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18 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be. “Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing.” ―Oscar Wilde When we were young life was easier, right? I know sometimes it seems that way. But the truth is life still is easy. It always will be. You see, when we were young we saw the world through simple, hopeful eyes. As we grew older our minds became gradually disillusioned by negative external influences. As a result, we ate comfort food and drank alcohol to numb our wounds and fill our voids. Over the course of time, we made our lives harder and harder, and we started losing touch with who we really are and what we really need. If you’re nodding your head, here are some ways you’re likely making your life harder than it has to be, and some ideas on simplifying things: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Your turn… As you know, when we stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right things, life gets easier. Featured image credits: 2 Ingredient DIY Blackhead Remover.


6 Vegetables You Only Need To Buy Once, Then Regrow Forever. Work Outs. 20+ Ways to Live a More Positive, Fulfilling and Happy Life. 107 Healthy Habits And Behaviors For A Healthier Lifestyle - Feel Happiness. The Importance of a Positive Self Image: Improving Your Self Image. Classes:Introduction > What is Self-Image? > Define Your Self-Image > Take The Test > Improving Your Self Image > Worksheet > Role Playing > Resources > Conclusion Improving your self-image, like improving any skill, takes time and practice.

Developing good self-esteem involves encouraging a positive (but realistic) attitude toward yourself and the world around you and appreciating your worth, while at the same time behaving responsibly towards others. Self-esteem isn't self-absorption; it's self-respect. By working from the inside out (focusing on changing your own way of thinking before changing the circumstances around you), you can build your self-esteem. The goal of this positive thinking is to give yourself a more positive self-concept, while seeing yourself honestly and accepting yourself, and removing the internal barriers that can keep you from doing your best. Positive Thinking Read the positive thought strategies below and choose several that would help you most. 203 Good Habits List: Daily Personal Habit Examples to Change | Develop Good Habits.

I’m working hard to develop many good habits in my life. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of good habits. 203 good habits, in fact, all here to inspire and motivate you, and hopefully encourage you to make some positive changes in your personal life. I’ve categorized habits to make this page a simple to read and easy to use resource. Peruse this list of good daily habits to find the routines that will change your life! This list can be used in a variety of ways.

Many of these items may seem a bit like “common sense” but when you try to combine a few of these that you do not currently do on a routine basis into a daily routine, you may be surprised to see how big of an impact these small good habits can have on your life. The best use of these 203 habits is to take an existing bad habit and substitute it with something positive. You can learn more about this technique by checking out my free Amazon book… “Bad Habits No More: 25 Steps to Break ANY Bad Habit.” Now… Wellness Habits Social Goals. Daily+Schedule.png (PNG Image, 578 × 442 pixels) Daily+Routine.png (PNG Image, 444 × 578 pixels) Planner pages | Housekeeping tips. David Thompson Now - Just another WordPress site. How to Organize Your Home and Life. Candida Crusher - Permanent Yeast Infection Solution. Libido Boosters to Help You Feel Sexier | RepHresh Gel. Uncomfortable underwear, push-up bras, shaved legs. Why is trying to feel sexy such a chore? Sometimes, as women, we just aren’t in the mood – and that’s okay.

But, did you know that your lack of desire could be more than just the result of a long day? Some women struggle to ever get “in the mood” and begin to wonder if something is wrong with them. Well, we’re here with the RepHreshing truth to tell you that something may be off balance, but it is nothing to be ashamed of! One-third of adult women in the U.S. suffer from a low sex drive, according to a recent study (WebMD). Eat your fruits and veggies You were told as a child that fruits and veggies were good for your vision, skin and overall immunity.

