity aboard the Space Station. Scientists think they’ve discovered a fourth type of human fuel beyond carbs, fat, and protein — and it could have key health implications. Ketones could supercharge the body in a way unlike any other source of fuel.

Scientists think they’ve discovered a fourth type of human fuel beyond carbs, fat, and protein — and it could have key health implications

The San Francisco-based startup HVMN launched a ketone ester drink that it says can help people harness those performance-boosting qualities. A new study of the product's effects on blood sugar — a metric that may be helpful for healthy eating and weight loss — found positive results. One swig of the stuff and I'd had enough. FDA approves pill with a digital tracking device you swallow - CNN. Abilify MyCite, a form of aripiprazole and a first-of-its-kind product, has an embedded ingestible sensor that records when the medication is taken.

FDA approves pill with a digital tracking device you swallow - CNN

Made by Japan-based Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., the medication system is intended to treat schizophrenia, bipolar I disorder and depression in adults. Abilify without sensor technology was first approved to treat schizophrenia in 2002. Schizophrenia, a psychotic disorder, includes symptoms of delusions and hallucinations. Bipolar patients may experience alternating episodes of mania and depression, a persistent sadness. Though the idea behind Abilify MyCite is to improve a patient's compliance with their medication regimen, the FDA noted that this has not been proved. Teens and young adults who are taking antidepressants are at increased risk of suicidal behavior and thoughts when taking the medication, cautions a boxed warning; they should be monitored closely.

Digital medicine Limited rollout Dr. 20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management. Are you usually punctual or late?

20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management

Do you finish things within the time you stipulate? Do you hand in your reports/work on time? Are you able to accomplish what you want to do before deadlines? Are you a good time manager? If your answer is “no” to any of the questions above, that means you’re not managing your time as well as you want. How-does-life-live. Meta-analysis: What, Why, and How - Students 4 Best Evidence. Posted on December 2, 2016 Tags: evidence, evidence-based pyramid, meta-analysis What is a meta-analysis?

Meta-analysis: What, Why, and How - Students 4 Best Evidence

Meta-analysis is a statistical technique for combining data from multiple studies on a particular topic. Meta-analyses play a fundamental role in evidence-based healthcare. Compared to other study designs (such as randomized controlled trials or cohort studies), the meta-analysis comes in at the top of the ‘levels of evidence’ pyramid in evidence-based healthcare. Talks to form better habits. סוף העולם – מבט מהיציע. מצגות - מצגת על מצא את כל הדמויות החבויות. Why people fall for pseudoscience (and how academics can fight back) Pseudoscience is everywhere – on the back of your shampoo bottle, on the ads that pop up in your Facebook feed, and most of all in the Daily Mail.

Why people fall for pseudoscience (and how academics can fight back)

Bold statements in multi-syllabic scientific jargon give the false impression that they’re supported by laboratory research and hard facts. Magnetic wristbands improve your sporting performance, carbs make you fat, and just about everything gives you cancer. Groundbreaking Northeastern research sweeps the globe. A new paper in Nature from Northeastern University Distinguished Professor Kim Lewis, right, and his team presents groundbreaking research on the discovery of a new antibiotic that presents a promising opportunity to treat chronic infections.

Groundbreaking Northeastern research sweeps the globe

Photo by Brooks Canaday/Northeastern University. North­eastern Uni­ver­sity Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor Kim Lewis, pro­fessor of biology Slava Epstein, and their team’s pio­neering research pre­senting a new antibi­otic that kills pathogens without encoun­tering any detectable resis­tance has cap­tured head­lines world­wide and drawn wide­spread praise from the sci­en­tific community. The ground­breaking research was pub­lished Wednesday in the journal Nature, and the news quickly gained momentum. “Rarely is a dis­covery made that improves the health of human beings around the globe,” said Joseph E. Untitled. What’s Behind Big Science Frauds? IN December, Science published a paper claiming that people could change their minds about after talking for just 20 minutes with a gay person.

What’s Behind Big Science Frauds?

