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Mooie uitspraken van oprichter urban confessional. Blog — Urban Confessional. Sometimes the real story is hardest to tell.

Blog — Urban Confessional

The Sacred Art of Listening Book. Designed to illumine your spiritual journey, this book provides access to a new way of listening—to Source, to self and to others.

The Sacred Art of Listening Book

By expanding your awareness of listening and broadening your concept of listening you will learn to: Enhance your capacity to listen to people with different belief systems. Heighten your awareness and sensitivity to opportunities for deep listening. Home - Tao of Care. Erich Fromm’s 6 Rules of Listening: The Great Humanistic Philosopher and Psychologist on the Art of Unselfish Understanding. ‘Werknemer is beste organisatieadviseur’ - PW De Gids. Mariëlle Krekels, internist Zuyderland MC, NieuweZorg-bijeenkomst 13 december 2016, Tilburg. Tien ziekenhuizen en twee umc’s voeren samen beslissen versneld in - Actueel - Skipr. Ursula K. le Guin. Legendary Physicist David Bohm on the Paradox of Communication, the Crucial Difference Between Discussion and Dialogue, and What Is Keeping Us from Listening to One Another. Listening gene knudsen hoffman.

Listening Is Critical in Today’s Multicultural Workplace. [For more, visit the Communication Insight Center.]

Listening Is Critical in Today’s Multicultural Workplace

Do you ever get introduced to someone at a lunch meeting or a networking event, and before the conversation is over you forget the person’s name? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. The average person remembers between 25% and 50% of what he or she hears, according to most studies. Anders kijken, anders leren, anders doen. Aandacht als morele en spirituele houding.

Engrossment als sleutelbegrip voor kwaliteit zorgrelatie - Interview met Anne Goossensen, naar aanleiding van de Graduate School bijeenkomst over ‘engrossment’ op 30 januari 2017 op de Universiteit voor Humanistiek.

Engrossment als sleutelbegrip voor kwaliteit zorgrelatie -

In a Difficult Conversation, Listen More Than You Talk. When Jared walked into a meeting to discuss a new marketing approach for a product, the conversation didn’t play out well.

In a Difficult Conversation, Listen More Than You Talk

Five minutes into the dialogue, the product manager, Françoise, started interrupting him with questions he was planning to address later in the pitch. As the conversation ran off the rails, Jared struggled to keep a calm demeanor, while Françoise multitasked; Jared watched in frustration as she sent at least five text messages during their altercation. Jared left the meeting feeling belittled and demoralized. Françoise left feeling frazzled and irritated — she didn’t have time to sit through a poorly thought out presentation.

Personeelsontwikkeling. An Indigenous Approach to Healing Trauma. People have always experienced pain, and in the vast span of time before the colonial expansion of western culture, indigenous cultures weren’t without their methods of dealing with trauma.

An Indigenous Approach to Healing Trauma

For centuries we’ve largely ignored the wisdom of those among us who are still directly connected to ancestral ways of knowledge. Openingscollege_Seminarium_2013. 7 trends in trainingsland die jouw organisatie beïnvloeden. If You Want To Make An Impact, Shut Your Mouth. When you're trying to get ahead at work and impress your colleagues, as well as anybody in ear shot, there's always the temptation to talk too much.

If You Want To Make An Impact, Shut Your Mouth.

Sometimes we're so busy rushing from one activity to the next that our conversations are rushed too and we don't bother to stop and listen to the other person. This is known as the classic 'dump and run' conversation, where one person talks but has no intention of listening to what the other person might want to say. Careers expert Michelle Gibbings told The Huffington Post Australia the person doing all the talking might feel like they're a great communicator. But the person on the receiving end is left feeling bewildered.

Compassionate Listening. Visit the world’s first Empathy Museum. The executive’s guide to better listening. Strong listening skills can make a critical difference in the performance of senior executives, but few are able to cultivate them.

