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Terroir. 25+ Questions & Answers. We recently had a chance to chat with Coravin founder Greg Lambrecht about his innovative wine preservation system.

25+ Questions & Answers

It got our staff thinking of all the many questions we’ve heard friends, coworkers, and industry members ask about his unique products—as well as the many questions we’ve pondered, ourselves! So in addition to sharing the recording of our IGTV segment, we transcribed, researched, and answered all of the queries we could think of relating to Coravin wine systems and the brand’s most popular models. Check out the video below, or skip to any of the following FAQs! In Barolo, 11 Distinct Villages Create the King of Wines. Traditionally, Barolo has been made by blending Nebbiolo from different vineyards and from more than one of the 11 villages.

In Barolo, 11 Distinct Villages Create the King of Wines

While that approach is still the backbone of the denomination, many producers also make single-designation Barolos from the 170 officially delimited crus or vineyard sites (technically known as Additional Geographical Mentions or Definitions) spread out among the villages. Of the 11 villages, only Barolo, Castiglione Falletto and Serralunga d’Alba lie entirely within the denomination. La Morra and Monforte d’Alba are also key towns. Together, these five communities make up Barolo’s core villages. Novello and Verduno are gaining in prestige, while Grinzane Cavour, Diano d’Alba, Cherasco and Roddi, with their small output, make up the lesser-known villages.

The Many Styles of Tawny Port Wine. Drinking deliciously aged fortified wine sounds great, but what happens if you haven’t had a bottle in the cellar since you were a teenager?

The Many Styles of Tawny Port Wine

Not to fear, because the makers of Tawny Port have done the aging for you. The Making of a 100-Point Wine: A Barolo with Structure, Energy and Balance. The 2016 Barolos are fantastic.

The Making of a 100-Point Wine: A Barolo with Structure, Energy and Balance

One of the longest and latest vintages in recent memory, 2016 offered perfect conditions for the fickle Nebbiolo grape. When I sat down to taste more than 350 Barolos from the vintage last spring, I expected greatness. 50 Best French Wines. 10 Wine and Grill Food Pairings Made For The Porch. Beer might be the traditional drink for a hot day over the coals, but we believe that wine and grill food can make amazing pairings!

10 Wine and Grill Food Pairings Made For The Porch

With its various textures and smoky aromas, grill food’s variety of flavors can be every bit as complex as wine: so why not put them together? We’ve taken 10 of our favorite wine and grill food pairings to get you started. Grab your tongs and your corkscrew, and let’s get started! Hot Dog with Mustard and Sauerkraut On a list of classics, the good ole American hot dog stands shoulders above the rest. What Is Double Decanting and How to Do It? Decanting is an essential process for wine lovers to aerate and filter the wine.

What Is Double Decanting and How to Do It?

The term decanting comes from chemistry. It describes pouring a liquid from one vessel into another while leaving solid parts behind. In wine, these solid parts are remains of grape seeds, skins, or seeds. DIY Wine Palate Training Excercise. Try this wine palate training exercise at home and greatly improve your sense of taste.

DIY Wine Palate Training Excercise

This wine tasting is designed to help improve your palate by exercising your ability to identify primary tastes. Not only will it make you a sharper taster, but you’ll understand more about what you like and why you like it. Practice Your Red Wine Vocabulary (Video) Serious About Champagne? Here's How To Taste It. Ever wonder how a wine professional tastes Champagne?

Serious About Champagne? Here's How To Taste It

Madeline walks us through how to taste Champagne with a bottle of Palmes d’Or (“golden fins”). Palmes d’Or is a “prestige” Champagne by the region’s largest cooperative, Nicolas Feuillatte. The wine sits on tirage (aging on the lees) for at least 8 years which suggests it will have desirable flavors of toasted brioche, cake, or nuts. Flavors like these really only come out with extended aging. This is what is so exciting about buying aged vintage Champagne. Some Nifty Science to Help You Identify Wine Aromas. Let’s understand wine aromas through the science behind them.

Some Nifty Science to Help You Identify Wine Aromas

As it turns out, those little whiffs of fruit, flowers, and “minerality” help us deconstruct a wine. Behind those countless flavors we sniff is a molecule. It enters your nose, impacts your olfactory receptors, and generates a signal to your brain which tells us things like, “I’m smelling strawberry!” These molecules are tiny clusters of carbon atoms generated during grape ripening, alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, and wine aging. The Best Cheap Champagne Isn't Called "Champagne" We all love Champagne.