It seemed too good to be true — and it was. On Wednesday, the journal distanced itself from the study, after its accuracy was disputed, and one of the authors could not back up the findings. News organizations, which had reported on the study, scrambled to correct the record. חיידקים, נגיפים, ושאר "ירקות" - בלוג של ביולוג: יש כאן חיידק, הגורם למחלה! Uriya Ganor - Branding & Visual Com. Wiki - Resources. Evolution: Change: Deep Time. Same Genes, Different Fates.

Eppie Lederer and Pauline Phillips were one of the most famous pairs of identical twins in the United States during the 20th century. Born 17 minutes apart, both women became wildly popular syndicated columnists—as Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren, respectively—and dispensed tart-tongued advice about love and other matters. Photos from their younger days reveal that the two women were uncanny look-alikes, both graced with fashion-model cheekbones and vibrant eyes.

Delicatessen with love. Eat, Eat, Eat!!! From Grandma with love I will never forget grandma Sara’s artichokes. They have become a cult since when a famous Spanish cooking blog published their recipe, which I transcribed from memory, following the thread of the taste left in my mouth (just like Proust’s madeleine). Here's The Thing That ‘Lasting Love’ Is Really About - Do you see love as a union of two people who are destined to be together? Or is it more of a journey they undertake, facing obstacles and working together to overcome them? According to new research, how you answer these questions may affect how you handle relationship troubles. For a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Spike W.S. Lee and Norbert Schwarz gave subjects a quiz involving common sayings that implied unity (“made for each other”) or a journey (“look how far we’ve come”). A 9 Step Cheatsheet for Becoming a Public Speaking Expert.

What does it take to be a great public speaker? London Speaker Bureau has put it all together on a pretty page. From content to delivery, from startings to endings and from logos to ethos to pathos, its all here in this infographic. Dan Ariely eating « Aug 15 From your own experience, are you more likely to finish half a pizza by yourself on a) Friday night after a long work week or b) Sunday evening after a restful weekend? The answer that most people will give, of course, is “a.” מעגלים חוויות בצוותא - ערב משחקי חברה למבוגרים. Can-the-nervous-system-be-hacked. Photo. Herbal Supplements Are Often Not What They Seem. Using a test called DNA barcoding, a kind of genetic fingerprinting that has also been used to help uncover labeling fraud in the commercial seafood industry, Canadian researchers tested 44 bottles of popular supplements sold by 12 companies.

They found that many were not what they claimed to be, and that pills labeled as popular herbs were often diluted — or replaced entirely — by cheap fillers like soybean, wheat and rice. Consumer advocates and scientists say the research provides more evidence that the herbal supplement industry is riddled with questionable practices. Industry representatives argue that any problems are not widespread. For the study, the researchers selected popular medicinal herbs, and then randomly bought different brands of those products from stores and outlets in Canada and the United States.

To avoid singling out any company, they did not disclose any product names. Two bottles labeled as St. But policing the supplement industry is a special challenge. But Dr. The Co-Villains Behind Obesity’s Rise. Healing by faeces: Rise of the DIY gut-bug swap - health - 28 February 2014. Read full article Continue reading page |1|2 LAST year wasn't kind to 27-year-old Jim. He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and it was causing him a lot of pain. Drugs failed to provide relief, and it seemed as if the only option was to surgically remove his colon.

Instead, he opted for something else. Jim is one of a growing number of people turning to faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) to restore their gut bacteria to a healthy state. Jim lives in the UK, where this procedure is not regulated so he was able to find a clinic to do it for him. Last week, a group of microbiologists writing in Nature called for the US Food and Drug Administration to change the rules on FMT, and for regulators around the world to work out how to deal with the procedure.

Is full-fat milk best? The skinny on the dairy paradox - health - 21 February 2014. On Dying After Your Time. חקלאות אורגנית - האם זה באמת עדיף? More harm than good? Antioxidants defend cancer in body - health - 29 January 2014. Sugar on trial: What you really need to know - health - 30 January 2014. 2014 Resolutions for Health and Happiness. Take The Fresh 20 Pledge for better living through small changes.

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