Remember, a low libido is nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to so many women for a number of reasons. Women's Sober Living Home/Sober House in Los Angeles. How To Stop Being Lazy And Get More Done - 5 Expert Tips. Before we commence with the festivities, I wanted to thank everyone for helping my first book become a Wall Street Journal bestseller. To check it out, click here. Some days the to-do list seems bottomless. Just looking at it is exhausting. We all want to know how to stop being lazy and get more done. I certainly want the answer. So I decided to call a friend who manages to do this — and more. Cal Newport impresses the heck out of me. He has a full-time job as a professor at Georgetown University, teaching classes and meeting with students.He writes 6 (or more) peer-reviewed academic journal papers per year.He’s the author of 4 books including the wonderful “So Good They Can’t Ignore You.” And yet he finishes work at 5:30PM every day and rarely works weekends.

No, he does not have superpowers or a staff of 15. Below you’ll get Cal’s secrets on how you can better manage your time, stop being lazy, get more done — and be finished by 5:30. 1) To-Do Lists Are Evil. Here’s Cal: And he’s right. What is a Startup...?: 10 tips for entrepreneurs to improve daily productivity (and boost their startup) Entrepreneurs normally work a lot, so it's better to work with quality and productivity, without leaving health, family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend and self-awareness behind. That's the best way to be ready for the challenges that your startup will bring. Here you find some tips to make daily work routine more productive. Hope it's useful to you! Feel free to comment below. 1 - Have a complete and organized agenda.

I love online calendars, such as Google Calendar, feel free to choose yours. 2 - Earlier in the day, take a look at your schedule to see what is scheduled for the day. It's the first thing I do in the day. 3 - At the end of the day, see if it was lacking some task and reschedule it. If you couldn't manage to do something, no problems, but don't forget to re-schedule it. 4 - Alternate intellectual tasks with more mechanical tasks. This "method" helps me a lot to be more productive. 5 - Do some physical activity during the day. I like walking! 8 - Be hydrated during the day. 15 Ways to Boost Mental Energy Levels.

The mind is one of the biggest contributors to energy levels. The benefits of having high levels of mental energy include happiness, confidence, focus, and increased willpower, motivation, and productivity. Additionally, the mind has a huge effect on one’s level of physical physical energy. Increased willpower and motivation often lead to healthier eating habits, less procrastination, and more. The way we think has an astounding effect on the way others perceive us and how we perform. When you feel confident, you look confident, and will also perform more effectively, increasingly the likelihood of success in whatever you are doing. This article covers 15 ways to boost mental energy levels. 1. Remind yourself of the things you are grateful or thankful for in your life. Being grateful reminds you of what’s important. Action item: Write down 5 things you are grateful for in your life. 2. Negative visualization originated in a philosophy called Stoicism. 3. Humans are naturally social people.

3 Tips on How to Compare Yourself to Other People to Boost Success - Learning Mind. All day, every day, we compare ourselves to other people – whether we know of it or not. Some believe that comparing yourself to other people is a bad idea – and it definitely can be for some. Others disagree. I’m one of those people. I want to compare myself to the greatest men in history. I wonder: Can I do what they did? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

But I do know this: I will increase my odds of success by comparing myself to successful people and by setting my aims higher than I otherwise would. What do you think? If you’re an introvert this just might be the case. In other words, the popular idea that you need to avoid all comparison, competition, and stress to heighten your performance may very well be false. It is for me anyway. Having said that, let me tell you about three powerful psychological ways in which you inaccurately compare yourself to other people. #1 Dunbar’s Number Most people think – or rather, unconsciously assume – that they are prone to comparing themselves to anyone. How to create a kick ass to do list. Productivity Create a kick ass to do list and get more things done The perfect, actionable to do list is necessary for productivity, yet so elusive for most of us.

Even though we always start with our best intentions in mind, we often end up with more abandoned to do lists than we care to admit. No doubt, the fact that we’re bad at planning must have something to do with it. But creating a better task list will allow you to be clear with yourself on what your most important tasks are, and what you need to do to achieve your goals. Limit work in progress You might be tempted to think that the more things you do at once, the more productive you will be.

Focus on the most important areas of your work and discriminate ruthlessly between the tasks that are important and those that are just busywork. Delegate the tasks that you can This is one of the most overlooked productivity assets. Isolate your most important tasks Every day, find your most important tasks in your list. How to Get Out of the Summer Productivity Slump. Ahhh summer. Long, lazy days of staring out the office window, daydreaming and wishing we could be outside. For many of us, the summer productivity slump isn’t just spurred by the desire to be outside in the sun.