The Best Cheap Champagne Isn't Called "Champagne"

We all need Champagne. That being said, the best cheap Champagne might not actually be called Champagne at all. Let’s explore a few great alternatives to Champagne. Wines include Cava, Crémant, and Metodo Classico (to name a few). Flatiron's Guide to German Wine, Part 1: Introduction to the Wines of – Flatiron Wines & Spirits - Home. Germany is one of the very greatest wine countries in the world. And yet, German wine can be oddly under-appreciated by many people in America. Not that there aren’t plenty of fans here, of course. Downright rabid fans band together, obsessing over every bottle, village, vineyard, producer, and vintage they’ve ever tasted. No wine makes the geekiest wine lovers geek out more than German Riesling.

There are also fans among the less geeky. Flatiron's Guide to German Wine, Part 2: Key Wine Regions of Germany – Flatiron Wines & Spirits - Home. The defining characteristic of German wines are their bright, fresh and zippy acidity. The cool weather helps in this regard, but so does its grape varieties, matched over centuries with their best-suited site.

Whether from Riesling or Pinot Blanc, Sekt (sparkling wine) or rosé, no matter which of its 13 Anbaugebiete (regions) it hails from, it's probably going to lift off your palate and pair well with a vast number of dishes. Before climate change, the number one goal of winemakers was to ripen grapes enough to balance all that crazy acid. The key to ripeness is sunlight, and the best vineyard sites were chosen to capture the greatest amount possible. Playing the Somm Game in Vegas - SpitBucket. “Unicorns aren’t real, but the house advantage is.” I just got back from a weekend in Las Vegas where I lost far more than I care to admit at the casinos. Growing up in St. Louis with church bingo and riverboat casinos, I will always have soft-spot for the gambler’s heart. But man does it suck losing. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve found one game that I love playing in Vegas where I’m a sure bet to come out a big winner–the Somm Game.

The Secret to Blind Tasting? Learn The "Tasting Grid" This advanced wine guide explores how to improve your palate using a tasting grid, a technique used by professional sommeliers. Learn the exact technique that wine pros use to blind taste wine. If you’re just getting started with wine tasting, this article is pretty advanced, so you may prefer to read How to Taste Wine and Develop Your Palate as a primer. There is no singular secret to master the art of blind tasting. Anyone can learn, and practice makes perfect.

30 great South African Syrah buys - Decanter Premium. Consider how frustrating it must be as a winemaker to have the terroir to produce light, fresh, fragrant Syrah but being forced to call it Shiraz on the label. Sure, it’s the same grape, but the stylistic difference it implies is immense. Andre Van Rensburg was the first South African winemaker to apply to use this synonym for his iconic Stellenzicht, Syrah 1994; prior to that, calling it Shiraz was the only option. Since then, more and more South African winemakers have been producing wines in a classic, Rhône-like Syrah style, as opposed to a traditional Australian Shiraz style. Today, the quality is so convincing that you’d be mad to ignore them. Fredericksburg Without the Wine. In normal times, thousands of Texans head to the Hill Country every weekend to swirl, sniff, and sip the great bounty our state’s wineries produce.

The Fredericksburg region is such a hit, in fact, it’s the nation’s second most-visited wine region next to Napa Valley. What's the difference between champagne, cava and prosecco? When it’s time to celebrate a special occasion, like an anniversary or promotion – or Friday, or any day ending in a Y, really – nothing beats a bottle of bubbly. The Other Cabernet You Should Care About. In 1997, plant geneticists proved definitively that the grape variety Cabernet Franc is one of the direct parents of Cabernet Sauvignon, conceived centuries ago during a fertile fling with Sauvignon Blanc in a French, or possibly Spanish, vineyard. The Language of Wine: A Glossary of Key Terms on Wine. File. Nine of Our Top Chardonnays from France and California. Chardonnay is the darling of prestige wine regions. The famous grape can create crisp bottlings when aged in stainless steel, or rich complex wines after aging in oak.

It is also one of the best varieties for expressing a region’s terroir, whether it’s the stony minerality of Chablis or the salinity of the Sonoma Coast. Even though it’s grown around the world, Chardonnay is best known for wines from its home in Burgundy and the iconic California vineyards. The Best Italian Red Wines for Beginners. Introduction to Soil Types and Wine.

