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How Do I Find The Largest Top 10 Files and Directories On a Linux / UNIX / BSD? ByVivek GiteonApril 3, 2006 last updated March 29, 2016 How do I find the largest top files and directories on a Linux or Unix-like operating systems?

How Do I Find The Largest Top 10 Files and Directories On a Linux / UNIX / BSD?

Sometimes it is necessary to know what file(s) or directories are eating up all your disk space. Further, it may be required to find out it at the particular directory location on filesystem such as /tmp/ or /var/ or /home/. This guide will help you to use Unix and Linux command for finding the largest or biggest the files or directories on filesystem. There is no simple command available to find out the largest files/directories on a Linux/UNIX/BSD filesystem. Du command : Estimate file space usage.sort command : Sort lines of text files or given input data.head command : Output the first part of files i.e. to display first 10 largest file.find command : Search file. White-Hat News. R-Pi Troubleshooting. Back to the Hub.

R-Pi Troubleshooting

This page lists the most common problems and suggests some solutions. See RPi_Bugs for problems that are bugs. MasteryConnect. Quora. The Rise And Fall Of The Full Stack Developer. Editor’s note: Peter Yared is the founder and CTO of Sapho and was formerly the CTO/CIO of CBS Interactive.

The Rise And Fall Of The Full Stack Developer

It seems as though everyone in tech today is infatuated with the full-stack developer. Full stack may have been possible in the Web 2.0 era, but a new generation of startups is emerging, pushing the limits of virtually all areas of software. Being a Full Stack Developer. The barrier of entering the web development industry as a web developer is still low, but it’s getting increasingly complex.

Being a Full Stack Developer

The dynamic nature of the whole industry makes requirements shift often to the most popular and “next best thing” tools and programming languages. Gone are the days when only one programming language or a very specific process was required from a developer. Nowadays programmers must know a range of technologies across multiple platforms in order to do good work. What does a full-stack developer mean? The term full-stack means developers who are comfortable working with both back-end and front-end technologies. To be more specific, it means that the developer can work with databases, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and everything in between, also, venturing as far as converting Photoshop designs to front-end code. What full-stack meant in 2000 and what it means now? 2000 was a long time ago, in that year PHP 4.0 was released. System administration:

Welcome To The Unicorn Club: Learning From Billion-Dollar Startups. Editor’s note: Aileen Lee is founder of Cowboy Ventures, a seed-stage fund that backs entrepreneurs reinventing work and personal life through software.

Welcome To The Unicorn Club: Learning From Billion-Dollar Startups

Previously, she joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in 1999 and was also founding CEO of digital media company RMG Networks, backed by KPCB. Follow her on Twitter @aileenlee. I'm a non-Jew raising a Jewish kid. Kveller via JTA — 2015 was a year of change for me, facilitated largely by the birth of my lovely dumpling of a daughter in February.

I'm a non-Jew raising a Jewish kid

Among the normal challenges of being a first-time parent (learning to cobble together a working brain when it has been addled by lack of sleep, perfecting the art of acting casually when your child decides to poop on you in a public place, and so on), I had the additional challenge of being a non-Jewish woman raising a Jewish daughter. Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign up! Hot Potato – Windows Privilege Escalation. By @breenmachine How it works Hot Potato (aka: Potato) takes advantage of known issues in Windows to gain local privilege escalation in default configurations, namely NTLM relay (specifically HTTP->SMB relay) and NBNS spoofing.

Hot Potato – Windows Privilege Escalation

If this sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because a similar technique was disclosed by the guys at Google Project Zero – . In fact, some of our code was shamelessly borrowed from their PoC and expanded upon. How To Patch and Protect OpenSSH Client Vulnerability CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778 [ 14/Jan/2016 ] The OpenSSH project released an ssh client bug info that can leak private keys to malicious servers.

How To Patch and Protect OpenSSH Client Vulnerability CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778 [ 14/Jan/2016 ]

A man-in-the-middle kind of attack identified and fixed in OpenSSH are dubbed CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778. How do I fix OpenSSH's client vulnerability on a Linux or Unix-like operating system? A serious security problem has been found and patched in the OpenSSH software. Two vulnerabilities have been discovered in OpenSSH on 14/Jan/2016. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following issues: New way to make a CuPd catalyst for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to methane. (—A group of researchers from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill have devised a generalizable technique for making copper nanoparticles that are of a uniform size and dispersion on a polymeric thin film for the electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide.

New way to make a CuPd catalyst for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to methane

Their technique involves the electrodeposition of copper and/or palladium metal onto a thin film polymer via coordination of the metal to a cyanide-based ligand complex. Their work appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, researchers are interested in ways to decrease the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. New way to make a CuPd catalyst for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to methane. A Unikernel Firewall for QubesOS - Thomas Leonard's blog.

QubesOS provides a desktop operating system made up of multiple virtual machines, running under Xen.

A Unikernel Firewall for QubesOS - Thomas Leonard's blog

To protect against buggy network drivers, the physical network hardware is accessed only by a dedicated (and untrusted) “NetVM”, which is connected to the rest of the system via a separate (trusted) “FirewallVM”. This firewall VM runs Linux, processing network traffic with code written in C. In this blog post, I replace the Linux firewall VM with a MirageOS unikernel. The resulting VM uses safe (bounds-checked, type-checked) OCaml code to process network traffic, uses less than a tenth of the memory of the default FirewallVM, boots several times faster, and should be much simpler to audit or extend.

Gain Experience as a Volunteer SysAdmin on an Open Source Project. Volunteering on an open source project can help systems administrators develop the skills needed for certification. Image credit: Jeff Wright, Flickr, creative commons. You won’t learn to swim by reading a book on swimming, so when you’re looking to bolster your experience while preparing for a Linux certification, open source projects are a good place to dive right in. A recently released free exam prep guide for the Linux Foundation’s two new certifications -- Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) and Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) – outlines the core competencies required for each of the exams.

Try to match those needed skills with the work the project needs. Sign up for the project mailing list and/or join its IRC. Take the oVirt Project, a KVM management application and open source alternative to VMware vSphere. His advice: Don’t be shy. How to set up 2 step authentication for ssh on your Linux servers. Just because you rely on Linux as your server platforms, doesn't mean it's fail proof. There are still steps you can take to ensure your data is safe from prying eyes. One thing you should do is enable two-step authentication for secure shell. This means anyone attempting to get into your server via ssh will have to have both a password and a verification code.

Linux and Unix SysAdmins New Year’s Resolutions (2016) Today is the last day of 2015 and it's that time of year again. Here is my very own 12 resolutions for the New Year. 1. Turn on Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Setting long and complex passwords for root/admin, backup, devops, or operator accounts is not enough. Naturally, turning on 2FA is useful for cloud-based services. 2. Enough said. 3. Without going into specific details about business or its owner, I've decided that I will not work with a cheap IT manager who values money over people and work ethics. 4. First, I'm going to stop using Godaddy for registering domain names. 5. Linux ip Command Examples.

Participatório - Participatorio da Juventude. Affero General Public License. Version 3, 19 November 2007 Copyright © 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. < Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed. Preamble The GNU Affero General Public License is a free, copyleft license for software and other kinds of works, specifically designed to ensure cooperation with the community in the case of network server software. The licenses for most software and other practical works are designed to take away your freedom to share and change the works. The Father of Online Anonymity Has a Plan to End the Crypto War.

Why I moved from Hostgator to DigitalOcean?