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Andrea Brunais

Communications manager, Outreach and International Affairs, Virginia Tech

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Book marketing. Starbucks Unveils First Content Series. On Wednesday, Starbucks will unveil its first content series, "Upstanders," which will be available via written stories, videos and podcasts.

Starbucks Unveils First Content Series

The free series, which the company began working on in January, is designed to highlight 10 positive and inspiring tales from across the country, including those of Baldwin, Mich., a town where residents have banded together to give every high school graduate a college scholarship, and John D'Eri, who employs autistic individuals to work at his car wash. Consumers can read the stories through Starbucks' website and download podcasts, produced by Panoply, on a weekly basis. The name "Upstanders" comes from an employee town hall meeting Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz held last year in which a staffer mentioned the word as an alternative to being a bystander. Starbucks plans to promote the effort through its own retail and digital channels, including its mobile app, which Mr. This is not Starbucks' first foray into social issues. The Power of Company Mottoes. — Monday Note. The Power of Company Mottoes. by Jean-Louis Gassée When we have trouble making sense of what a company says about its business, it’s a sure sign of trouble.

The Power of Company Mottoes. — Monday Note

‘Without clear explanation there can be no successful execution.’ In this simple sentence at the end of a recent Monday Note, I was attempting to explain that the clarity of a company’s ‘What We Do Here’ statement (Verizon’s, in this case) is a strong predictor of the company’s future success. But given the questions from a handful of readers, I see that I wasn’t clear, and thus failed in the execution.

Today, I do penance. A first example comes from a (barely apocryphal) conversation in an engineer's "cube" decades ago. As it turned out, the test was on me. The gent belonged to the Brains and Arses school of organizations. We quickly came up with a two-word motto fit for my license plate and t-shirts, dissenters self-selected themselves away, and the organization coalesced around a clear goal. I exaggerate, of course.


Writing. Vol_20_No_2_Winter_1997-1998. Big Pharma marketing. Reference. News media. Photography Tips & Tutorials. Personal interests. Presentation. Career wisdom in just 6 words. By Anne Fisher, contributor If someone asked you to sum up in six words what you've learned so far about how to succeed in business, what would you say?

Career wisdom in just 6 words

When Smith magazine and consulting firm Mercer posed the question last year, they got thousands of entries, which they winnowed down to 400 for a book called Six Words About Work. A sampling of the winners: "Always start with assuming good intentions. " — Teri Edman"Don't hire geniuses, hire capable people. " — Larry Bradley"Persistence has more value than qualifications. " — Mitch Polack"Work like you own the company. " — John Thornton"Need the facts? Ask a secretary! " And speaking of bosses, how about a 42-word crash course in how to be a great one? "Took responsibilities very seriously, not himself.

" — Anita Sanders"Two ears, one mouth, engaged wisely. " — Bob Myers"Asked for ideas, and used them. " — Deborah A. Maybe you've never worked for a boss who inspired you to echo Dana Shaw's encomium -- "Shame he couldn't have superhero's cape. " Wellesley High grads told: “You’re not special” We’d been hearing good things over the weekend about Wellesley High School English teacher David McCullough, Jr.’s faculty speech to the Class of 2012 last Friday.

Wellesley High grads told: “You’re not special”

Here it is, in its entirety, courtesy of Mr. McCullough: Dr. Wong, Dr. Keough, Mrs. So here we are… commencement… life’s great forward-looking ceremony. How to Write a Résumé: Advice for Older Job Seekers.

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