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Culinary comeback: it's time to reheat instant noodles. Chefs love them. Asia loves them. So why do some still think of instant noodles as the food of the desperate? In 1958 Taiwanese-Japanese businessman Momofuku Ando invented the instant noodle. He had seen the devastation and poverty created by war and wanted to make a cheap, tasty product that could feed the world. Now instant noodles are a massive business with around 100 billion bowls eaten annually. In Asia, instant noodle brands are endorsed by celebrities, plastered on billboards and served in sit-down restaurants – but in Australia they’re struggling to escape their stereotype as a sustenance-only snack for students with a philistine approach to food.

But several of Sydney top chefs aren’t shy about expressing their fondness for precooked noodle blocks. Ben Sears, chef at Korean fusion restaurant Moon Park, eats instant noodles at least once a week. Sears says if you’re not often exposed to Asian culture you’d never experience the sheer variety – and quality – of instant noodles. The best basic hummus recipe | Jamie Oliver | Features. Hummus is proof that some of the best tasting things in life are the simplest to make. It can be rustled up with just six ingredients and requires no cooking – only a food processor. The hummus recipe below will give you perfect basic hummus, and also a solid base from which to work in terms of experimenting with flavours. Hummus is a chickpea-based dip, and a staple at any Levantine table spread. Its simplicity means the popularity of this dish extends far beyond its home of the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa, and is now enjoyed across the world.

I have been eating hummus for as long as I can remember. My father would bring home great tubs of it from the local Turkish supermarket to accompany chicken and lamb kebabs he cooked over coals in the garden. It’s also a great medium for experimentation. The hard and fast rule for flavouring hummus is that there are no rules, so it’s great for having fun with at home. Let your experimental side run wild, or simply enjoy as is. Kochbuchautorin Rachel Khoo: Entzückend erfolgreich - Stil. Anzeige Sie spricht bayerisch, kocht französisch und ist in Großbritannien so etwas wie der weibliche Jamie Oliver.

Rachel Khoo gehört zu den wenigen, die es geschafft haben - in einem Markt, der sich beschleunigt hat wie ein Hochleistungsmixer. Rachel Khoo kommt mit dem Fahrrad zum Interview, weit hat sie es ja nicht. Der Helm liegt im Lenkerkörbchen. Sie trägt das Haar geflochten, ein rosa-gelb-geblümtes Kleid mit Fünfzigerjahre-Tellerrock, hohe Schuhe, und natürlich: kräftigen Lippenstift - ihr Markenzeichen. Mit diesem Outfit fügt sie sich perfekt ins Ambiente der Columbia Road. Hier sieht East London noch so aus, wie Filmproduzenten und Fernsehleute sich das wünschen. Soeben hat die 33-Jährige, die wirkt wie 25, ihr fünftes Kochbuch fertiggestellt, die vierte Kochserie mit der BBC ist im Kasten, darüber hinaus bloggt sie natürlich und schreibt Kolumnen.

In den Buchläden lächeln Dutzende, auf sympathisch getrimmte Köche von den Covern. 50 Delicious Fudge Recipes. Fudge Recipe. Vanilla fudge: Recipes: Good Food Channel. 1. Grease an 18cm square cake tin. 2. Put the milk, sugar and butter in a heavy-based saucepan. Heat slowly, stirring all the time, until the sugar has dissolved and the butter melted. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Looking for more inspiration? And for chocolate fiends, try our top 10 chocolate fudge recipes.

Arabischer Sirup - Rezept mit Bild - » Downton Recipes Index Downton Abbey Cooks. Want more? Click to order I trust you will find this index helpful in your search for the perfect Downton dish to serve to fellow Downton fans for tea or cocktails. Recipes by meal are listed and I have also provide links to my online guides. SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t seen all episodes, you may wish to quickly scroll down to the bottom to collect the recipe. My book Abbey Cooks Entertains contains many of these recipes and more, a total of 220. I still share little stories with each dish, but get right down to business. There is a whole section on holiday entertaining and stocking your larder. Famous Downton Dishes The famous raspberry meringue pudding (ITV) Hosting Guides Throw a Downton tea party…on national TV (click to view video clip) Romantic Dinners almond macaroons Creating a special romantic meal can be as simple as making everything heart shaped, including sandwiches. Appetizers Main Courses: keep it light Sweets for the Sweet Breakfast/Brunch S1E1 Breakfast at Downton (ITV) Drinks.

Weight Watchers Recipe - Caramel Apple Muffins. Peppermint Chocolate Crackles. By food contributor Brittany I’m all about giving away plates of goodies to neighbors each Christmas (I’m also all about receiving and eating them too and this is a great classic cookie to add contrast to the traditional iced sugar cookie. I love peppermint and chocolate together so this is at the top of my list of favorites.

An extra fun idea is to add peppermint ice cream smashed in between 2 cookies and walah, a Christmas ice cream sandwich! Keep reading for the recipe…PEPPERMINT CHOCOLATE CRACKLESMakes about 30 Ingredients2 oz. bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped1 c. all-purpose flour1 tsp. baking powder1/4 c. unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder1 c. granulated sugar2 large eggs4 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted6 oz. Hershey’s Peppermint Chocolate, finely chopped*1/2 c. powdered sugar Directions1. Prepare ingredients and roughly chop chocolates.1.

