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Direct Action Everywhere. The Largest Vegan Grocery Store On Earth. Natural Products & Organic Goods for the Home & Family. Natural Products & Organic Goods for the Home & Family. About Us. Expose Animal Cruelty. Stop animal cruelty with charity.

Expose Animal Cruelty

Animal Abuse Statistics - THE FACTS. Animal abuse statistics show a grave and depressing scenario when it comes to suffering of animals at the hands of man. The following article covers some statistics that will help you open your eyes to the facts related to this sensitive issue. "All beings are fond of themselves, they like pleasure, they hate pain, they shun destruction, they want life and want to live long. To all life is dear; hence their life should be protected. " ~ Mahavira We have heard of an old saying 'Dog is a man's best friend'.

98 Important Facts about Animal Cruelty. Largest organization for teens and social cause. 1.

Largest organization for teens and social cause

Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding operations that put greater priority on profits than the health of the puppies. Many dogs are plagued with illnesses like kidney or heart disease as a result of the conditions they’re kept in. 113 Animal Cruelty Facts. Should Animal Circuses Be Banned? - Infographic on Animal Abuse. Animals In Circuses Circus - "An arena often covered by a tent and used for variety shows usually including feats of physical skill, wild animal acts, and performances by clowns" - Merriam Webster Dictionary Animal Abuse Statistics.

Should Animal Circuses Be Banned? - Infographic on Animal Abuse


Partners. Vegan/vegetarian. A 4-minute glimpse into the story of 10 billion lives. Meat the Truth. From the author: Climate Change and Global Warming - yes I know, it's a hoax, it's a scam and designed to keep us in fear and implement a Carbon Tax, as if we aren't already taxed to death.

Meat the Truth

This video discusses an issue that is almost always overlooked when officials and science discuss climate. What about the 90 BILLION animals raised for food production. The energy to grow their food, to feed them, to transport them, to slaughter and finally to your local grocer in the form of packaged flesh OR prepared / frozen meals and various by-products. Let's not forget these billions of beings produce massive amounts of feces and urine and it has to go somewhere.

Negative health issues aside, this practice most certainly contributes to wide scale pollution and contamination of our air, water and land. No Kill Los Angeles. World Vision Micro - Life Changing Microfinance Loans for the Poor. The Pet Tree House. Sochi, Russia - A dog shelter backed by a Russian billionaire is engaged in a frantic last-ditch effort to save hundreds of strays facing a death sentence before the Winter Olympics begin here.

The Pet Tree House

Already, hundreds of animals have been killed, with the local authorities apparently wanting the stray dogs cleared from the streets before Friday’s opening ceremony. While the authorities say the dogs can be wild and dangerous, reports of their systematic slaughter by a pest removal company hired by the government in recent months have outraged animal rights advocates and cast a gruesome specter over the traditionally cheery atmosphere of the Games. The handling of the matter has also sharply undercut the image of a friendlier, welcoming Russia that President Vladimir V. Putin has sought to cultivate in recent months. Animal Aid Youth. Freebies - Animal Rights Freebies. Hippie Freebies.

Donate Your Account. Peta2 - The Largest Youth Animal Rights Group in the World - Free For All! Action for Animals. Animals Australia - the voice for animals. Raisingforrana. Download Page. The Movie. What's "Organic" About Organic? documentary film organic food organic agriculture. Global Changemakers. Your source for green design & living news, commentary and advice. ASPCA. Share your 'Make it Possible' story - create a national radio ad! The Ghosts In Our Machine. Products - Trading & Export - Los Angeles, California USA - Recycled Used Clothing. A Burning Heart documentary by Lauralee Farrer. RESCUE HER. The Love-Vegan Survival Guide. (ve-gan. n.) – A person who abstains from eating any animal product.

The Love-Vegan Survival Guide

TeenVGN. Biodegradable. A “biodegradable” product has the ability to break down, safely and relatively quickly, by biological means, into the raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment.


These products can be solids biodegrading into the soil (which we also refer to as compostable), or liquids biodegrading into water. Biodegradable plastic is intended to break up when exposed to microorganisms (a natural ingredient such as cornstarch or vegetable oil is added to achieve this result). Sustainable disposal of any product requires that its wastes return to the earth and are able to biodegrade. Nature biodegrades everything it makes back into basic building blocks, so that new living things can be made from the old. Every resource made by nature returns to nature - plants and animals biodegrade, even raw crude oil will degrade when exposed to water, air and the necessary salts. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Elegant, ethical, ecological. GreenEdge Supply.

Greenpeace. Environmental Issues. 50 Ways to Help the Planet. For Visitors. The Good Human - Sustainability, Environment, Progressive Politics, Peak Oil, Going Green. The Environmental Impact Of The Fashion Industry. Dear EarthTalk: Can you enlighten on the environmental impact of the fashion industry?

The Environmental Impact Of The Fashion Industry.

As I understand it, the industry overall is no friend to the environment. According to the non-profit Earth Pledge, today some 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used throughout the world to turn raw materials into textiles. Domestically, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that one-quarter of all pesticides used nationwide go toward growing cotton, primarily for the clothing industry.

The U.S. Explorer: An Online Encyclopedia of Life. Care2 - largest online community for healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare. Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary » C.L.A.S.S. Creativity, Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy. by donnadonella - Eco and Slow Fashion Designer Collections. International Green Fashion for Conscious Fashionistas.

Creative Recycled Art, Architecture, and Design. How to have a green wedding. Hanna Design. Every Purchase Matters.