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Literacy in the Digital Age. Shorten, share and track your links. Popplet. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy by AndrewChurches.pdf. Edorigami Wiki on Diigo.pdf. Join Diigo Step 1 - Create your account. Skip to main content Sign In Research, Share, Collaborate Take A Tour Groups Community Join Diigo Create your account Already have an account? Incorrect username format. 6 ~ 16 characters, must begin with a letter, case-insensitive to be used in the Diigo Community In case you forget your password, you can also retrieve it via Email. 6 ~ 32 characters and is case sensitive Enter , Can't read the words below?

Try different words or back to text . Text in box : Facebook Twitter Google Yahoo! Fail to join diigo? Free Education Edition Upgrade Move to top Diigo Tools Help Center Diigo Toolbar(Firefox,IE) Diigolet For All Browsers Diigo Chrome Extension Import Bookmarks Save to Delicious Auto Blog Post User Forum How To Use Toolbar How To Use Diigolet Educator Accounts FAQ Learn More © Diigo Inc 2012 About Diigo Terms of Service Privacy Policy Press Blog. Reasons to Use DIIGO by Terry Freedman. Monday, November 2, 2009 at 7:00AM Terry Freedman, Educational ICT Consultant in Diigo, Using and Teaching Computing & ICT, Web 2.0, social networking Diigo is a social bookmark service.

Reasons to Use DIIGO by Terry Freedman

A social bookmark service is like the Favorites in Internet Explorer, or Bookmarks in other web browsers, like Firefox. However, instead of saving a URL to your computer, you save it on the internet. This has a number of advantages: Firstly, you're less likely to lose all your bookmarks in the event of a hard drive meltdown: you just move on to a different computer. Secondly, you don't have the hassle of trying to remember which URLs you saved on which computer. Why Diigo Rocks! by Steven Anderson. Recently, I was asked why do I use Diigo for my social bookmarking tool. The more I thought about it the more I needed to write about all the great features Diigo is not just for regular ol' users but has some great features for educators too.

First, what the heck is Social Bookmarking? Most people are familar with favorites or bookmarks in their browser. Basically, when you come across a website you want to make sure you come back to later or want to visit a lot, you bookmark it (or for you Internet Explorer users you favorite it). But there is a flaw. Enter Diigo. There are loads of other features as well, like highlighting on a webpage, adding sticky notes to pages, saving pages to read later without actually adding them to your collection and so much more.

One of the most powerful features is the tagging. Another feature I love is the ability to auto-post to my blog. And the groups are great too. Anyone can do any of those things. FAQ Diigo in Education-Teacher and Student Accounts. Diigo is an effective tool for teaching as well.

FAQ Diigo in Education-Teacher and Student Accounts

Diigo's features allow teachers to highlight critical features within text and images and write comments directly on the web pages, to collect and organize series of web pages and web sites into coherent and thematic sets, and to facilitate online conversations within the context of the materials themselves. Diigo Features by Tyler Manolovitz. Artlens by @artykel. Wiki Summarizer. WikiSummarizer is a Web-based application specializing in automatic summarization of Wikipedia articles.

Wiki Summarizer

Automatic summarization is the creation of a shortened version of a text by a computer program. The result is a summary that presents the most important points of the original text. A summary is a shorter version of the original information. It highlights the major points from the much longer article.

The purpose is to help the reader to quickly get the essential points in a short period of time. WikiSummarizer automatically summarizes the Wikipedia articles. The blending of visualization with summarization, knowledge browsing, mind mapping provides you with a wide range of means to explore relevant content. All the summaries are stored in the WikiSummarizer knowledge base.

In fact when we are summarizing, we are zipping through the whole content, homing in on the important chunks. With the ability to summarize web pages everybody can become an instant speed reader. FrontPage.

Social Bookmarking and Research Tools for Education