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Flipped Classroom

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How to Print Multiple PowerPoint Slide Notes On a Single Page. In PowerPoint, the only option to print slide notes will print 1 slide per page, with the notes (if any) printed below the slide. However, you can use Word to create handouts with multiple slides and notes per page. Open the PowerPoint presentation that includes slide notes. Choose the File tab on the ribbon. Click Export in the list on the left. Click Create Handouts. Select Create Handouts.

Click the Create Handouts button on the right. The Send to Microsoft Word dialog box appears. Figure 2. 10 Tips for Using PowerPoint Online. Another rambling PowerPoint presentation. A few more willing recruits line-up for the anti-PowerPoint brigade. But as new fronts continue to come together in a coalition of PowerPoint alternatives, we tend to forget the act for which it takes the stabbings. Bad presentations. Poor presentation skills slink off while the software takes the heat. If you do not know how to show and tell, any presentation tool would share the same graveyard. Microsoft PowerPoint is the world’s most popular conference software and if you know how to use it well, you can make anything with it. Versatile. That’s the defense as we continue hunting for tips to make our presentations easier, and more gorgeous. Make a PowerPoint Presentation That Doesn't Put Your Audience to Sleep Make a PowerPoint Presentation That Doesn't Put Your Audience to Sleep PowerPoint presentations, when done right, can be an engaging way to provide an audience with information.

All your PowerPoint presentations are stored in OneDrive. 1. Present online using the Office Presentation Service - PowerPoint. You can deliver your presentation from PowerPoint using the Office Presentation Service, a free, public service that allows others to follow along in their web browser. No setup is required. Use your free Microsoft account to get started. (This feature was known as the "presentation broadcast service" in previous versions of PowerPoint.) In PowerPoint, close any open presentations that you don’t want to share. Click File > Share > Present Online. More information about starting or joining an online meeting: Insert or delete images or videos - Computer - Docs Editors Help. How to Use Know Lounge to Host Online Tutoring Sessions. Knowlounge. How HyperDocs Can Transform Your Teaching | Cult of Pedagogy. The Flipped Classroom in Elementary Music Education | Midnight Music.

Clone yourself! This article has been written by a guest author. If you’re an educator or music industry professional who is interested in contributing an article to the Midnight Music blog, you can apply here. Welcome to another blog post written by a guest author. The author of today’s article is Mallory Martin – a music teacher from St. In this article, Mallory shares a her tips for incorporating the flipped classroom model into your teaching. – Katie Wardrobe What is a “flipped classroom”?

Flipped classrooms have been a popular concept in education for a while now, but it never really seemed do-able for us in elementary music. It’s a great concept: students watch pre-recorded lecture videos at home, then spend class time doing homework under the guidance and supervision of their teacher. How I flipped my keyboard unit (and the positive effect it had) A few years ago, I began incorporating iPads in my keyboarding unit and a fellow teacher pointed out to me I had a flipped classroom.

Smithsonian Learning Lab :: Discover. Create. Share. How to Engage Your Students With No-Cost Technology. Students are more engaged on field trips than they are by a textbook. Who can blame them? It's so much more fun to experience an object or a place than to only read about it. But with field trips come costs and logistics, and because of those two things, many times field trips are not possible. Good news! Historic Battleships and Giant Nostrils The Smithsonian has an excellent resource available for you to incorporate 3D scanning into your lesson plans.

Another fantastic resource that allows you to take your students on a digital field trip is through the CyArk Organization. Student Scans At Mid-Pacific Institute, where I teach a historical preservation course with the aid of our school technologist Tony Johansen, my students were lucky enough to work with CyArk to create 3D files from scratch. If your school is looking to get students of all ages involved with creating original 3D files, there are a variety of products out there to fit every budget. Flipped Classroom. The In-Class Flip.