Christian Louboutin gana la exclusividad de la suela roja | Moda | Christian Louboutin gana la exclusividad de la suela roja | Moda | Está el rojo burdeos, el rojo bermellón, el rojo carmesí, el rojo pasión y, después, el rojo chino. La tonalidad inconfundible pero, hasta ahora, imitable, que tiñe las suelas de los diseños firmados por Christian Louboutin. No obstante, de hoy en adelante, ni Zara, ni Saint Laurent Paris (antes Yves Saint Laurent) ni ninguna otra marca, podrán volver a emplearlo. Al menos, no dentro de los márgenes de la legalidad. Porque el tribunal al que Louboutin recurrió la sentencia que favorecía a su competencia ha fallado en favor del maestro zapatero a quien ha reconocido su derecho a registrar el color rojo. Si hace un año, un juez federal no consideraba prudente que una firma pudiera obtener privilegios sobre algo tan impreciso, la corte de apelación ha impugnado, en parte, esta decisión.

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This is how companies die, how brands wither and, more cheefully in the other direction, how careers are made. Gradually, because every day opportunities are missed, little bits of value are lost, customers become unentranced. We don't notice so much, because hey, there's a profit. Profit covers many sins. Of course, one day, once the foundation is rotted and the support is gone, so is the profit. Suddenly, apparently quite suddenly, it all falls apart. Alltop, all the top stories
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There is a fine line between reality and trend: one is punctual, describes the moment, the other describes the prospect of what we can do to change this reality; by following this difference in meaning, one must be the agent of this collective change and not “run after” it alone. In the various projects in which Grendene has worked with Future Concept Lab, it has been possible, with clear methods and objectives, to balance these insights very well, so as to ensure the analysis of the perceptions/feelings of consumers and, consequently, design actions that surprise consumers and shareholders. This is how we firmly maintain the market: through constant research, and without a crystal ball. Future Concept Lab Future Concept Lab
FashionablyMarketing.Me FashionablyMarketing.Me 11/30/2012 | Macala Wright 1 Luxury British retailer launches new Chicago flagship store, creates an immersive physical and digital event experience Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey hosted an event last night to mark the opening of the brand’s second largest store in North America, located on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The evening was a celebration of Chicago, showcasing the city’s creative community through the brand’s digital platform, {*style:<a href=''>*}Art of the Trench{*style:</a>*} (founded in 2009).