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How To Completely #Unplug Your Morning Routine. 10 Questions To Ask Before You Sign A Lease. 11 Things You Should Never Put On Your Resume. A new batch of December graduates is getting ready to fly the coop in search for a job and we hope they've already heard the bad news: There are a lot of unemployed people out there. If the market far exceeds demand, how do you make sure you get past the resume screening process into the interviewing round? By making sure your resume is flawless.

"Somewhere between 95 to 99% of resumes have stuff that shouldn't be on there," Eli Amdur, senior coach and adviser from the Amdur Coaching and Advisory Group, told us. "The general rule is if you put anything on there that distracts the reader from your real accomplishments, then don't do it. Resumes need to be concise and clear. " We've compiled some tips from career experts to make sure your resume steers clear of the trash pile.

Take a pass on the personal stuff: marital status, religious preference and social security numbers Don't give them the chance to guess your age Don't write your resume in the third person Amdur writes at Market Intelligence in the Consumer & Retail Sector Has the Potential to Help Companies Weather Economic Hard Times.

December 6, 2011.

Market Intelligence in the Consumer & Retail Sector Has the Potential to Help Companies Weather Economic Hard Times

As discretionary consumer spending is hit by unemployment and economic uncertainty, the need grows in the Consumer & Retail industry for strategies to mitigate the impact of a global economic slowdown. Traditionally pioneers in the use and application of market intelligence, it stands to reason that Consumer & Retail companies will make the best possible use of market intelligence to underpin their business strategies. But this may not be the case. GIA’s latest Global Market Intelligence Survey reveals that more practitioners and intelligence users in the Consumer & Retail sector than in any other sector are dissatisfied with the benefits of their market intelligence. This brings into question the state of market intelligence within the sector, and whether it will really contribute as much as it should to helping companies weather another economic downturn. What is the state of the market intelligence function in Consumer & Retail companies?

How to Get More Out of Limited Market Intelligence Budgets. December 12, 2011.

How to Get More Out of Limited Market Intelligence Budgets

Pepperdine University. 10 Ways Universities Are Engaging Alumni Using Social Media. Vadim Lavrusik is a new media student at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

10 Ways Universities Are Engaging Alumni Using Social Media

He is @lavrusik on Twitter and blogs at In the current economy, job security has become somewhat of an oxymoron. Which is one reason why maintaining connections with your old university classmates, especially when you find yourself looking for a new job, can be crucial. Now universities across the country are beginning to use social media tools to engage alumni and build a network of graduates with a shared affinity for the institution. Of course, helping former students stay connected is just one reason universities are turning to social media; fundraising is another, and there are many more. 1. Though a lot of schools offer their own database of jobs online, many universities are finding LinkedIn to be an effective tool to provide alumni with career resources. 2.

M.I.T. Caltech (@caltechalumni) offers its students similar access to its LinkedIn group. 3. 4. 5. 6. Top 10 Facebook Apps for Fan Engagement and Building Community. Are you looking for ways to better engage Facebook fans and build your community?

Top 10 Facebook Apps for Fan Engagement and Building Community

These top 10 Facebook apps are, in my opinion, some of the most useful ones for pages when it comes to encouraging fan engagement and giving value to your community. They are also very easy to use. Some may be familiar to you, but you may find some new gems to try out. By the way, check out Top Ten Facebook Apps for Building Custom Tabs & Pages. If you are looking for a more comprehensive list, check out the one by Mari Smith: Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page. #1: Fan of the Week for Pages.

21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012) It's easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic.

21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012)

Over the years, we've grown the Moz blog to nearly a million visits each month and helped lots of other blogs, too. I launched a personal blog late last year and was amazed to see how quickly it gained thousands of visits to each post. There's an art to increasing a blog's traffic, and given that we seem to have stumbled on some of that knowledge, I felt it compulsory to give back by sharing what we've observed. NOTE: This post replaces a popular one I wrote on the same topic in 2007. 20 Jaw-Dropping WordPress Photography Themes. The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World. [Editor’s note: In celebration of the holidays, we’re counting down the top 12 Flavorwire features of 2012.

The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

This post, at #1, was originally published January 31.] With Amazon slowly taking over the publishing world and bookstores closing left and right, things can sometimes seem a little grim for the brick and mortar booksellers of the world. After all, why would anyone leave the comfort of their couch to buy a book when with just a click of a button, they could have it delivered to their door? Well, here’s why: bookstores so beautiful they’re worth getting out of the house (or the country) to visit whether you need a new hardcover or not.