Melt chocolate in a double broiler over simmering water or in microwave.2. 5. Roast Turkey | Turkey Recipes. Calories Calories are just a unit of energy. If you eat more than you use you can gain weight, or lose it if you don't eat enough. How much you need depends on your weight, gender and how active you are, but it's around 2,000 a day. Carbs Carbs are a great source of energy and, excluding foods such as potatoes, are made from grains - like bread, pasta and cereal. We all need carbs, but try to make them all wholegrain by sticking to brown bread, rice and pasta - they are much more nutritious. Sugar We all deserve a treat sometimes, but try to limit your sugar intake. Fat We all need to eat a small amount of fat because it protects our organs and helps us grow. Saturates Saturated or "bad fats" are in beef, pork, chicken skin, butter, cream and cheese.

Protein Protein helps our muscles to grow and repair, as well as providing you with essential amino acids. Chocolate Pudding Recipe | Chocolate Recipes. Method “Trust me when I tell you that this is one mind-blowingly chocolately pudding!” Says Jamie. “There's not one healthy thing about it, apart from the fact it will put a big smile on everyone's face and it's proven smiling is good for us! Okay, so that's stretching it, but if you can't have a completely delicious treat at Christmas, when can you?” To make the sauce, grease a 2-pint pudding basin with a little butter and set aside. Pour about 8 tablespoons of your lovely sauce into the bottom of the greased pudding basin and put the rest to one side for later. Next, pop all the pudding ingredients into a food processor and blitz until nice and smooth. Cover the pudding basin with some greaseproof paper and a layer of foil to hold it in place.

When you're ready to cook your pudding, get a saucepan large enough to hold the pudding basin and have its lid on tightly, so try it for size first. Nutritional Information Amount per serving: Calories Calories are just a unit of energy. Carbs Sugar. Turkey Wellington | Turkey Recipes. Method Dad and I had a really interesting conversation about smaller families not wanting whole turkeys for their dinner. So we had a scout around the supermarkets and developed a really delicious and impressive recipe for this.

It's dramatic and stretches the meat a fairly long way. The case of pastry and minced mushrooms keeps the breast moist and delicious and is a little forgiving so the meat holds its juices. You could assemble it a day before and just leave it in the fridge ready to over deliver on Christmas day. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas 4. Place the turkey breast upside-down on a board. Meanwhile, soak the porcini in a dish of just-boiled water. To make the gravy, cut the thigh off the turkey leg and slash into it slightly. When the mushroom pan is dry, add a knob of butter and toss to coat. Dust a clean surface with flour, then roll out each packet of puff pastry to the size of a shoe box (one will be the base, one the lid – roll the lid ever so slightly bigger).

Carbs. Christmas Roast Duck | Duck Recipes. Method This festive duck is loaded with tasty herbs and spices, and the delicious fat is used to flavour the potatoes and port gravy. Pick the leaves off one of the rosemary sprigs and place on a board with the nutmeg, orange zest, thyme and one tablespoon of sea salt. Chop everything together and rub the mixture all over the ducks, inside and out. Cover and leave in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to let the flavours penetrate. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas 4 and place the shelves on the middle and bottom levels.

Stuff the ducks with the remaining rosemary sprigs and orange halves, and the garlic cloves, then place them breast-side up, straight on to the bars of the middle shelf. Meanwhile, place the potatoes in a pan. After the duck has roasted for an hour, take the bottom tray out of the oven, replacing it immediately with an empty tray. Put your parboiled potatoes into the empty tray in the oven. Meanwhile, heat a saucepan and add 2 tablespoons of duck fat.

Calories Carbs. 40 Creative Food Hacks That Will Change The Way You Cook. Schoko-Minz-Krönchen. Für den Teig: Mehl und Kakao in eine Schüssel sieben. Die Butter in Flöckchen, Zucker, Ei, Eigelb und Salz dazugeben und alles zunächst mit den Knethaken des Handrührers, dann mit den Händen zügig zu einem glatten Teig verkneten. In Frischhaltefolie wickeln und für etwa 1 Stunde im Kühlschrank kalt stellen. Den Backofen auf 200 Grad, Umluft 180 Grad, Gas Stufe 4 vorheizen. Den Teig auf einer bemehlten Arbeitsfläche etwa ½ cm dick ausrollen und mit einem Ausstecher Krönchen (etwa 8 x 6,5 cm Größe) daraus ausstechen. Für die Verzierung: Den Puderzucker, 1 bis 2 EL Wasser und das Pfefferminzöl zu einem dicken glatten Guss verrühren. Rezept Avocado-Muffins | Lecker Ohne ... Portionen: Zutaten: 2 Avocado, ohne Stein und Schale 1 El Zitronensaft 350 g Dinkelmehl Salz 1 Tl Backpulver 2 Eier 220 ml Milch 1,5% Fett 50 ml Rapsöl 1 Tl geriebene Zitronenschale 2 Tl rosa Pfefferkörner 125g Erdbeeren Traubenzucker 2 El Traubenzucker Zubereitung: Backofen vorheizen auf 200 Grad. 12 Muffinförmchen vorbereiten.