Many companies slow down in summer, and lots of us spend a few months between May and September struggling to stay busy at work. A 2012 Captivate Network study of 600 white collar workers in North America found that productivity drops, on average, by 20% during summer months. If you find yourself struggling to stay productive in the summer months, we have a few tips to help you stay on track this summer… What happens in the office stays in the office If you’re going to take a holiday, make sure you do it right.

Your holiday should give you the chance to relax so you feel refreshed and ready to go when you get back. Leadership writer and coach Tanveer Naseer believes holiday are crucial for company productivity… Work summer hours Reorganise your priorities Mix up your routine Samuel R. Evernote Review 2014: How To Get Your Life Organized. Evernote is a brilliant To-Do list app that offers seamless synchronization of your notes on multiple devices and platforms. With an app like Evernote, you can create, edit and share your most important notes across your phone, tablet and even personal computers/laptops. This way, you can have the luxury of having access to your most important information at all times, anywhere and everywhere!

Such amount of cross-device access makes Evernote particularly handy with team-based collaborations. The interface at first might look slightly confusing and a bit complicated to navigate. But once, with a bit of tinkering around, it gets pretty simple and easy to understand. In this article, we’ll go through some useful tips on how to better manage your notes in Evernote, and helping you improve your productivity in general using the app. Saving Notes With The ‘Tag’ Option We all have different types of notes we need to save on a daily basis. Use the ‘Audio Notes’ Feature Managing Your Evernote App. LifeHack. 10 Ways To Stay Motivated When Negativity Seems To Be All Around | Stacia Pierce. In life, there may be times when negativity seems to surround you, suffocating your dreams and destroying your hope. When that happens, many go through their day being saturated with negativity and accepting it as a way of life.

While you can't always control what happens to you, you can control how you respond to it. Seek to create a positive environment for yourself and you'll begin to become more motivated to achieve your dreams and goals. Here are 10 ways to stay motivated through hard times: 1. Have an attitude of expectancy. You will get what you expect. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. An infectious, positive attitude can shift your entire life. How to Be Self Motivated: 17 Steps (with Pictures) Edit Article288,000 views Edited by Will and 35 others Edited 15 days ago Three Parts:Getting in the MindsetDeveloping MomentumStaying on Track Being self-motivated means being ready for driven, focused discussion and behavior.

It also means being sharp and smart enough not to be manipulated and to be open to positive learning. Being in this state of mind is the challenge! Luckily you have every tool at your disposal to get started right now. Here we go! Ad Steps Part 1 of 3: Getting in the Mindset 1Get positive. 4Know setbacks will happen. Part 2 of 3: Developing Momentum 1Focus on positive goals. 7Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Part 3 of 3: Staying on Track 1Keep motivators around you. 6Set larger goals. Tips Speak as though you are already the way you want to be. Warnings. How to Change Your Life Around in a Matter of Hours: 10 Steps. Edit Article126,000 views Edited by Sondra C and 18 others Edited 23 weeks ago Three Parts:Writing Out a PlanTaking ActionCoping with the Changes Whether you're fed up with what you're doing now or you really want to improve a mediocre existence, you can make an instant decision to change now so that you can enjoy a better, more rewarding life.

Sometimes, you just need to act first and reflect later instead of continuing to pile up dreams without doing anything more about them. Changing your life around is a journey, but you can handle it. Take the first steps toward your new life now. Ad Steps Part 1 of 3: Writing Out a Plan 1Write out what you'd like to change. 3Break the steps on your list up into actionable items. Part 2 of 3: Taking Action 1Figure out what you can do within the next 48 hours. 3Avoid letting yourself get mired down in reflection. Part 3 of 3: Coping with the Changes 1Tidy up your environment. 4Have patience. Tips Dont think about it too long, or you'll psych yourself out.