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Candy, truffles & bark

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Honey-sweetened White Chocolate Cranberry Bark Recipe. Matcha Maca Fat Bomb Fudge. The fat bomb fudge that beats them all…melt in the mouth, naturally sweet, incredibly satisfying with a beautiful buttery undertone.

Matcha Maca Fat Bomb Fudge

In one word…INCREDIBLE! I’ve made a couple of different fat bomb snacks over the past few months. I haven’t fully gotten in to the keto diet but there are elements of it I’m definitely embarrassing. Lowering my carb intake and massively increasing my fat has done wonders for my energy levels. I find the difference especially in the mornings, having coconut oil in my coffee before I hit the gym not only clears my mind, I just feel so much more awake and energised! For more on the keto diet you should definitely check out Leanne’s site, she is a woman in the know having fully embraced it herself over the past few months. My previous triple layer fat bombs were sweetened with stevia but while I’m still on my no sugar or sweetener kick, dates being the only exception, I opted for none in this fudge. What’s your favourite flavour fudge? By Michelle Hunt. Crazy Good Coconut Oil "Chocolate" Bark. Do you have any kitchen quirks?

Crazy Good Coconut Oil "Chocolate" Bark

What about your partner or roommates? Maybe you are wondering what I mean by a kitchen quirk. Basically it’s anything that drives your significant other batshit crazy. I’ll offer some examples: - Always sticking produce stickers on the counter despite your husband’s pleas not to (my long-time readers will get this, if you don’t, see Part 1 and Part 2)- Loading the dishwasher in a very specific way (spoiler alert)- Only wanting the cutlery drawer to be perfectly stacked with everything facing the same direction- Organizing the fridge or pantry in a certain way and insisting that it’s kept in this precise order- Debating with your partner/roommate about whether certain foods should be refrigerated or not- Turning cans so that the label always faces the same way, are arranged by alphabet/colour/etc I like to think of myself as a recipe creating tornado and I frequently drive Eric nuts because he is so much more organized than I am.

Nailed it. Yield20 pieces. Mayan Chocolate Truffles. Orange Creamsicle Vitamin C GummiesMommypotamus. It’s often said that good supplements won’t fix a bad diet . . .

Orange Creamsicle Vitamin C GummiesMommypotamus

And that’s true. Unfortunately, over the years I’ve come to believe that an amazing diet may not prevent the need for supplements, either. Here’s why: “Since 1975, USDA handbooks document a 50% drop in the amount of calcium in broccoli, a 88% decrease in iron content of watercress, and a 40% reduction in vitamin C in cauliflower. Another alarming result of topsoil erosion and poor land management is the relationship between soil health and the nutrient density of the fruits and vegetables that we love. Personally, I think it would be quite a challenge to eat 40% more cauliflower and 88% more watercress to make up the difference, so I focus on nutrient-dense foods and targeted supplementation. These vitamin C gummies, which are a cross between creamsicle gelatin cups and sour gummy stars, pack at least 240-250 mg of whole food vitamin C (with bioflavonoids and other co-factors included) per serving.

Benefits of Vitamin C. How to make Fruit Leather. Elderberry Syrup Gummies - Individually sized immunity boosting treats. Healthy Gummies for Cold, Flu and Sleep - Real Food RN. I regularly make healthy gummies for my kids because they are a great way to get them eating healthy snacks, instead of sugar-laden chemical junk that they sell at the stores.

Healthy Gummies for Cold, Flu and Sleep - Real Food RN

I add fresh squeezed juices, kombucha, and sea salt to them to enhance their nutritional content. This week my kiddos were looking like they might be coming down with something, and they were not sleeping very well to boot! So I wanted to come up with something to help them sleep and boost their immune system. I whipped up some tart cherry and elderberry gummies! Here is why this recipe works: Tart cherries: Studies have shown that tart cherries have a sleep enhancing effect on the body! Gelatin: Gelatin also helps promote sleep. “Gelatin contains a high percentage of glycine, a non-essential amino acid and inhibitory neurotransmitter, which is known to decrease anxiety and to promote restorative sleep” (source) Elderberry syrup: immune enhancing and protective against colds and flu. So there you have it! Ingredients: Turron de Navidad. Almond Roca with Maple Syrup (Grain/Corn Syrup-Free)