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27 Homemade Savory Food Gifts for the Holidays. [Photographs: J.

27 Homemade Savory Food Gifts for the Holidays

Kenji Lopez-Alt, Vicky Wasik] When it comes to holiday gifts, there's not much money can't buy...provided you have it in the first place. But if you're on a tight budget this season, a trip to the grocery store and a few hours in the kitchen can yield an impressive pile of presents for cheap. Kosho - sunshine + microbes. This past weekend’s Virtual Ferment Fest was an absolutely fabulous, heart-lifting, globe-spanning microbial love fest.

Kosho - sunshine + microbes

Also, HELLO AND WELCOME to all our new readers that found their way to the newsletter via the fermenty festivities. For the festival, I did a short and sweet demo on making kosho, a citrus and hot pepper paste and also my favorite condiment for all occasions. How to Make Verjus, or Verjuice, at Home. How to Make Your Own Liqueurs. It’s never too early to begin thinking about the holidays, and Thanksgiving is—deep breath—just over a month away.

How to Make Your Own Liqueurs

The perfect present is, of course, one that’s homemade. So before you get swept up in all the events (and stress) of the season, we have a few boozy gift ideas you should make now and set aside for your friends and family. The classic citrusy Italian liqueur limoncello is always a crowd-pleaser and rarely fails to impress. We usually keep a bottle in our freezer year round! But bartenders around the country are fixing some other delicious liqueurs that you can give out. Green Pineapple Cordial Recipe. DIY Sweet Vermouth Recipe. Emily's DIY Sweet Vermouth Recipe on Food52. How to Make Your Own Italian Herbal Liqueur. Limoncello e Pepe Recipe on Food52. DIY Ginger Liqueur Recipe. This homemade ginger liqueur tastes so elegant that people will not believe you made it yourself.

DIY Ginger Liqueur Recipe

It can compete with Domaine de Canton on flavor—for less than half the cost and only 20 minutes of work. Italian Limoncello Recipe: How To Make the Authentic Kind Your Foodie Friends Will Love! — Travlinmad food and travel blog. Chowhound. DIY Falernum. DIY Orange Bitters Recipe. Just a drop or two of orange bitters can add the right depth to your cocktail or bridge together ingredients that aren't quite living up to their mixological potential.

DIY Orange Bitters Recipe

Deep, citrusy, spicy, complex orange bitters are an essential part of so many balanced cocktails. The beauty of DIY bitters is unleashing your creativity and crafting bitters that you can't find anywhere else. I emphasized anise, but you could just as easily play up the cloves or add cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, or ginger for a whole new flavor profile. How to Make Homemade Vermouth. When Sebastian Zutant, wine director at Washington, D.C.’s Proof restaurant, wants to mix up a vermouth-based aperitif, he grabs a stockpot and heads for the stove.

How to Make Homemade Vermouth

“Why buy something when you can make it yourself,” Zutant says. He favors vermouth for its clean taste, and his take includes a lengthy list of herbs and aromatics. Bitters: Buy or Make Them? DIY Celery Bitters Recipe. DIY vs. Buy: Should I Make My Own Orange Bitters? DIY Gin Recipe. DIY Drambuie Recipe. DIY Aquavit Recipe. [Photograph: Marcia Simmons] Aquavit is a Scandinavian spirit that dates back to the 1500s.

DIY Aquavit Recipe

Much like gin, it's a neutral spirit flavored with botanicals—only caraway seed is the primary flavoring instead of juniper berries. Use aquavit instead of vodka in a cocktail recipe to add a bold and savory kick. DIY Allspice Dram Recipe. Allspice dram is a simple liqueur flavored with allspice berries.

DIY Allspice Dram Recipe

It's also known as pimento dram, because allspice is a berry from the pimento tree. Allspice dram adds a dark, strong, and spicy counterpoint to rum and sweet ingredients in tiki drinks. For years, allspice dram was damn-near impossible to find in the states. Even though you can find it on store shelves now, it's still much more fun (and affordable!)

To make it at home. Homemade Elderflower Cordial. DIY Chartreuse. Or Something Like That. The directions from Lyon to the Chartreuse distillery go something like this: Exit the parking garage while trying to fire up your GPS.

DIY Chartreuse. Or Something Like That.

As it searches listlessly for a satellite (shouting “Look up!” Or pointing it at the sky does not help), drive across the river with the vague feeling that the freeway might be in that direction. Eventually, a crisp Scottish voice will come to life and guide you to Quai Bellevue and from there you will find the ramp to Marseille/Genève/Grenoble/Porta de Croix Luizet/Périphérique Est, the pronounciation of which your Scottish guide will mangle in that endearing way characteristic of all British robots. Finally, you will find yourself, as I did, on the E711, stopping at regular intervals to deposit a handful of euros with the toll-takers, and arriving eventually in Voiron, a small town with much to offer, but half the morning is gone already and there’s another distillery to visit after this one, so it’s straight to the Chartreuse.

How to Make Amaro. If you’ve been wondering about the relative lack of DIY liquor-making advice in this magazine, you may be interested to know that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives generally doesn’t appreciate folks distilling gin in their apartments.

How to Make Amaro

Lucky for us, some of the coolest bottles on the bar lately are so simple to make that the government needn’t know anything about it. Amaros, sweet and bitter Italian digestifs that go by names such as Fernet-Branca and Cynar, are sort of like booze teas. They’re made by soaking aromatic herbs, spices, and citrus peels in strong, flavorless liquors, then watering it down with sugar water. “It’s something you can make in your kitchen and you won’t be doing it that dissimilarly from the big amaro houses in Europe,” says Dave Willis, head distiller at Bully Boy Distillers, an operation in Boston that has recently expanded into producing an American amaro that contains, among other things, hops. As for the Thai amaro . . . well. Aquavit Recipe. Chowhound Giveaway: Breville Smart Oven Air Enter Aquavit Scandinavian Vodka Infusion Minneapolis-St. Paul Aquavit.

Fennel Digestif Recipe. Tip Why Do We Celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25? There are several reasons Christmas is celebrated on Dec. 25. The date is nine months after March 25, a day recognized by Christians as Annunciation. Meyer Lemon Digestif Recipe. Tip. Easy Homemade Amaretto Liqueor Recipe. Tip. Homemade Coffee Liqueur Recipe. The Bojon Gourmet: Homemade Irish Cream Liqueur. How to Make Irish Cream. Preserved Lemons. Ingredients. Pear and Smoked Gouda Dutch Baby recipe from Food52. Preserved Lemons. How to Make Crème Fraîche. Vegan Parmesan Cheese with Hemp Seeds. How To Make Coconut Oil Fudge - 6 NEW Recipes! How to Make Dukkah Nut and Spice Blend. Roasted Apple Butter Recipe on Food52.

Cooking is more fun with friends. Preserved Lemons. Yogurt Cheese (Labneh) – Μπαλίτσες από Τυρί Γιαουρτιού. Easy Homemade BBQ Sauce. Autumn in a Jar: Fig Jam with Lavender, Thyme, and Walnuts. Coconut Kefir: Better Than Sour Milk! - Making Love in the Kitchen. Pumpkin butter. Flash in the Pan: Flavored Nut Butters for the Rest of Us (Walnut-Cacao Nib & More) The Food Lab: How to Roast Fall and Winter Vegetables. Preserved Lemons. Yummy, vegan + totally empowering DIY protein mix. Tomato-Jalapeno Enchilada Sauce. Amy Scattergood's Harissa. Happy Thanksgiving Homemade Pumpkin Butter. Homemade Ricotta Recipe : Ina Garten. Homemade Coconut Milk - Ricotta Worth Making At Home.