What are the best soils for growing wine grapes? One of the most frequently mentioned traits of a great wine is the soil. The conversation usually sounds something like this: “This estate is certainly well-located, resting on well-drained, gravelly soils with some veins of clay running through them.” –Chateau Charmail, Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux So, now that you’ve read the statement above, you might be wondering: “What the heck does that mean?” Stemmy Wines? Let's Talk Whole Cluster Fermentation! We hear about whole cluster fermentation more and more each year. Eight Livermore Valley Wines You Should Be Drinking. Wines To Drink In 2020: Revealed. Wine colour: What can it tell you? – Ask Decanter - Decanter. Colour is the first hint about a wine, offering you some initial clues about the style, age and taste of the liquid in your glass. The Italian Grapes Making Their Mark in California.

How To Store Wine Properly, According to a Somm. A Global Guide to Black-Owned Wine Labels. The Light, Fresh California Red Winning Over Pinot Noir Fans. Orange Wine is Trending for All the Right Reasons. Orange Wine is Trending for All the Right Reasons. The Science Behind the Main Wine Aromas, Explained. The Light, Fresh California Red Winning Over Pinot Noir Fans. The Light, Fresh California Red Winning Over Pinot Noir Fans. 10 Wine Tips That'll Make You Sound Like A Badass. 18 Washington Wines You Must Try. Wine And Chinese Food: 7 Delicious Pairings. 15 Drool-Worthy Comfort Food and Wine Pairings. How Wines Age. Built to Last: Collecting Age-Worthy Wine. NPR Choice page. Jefford: The language of wine - Decanter. Cabernet Franc. Big Papa: Cabernet Franc Wine Guide. Rhone Rangers. Tasting Notes and Ratings - CellarTracker Support. Your Cheat Sheet to Cellaring Wine. Some Nifty Science to Help You Identify Wine Aromas. The Other Cabernet You Should Care About.

Argentine Vintner Dr. Laura Catena Discusses Harvest During a Crisis. Untitled. Untitled. How Long Does Wine Last? (Does it go bad?) Untitled. Untitled. Comparing French vs Argentinian Malbec (Video) Best Places Online to Buy Wine. Deconstructing a Wine Dinner From Starters to Dessert. Oaky or Buttery Chardonay. 3 Chardonnay Styles and How to Find Them. Loire Valley Wine Guide. 16 of the Best Pinot Noirs We Drank this Year. Georgia is the Spiritual Home of Natural Wine. Climate Change Is Rapidly Altering Wine As We Know It. Beckmen 2017 Cuvee Le Bec Red (Santa Ynez Valley) Rating and Review. Bonny Doon 2018 Le Cigare Volant Cuvée Oumuamua Red (Monterey) Rating and Review. 13 of our Top-Rated California Red Blends for $30 and Less. The Making of a 100-Point Wine: A California Red with Depth and Finesse. 10 Rioja Reds That Showcase Spain's Hidden Value. 10 Top-Scoring Chianti Classicos for $35 and Less.

22 Wine Movies You Don't Want To Miss. Untitled. Where To Find The Best Sauvignon Blanc. Untitled. Reality of Wine Prices (What You Get For What You Spend) The Wines of Portugal (Organized by Region) The Perfect Pairings for Wine with Salad. Tempranillo: Wine Profile. Fruit Day vs. Root Days: Wine Tasting by the Lunar Calendar. Top Australian Riesling wines to try - Decanter.

Big Wine Brands vs. Independent Wineries. What Do Wine Legs Really Mean? Guide to German White Wine. Complete Wine Color Chart (Download) How Long Does Wine Last? (Does it go bad?) The 12 Israeli Wines You Need to Drink to Be an Expert. Why Old Vine Wines Are So Special. 18 Washington Wines You Must Try.

The One Thing You Shouldn’t Do When Ordering Wine, According to Our Sommelier. Wine Facts Online: Kinds of Wine: Wine By Region: Europe: France: Bordeaux: Right Bank. How to Understand a Wine Label. The 10 Best Napa Valley Wineries to Visit. How to Serve Champagne - Best Way to Serve Sparkling Wine. The Best Champagne Explainer You'll Find.