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What’s The Point Of Anything? At the risk of sounding completely emo and navel-gazing-y and dramatic, I have one question.

"We are fallible human beings and we are not owed anything. We are here to experience everything life has available for us. Some are given more privilege than others, more opportunity, just by a matter of birthright. And, no matter where you land on that spectrum, you can experience what life is about. That’s the point of all of this that gets buried underneath the achievements of the world, the same achievements we think marks the quality of a life. But, you know what is the kicker? You’re the only one that can determine whether you have lived a life well-lived. You are the beginning and the end of that qualifier. So, if you have one goal to live by, one achievement you must keep dangling above you, it should be this: live your life based on your own metrics of a life well-lived and let every day be an adventure in understanding more of that experience. " – anaisninjas

What is the fucking point of anything?

What’s The Point Of Anything?

Eat these green things, exercise in this way, think exactly like this, don’t think like this, do these behaviors, say these things, be these things, choose happy, feel your feelings, do this, be this, say this, eat this, sweat this. Is anyone else exhausted? The echo chamber of well-meaning advice sometimes hits a fever pitch. We say there are no rules to live life by, except these ten steps to follow if you want to be happy. Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms - Relapse Prevention Strategies. There are two stages of withdrawal.

Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms - Relapse Prevention Strategies

The first stage is the acute stage, which usually lasts at most a few weeks. During this stage, you may experience physical withdrawal symptoms. But every drug is different, and every person is different. The second stage of withdrawal is called the Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). During this stage you'll have fewer physical symptoms, but more emotional and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Post-acute withdrawal occurs because your brain chemistry is gradually returning to normal. Can LSD Be Used to Treat Alcoholism? Dr. Maya Angelou - Love Liberates. Flower Power: The Emotional Benefits of Fresh Flowers. Want to banish a bad mood?

Flower Power: The Emotional Benefits of Fresh Flowers

Bring home some blossoms. Don’t wait until your sweetheart appears with a bouquet of blooms to give your home some floral flair. The health benefits of adorning your abode with flowers are worth splurging on the blossoms for yourself. Science proves it. Beautiful Street Experiment Shows Generosity Triumph Over Greed. A surprising thing happened in California when people were told they could help themselves to free money...

Beautiful Street Experiment Shows Generosity Triumph Over Greed

What happens when you stick a ton of dollar bills on a board with the words ‘Take what you need, give what you can’? The guys from Ark Project Now who created this social experiment weren’t at all sure, but the footage of what happened next proves beyond a doubt that humans really are awesome. Yes, we are. The guys went to Mission Beach in San Diego and stuck the board in a busy place with lots of people passing by. Some stopped to take photos and selfies, and most chose to stick some cash to the board. Within 45 minutes, this sum had doubled. One man, who admits he is poor and needy, says on camera: “It makes your brain scramble seeing all that money floating around. Wow. But as true as all that is, his attitude is the flaw in their experiment: it’s not that people don’t give, it’s that people are shy about taking.

Learn more at ARKProjectNow’s site and #JustDoOne. Turmeric Smoothie Recipe: a Tasty and Powerful Antioxidant. By Karen Foster Guest Writer for Wake Up World If you wanted to create the perfect smoothie with anti-cancerous properties, potent anti-inflammatories, as well as anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal constituents, look no further than adding turmeric.

Turmeric Smoothie Recipe: a Tasty and Powerful Antioxidant

Why You Should Make This Energizing Liver And Blood Building Smoothie. By: Heather Callaghan The best part of experimenting with smoothie recipes is discovering the perfect combination that allows you to have more energy, focus and stamina for hours, without necessarily consuming a whole meal.

Why You Should Make This Energizing Liver And Blood Building Smoothie

This is the first smoothie I ever made that I could use to replace a meal. Normally, a smoothie just isn’t heavy enough – this one’s got nutritious grit. Below are the ingredients I used with an explanation of the benefits. I use a NutriBullet to blast the ingredients but you could use a quality high speed blender if it can pulverize carrots and beets. Easy blood and liver building smoothie – serves one Ingredients Chop beet and carrot into smaller pieces. What if you only have a New York minute to make a smoothie? Why these ingredients? Beets - major liver and blood building food. Carrots - helps with phase II liver detox. Frozen raspberries - Blood builder. Whey - why whey protein? Know what the best part is?

Need more substitute ideas? Thanks to Dr. About The Author.