Avocadofruchtfleisch und Zitronensaft mit einer Gabel oder dem Pürierstab glattrühren. Mehl, Salz und Backpulver mischen, dann Avocdao, Eier, Milch, Öl und Zitronenschale zufügen und mit den Rührbesen eines Mixers zu einem glatten Teig verrühren. Im Backofen ca. 20 Minuten backen. Infos Autor: LeckerOhneRedaktion Geeignet bei: Abnehmen Diabetes Fructoseintoleranz Rheuma Allergien: ohne Soja Nährwerte pro Portion Energie: 217kcal Energiedichte: 2 kcal/g Eiweiss: 6g Fett: 12g Kohlenhydrate: 22g Ballaststoffe: 2g Fructosegehalt: mittel Druckversion. Greek Yogurt Souffle. Quite impressive straight out of the gate... light fluffy, delicate...perfect for a lovely Sunday brunch. serve right away for the warm sky high souffle effect... or "fallen" as a light, airy healthy and guilt-free cheesecake souffle. sometimes, most of the time , you just can't get the darn things to the table in time. not to worry if they fall. these are still quite impressive. i know your crazy head is saying "fallen=failure"... but just take a bite and you will see it is still light as air and "souffle-like". the first two photos are just minutes out of the oven. the photos below are about 1/2 an hour out. if you fill the ramekin to the first rim it should not sink any further than shown. get creative with your accessories... fresh berries, a blueberry coulis , ginger syrup , or warm and syrupy homemade jam?

It's like eating a little vanilla cloud. a perfect individual fancy treat, but i could eat three so make a few extra. 1 cup plain greek yogurt...i use 0% Fage 3 large egg yolks. Küchenkräuter selber trocknen « Heilpflanze: Infos, praktische Tipps. 1. August 2012 Küchen­kräu­ter auf dem Wochenmarkt Im Som­mer wer­den zum Bei­spiel auf Wochen­märk­ten wun­der­bare Küchen­kräu­ter ver­kauft. Wenn diese von regio­na­len Anbie­tern stam­men, haben sie oft eine her­vor­ra­gende Qua­li­tät. Diese Küchen­kräu­ter eig­nen sich zum Sel­ber­trock­nen. Damit kann bil­lig und leicht ein wun­der­ba­rer Win­ter­vor­rat ange­legt werden. von links: Sal­bei, Thy­mian, Majoran Majo­ran, Thy­mian, Ore­gano, Sal­bei, Dill sind meis­tens schon gebün­delt. Kräu­ter trock­nen zuhause Wich­tig ist ein war­mer, gut durch­lüf­te­ter Raum.

Getrock­ne­ter Majoran/Thymian Nach etwa zwei bis spä­tes­tens drei Wochen sind die Kräu­ter durch­ge­trock­net. Getrock­ne­ter Salbei Auch die getrock­ne­ten Salbei-Blätter las­sen sich leicht von den Stän­geln zie­hen. Schlagworte: Kräuter vom Wochenmarkt , Küchenkräuter selber trocknen , Majoran , Oregano , Salbei , Thymian , Trocknen bei Raumtemperatur. Kochen mit Fisch & Meeresfrüchten.

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Error Code: 1031-03-300-2013-07-08T22:04:27 © 2013 Weight Watchers International, Inc. © 2013, Inc. Internationale Websites. Kochen mit Fleisch. Kochen mit Geflügel. Kochen mit Kartoffeln. Printable Vintage Recipe Cards. Zucker (Geläutert) kristallisiert aus - bitte Hilfe | Einkochen & Haltbarmachen Forum. Weight Watchers Punktetabelle kostenlos berechnen und abnehmen. Weight Watchers Rezept - Schweinefilet mit Kartoffeln, Feta und Tomaten. Weight Watchers Rezept - Entenbrust mit Cranberries. Weight Watchers Rezept - Honiglachs mit Grillkartoffeln. Weight Watchers Rezept - Zucchinirösti mit Salsa. Weight Watchers Rezept - Schweinefilet mit Kartoffeln, Feta und Tomaten. Willkommen/GEHbote. Volkornbrot mit Quark (Rezept mit Bild) von rotfrau-mahlzahn. Traditional sweet scones. DIY Infused Olive Oils. Christmas Recipes. The best turkey in the world. The best whole-baked carrots. Rezept Linsenbällchen | Lecker Ohne ...

How to Make Victoria Sponge. The-nomadic-kitchen | RECIPES. Homemade elderflower cordial. Cream Tea: A Proper Cup of Tea with Cream Scones, Homemade Clotted Cream, & Jam. Pesto Parmesan Scones. Löwenzahn-Honig | Naturprodukte zum SelbermachenNaturprodukte zum Selbermachen. How to Make Cucumber Tea Sandwiches. Common Cooking Mistakes: Cooking Tips and Questions Answered.

Tipps für den Einkauf von Schokolade - Gesundheit. I Believe I Can Fry: Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware. NeverSeconds.


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