The executive’s guide to better listening

Here’s how. A senior executive of a large consumer goods company had spotted a bold partnership opportunity in an important developing market and wanted to pull the trigger quickly to stay ahead of competitors. In meetings on the topic with the leadership team, the CEO noted that this trusted colleague was animated, adamant, and very persuasive about the move’s game-changing potential for the company. The facts behind the deal were solid. Paradoxaal leiderschap. Whitepaper dncp luisteren maart 2014 kleiner. Forbes Welcome. Richard Kleijnen. Actief luisteren door Annemarie van der Meer & Marianne van der Pool - Hoor de hele persoon.

Actief luisteren door Annemarie van der Meer & Marianne van der Pool -

Being A Good Listener.


Luisteren: het belang en de grens. Video Harry vd pol. Alain de Botton on What Makes a Good Communicator and the Difficult Art of Listening in Intimate Relationships. Event Garde Blog with Aaron Wolowiec. Jennifer Grau, president, Grau Interpersonal Communication This month’s guest blog post is by Jennifer Grau, president of Grau Interpersonal Communication, who is a listening trainer, coach, facilitator, speaker and consultant.

Event Garde Blog with Aaron Wolowiec

She co-organized the first European Listening and Healthcare Conference in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, in 2014 and is currently planning the International Listening Association’s 2018 convention. We invest significant time selecting conference themes, locations, accommodations and meeting spaces; finding speakers; planning activities; and relating these to learning objectives and business goals. But something critically important is missing from this list: the kind of listening environment you cultivate. People rarely design conferences with quality listening in mind.

Why is asking questions a must for a modern leadership? – DIAMOND LEADERSHIP. What Great Listeners Actually Do. Chances are you think you’re a good listener. People’s appraisal of their listening ability is much like their assessment of their driving skills, in that the great bulk of adults think they’re above average. In our experience, most people think good listening comes down to doing three things: Not talking when others are speaking Letting others know you’re listening through facial expressions and verbal sounds (“Mmm-hmm”) Being able to repeat what others have said, practically word-for-word.

Verbondenheid als basis voor zinvolle zorg @lucpluijmen76 @largitio. Inspiratie. Het belang van aandachtig luisteren - Serie zorgethiek en lichamelijkheid - Een verslag van de derde sessie van de reeks ‘Zorgethiek en lichamelijkheid’. De lezingen over zorgethiek en lichamelijkheid omvatten een serie van drie bijeenkomsten. Eerdere sprekers tijdens deze graduate school waren dr. Barbera Duden, prof. dr. Improv training helps Cleveland Clinic improve MD communicationsMedCity News. Amy Windover of the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Excellence in Health Care leads an improv exercise at the Beryl Institute’s 2016 Patient Experience Summit in Dallas.

No joke: The Cleveland Clinic employs improvisational techniques to teach clinicians how to improve patient engagement. Even though the idea of “medical improv” came from an instructor and performer at Chicago’s legendary Second City comedy factory, laughs are not the goal. Relationship-building is. “Comedy is just one genre” of improv, said Amy Windover, a psychologist who directs the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Excellence in Health Care.

At its heart, it’s about listening, understanding, quick thinking and communication, Windover said during the Beryl Institute’s Patient Experience Summit in Dallas. She and two colleagues hosted a highly interactive session on Thursday. Qualities of Effective Change Agents. Change is inevitable, a part of doing business in a world influenced by technology, globalization and evolving customer demands. Change management has in recent years shifted from a specialty to being more of a leadership quality that affects how companies and teams adapt to shifting marketplaces and continue daily operations. Whereas change management used to primarily focus on operational and/or process improvements and cost effectiveness, it is now something that managers are using to think about how things get done regardless of institutional hierarchy.

Organizations are looking to change agents to execute new processes and help employees adjust to new ways of doing things. Change agents can be managers or employees, or external consultants hired to facilitate initiatives. Luisteren: het belang en de grens. Overheid moet luisteren naar hartslag samenleving. Listen. Letting Patients Tell Their Stories. Photo Friday night in the emergency department is about what you’d think.

It starts off slow: a middle-aged man with a middling pneumonia; an older nursing home resident with a urinary tract infection that is making her delirious. ZonMw zingeving rapport web. Telling Is Listening: Ursula K. Le Guin on the Magic of Real Human Conversation. Mindful listening – JoConnect. Art%253A10.1007%252Fs12508 016 0019 0. Gouden Oor. Luisteren.