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Tutorial Categories. View topic - Sintel's Eyes. 3D models, Tutorials, Gallery, Art works, Animation. For the colour maps to save some time I used some high detail photos from To add to these maps I painted lots of spot maps and colour maps that I could quickly apply to each texture. above is the texture for his right lower arm veins were painted in deepaint chest photo from and final chest texture back texture top arm right texture Here's a Couple of pics showing the textures.

3D models, Tutorials, Gallery, Art works, Animation

45+ Incredible Maya Tutorials Around. Autodesk Maya, or simply Maya, is a high-end 3D computer graphics and 3D modeling software package originally developed by Alias Systems Corporation, but now owned by Autodesk as part of the Media and Entertainment division.

45+ Incredible Maya Tutorials Around

Maya is a powerful, 3-D modeling, texturing, and rendering application, with all of the tools needed to do nearly every type of animation imaginable, from simulations of real-world physics to character animation with a wide spectrum of emotive expressions. Making of the Standing Beauty. Making of the Standing Beautyby Asan Umerov, Ukraine Zbrush and Refinements Definitive operational development of model and extraction displacement maps, I did in Zbrush.

Making of the Standing Beauty

After work completed in Zbrush, I imported the model back in Maya and applied definitively adjusted materials. For textures improvement, in a Photoshop multiply the layers of the textures with a displacement maps. Rendering and Compose Hair - it is standard Maya hairs. Compositing Maya 2009 Render Passes with After Effects. I’ve been experimenting with Maya 2009′s Mental Ray Render Passes feature.

Compositing Maya 2009 Render Passes with After Effects

It’s intended to easily allow separation of different elements of the render into separate images. An easy example would be separating the diffuse light from the shadow. In practice it seems to be way more finicky ( or broken) than it ought to be. After many trials I’ve developed a workflow via After Effects that successfully composites all my passes so that they just about match the default composite render. Step 1. Maya Tutorials, Makings, Videos. Tutorials for visual effects artists, concept designers, sculptors and comic book illustrators and traditional artists using Maya, ZBrush, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Painter as well as traditional drawing and painting.

Faking ray-traced shadows with depth-map shadows i - Page 2 - Free Shaders Rendering / Lighting Tutorials for Maya. To produce realistic 'soft shadows' in Maya, you have two solutions. # Ray-traced shadows (with radius > 0); it works pretty well, but the higher rays samples (at low value, you get a noisy shadow), the longer it'll take to compute an image. # Depth-map shadows, which is the quickest way, but has some limitations in realistic rendering: by default a depthmap shadow is sharp or blurred (according to the Dmap filter size value in the shadow section of a light) Before starting the tutorial, let's review what a depthmap shadow is and how it's generated.

Faking ray-traced shadows with depth-map shadows i - Page 2 - Free Shaders Rendering / Lighting Tutorials for Maya

A depthmap shdw is a depth image (Z channel) of your scene, calculated from the light's point of view, and that indicates to maya, which surface is illuminated and which surface is in shadow. Deepshad. Jobye Karmaker's Online Portfolio. lcHairShader.cgfx – Maya Realtime Hair Shader. Grass simulation with Fur and Hair. Low Poly Game Character Hair. And below are the textures for the head; remember to treat the hair on the head geometry in the same way regarding color/specular (same colors/brightness for the diffuse and specular textures).

Low Poly Game Character Hair

If the head geo will be covered by the alpha planes this does not mean that you will have to skip detailing the head geo ... there will be places where the hair geo will not cover entirely the head geo so the details on the head will be visible. Diffuse Normals Specular. Cloth & Fur Tutorials. Animating a Heavy Character. I've been animating a big 'ol dinosaur lately and here are some tips I've picked up along the way before and during this test: Animating a heavy character - -Big up and down as the legs absorb all that weight -Ease a lot on downs, Spend more time down than up, it's harder for the weight to go up, and once it's up there, it really wants to come down!

Animating a Heavy Character

-The feet stay on ground as long as possible before stepping: peel up slowly keeping that weight support as long as possible, and then quickly throw themselves forward, hitting that ground with hurried force to catch all that weight as soon as they can -Super exaggerated overlap from all that heavy weight dragging behind what the body is doing, again, lots of ease when dragging down and spend as little time as possible when up, without looking too snappy. Tutorials. I'm posting a very simple tutorial on how to model and apply shaders to get realistic eyes, the "windows of your character's soul".


A lot of times, bad eyes can "kill" your character literally, even if it has the most perfect modeling of the world. The importance of the eyes is exactly this: give life to your character. Modeling Interior Environments Tutorial in Maya Part 3 of 3. April 11, 2009 Category: 3D Modeling Part 3.

Modeling Interior Environments Tutorial in Maya Part 3 of 3

Modeling furniture. In the next 8 videos we will cover modeling the furniture for our interior environment. This includes two chairs, couch, tables, palm tree, carpet and lamp. Tutorials. Linking to UV Sets with the UV Relationship Editor The purpose of this demo is to provide an educational framework for two common uses of the UV-Centric, UV linking, Relationship Editor.


Maya 2011 Graph Editor (Pendulum Swing) Subsurface Scattering. Animate cracking terrain. Basic Walk Cycle, part 2. <- go to Part 1: Creating Extremes This is the second installment on applying information found in The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams to creating a 3D (CG) character walk cycle. The first installment covered creating the first poses or extremes using a pose to pose method. ENVIRONMENT AND VECHICLE MODELLING AND TEXTURING. Maya Unlimited Cloth Fur Tutorial.

ALIAS|WAVEFRONTs 210 KING STREET EASTs TORONTO, CANADA M5A 1J7 \u00a92001, Alias|Wavefront, a division of Silicon Graphics Limited. Printed in U S A. All rights reserved. Stuart Little image: Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Imageworks. Paint FX Tutorials for Maya. Making of PhotoRealistic Actress In 3D. Making of PhotoRealistic Actress In 3DMaking-of by CG artist, MAX Wahyudi CGIndia Feature CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free tutorial for Maya Users.

The tutorials is created by CG Artist MAX Wahyudi who shows us Making of "PhotoRealistic Actress In 3D using Autodesks Maya". Tutorial: Renderman displacement rendering with Zbursh3 - MD3 Tips& Tricks. Maya Displacement Maps. Creating Textures and Shaders. Honey leaking effect on the delicious pancake. Used images: Thin Pancake(or Blintz, Blin) and honey drops) [link] Plate [link] Download psd file [link] Create a new document in Photoshop, Width around 900px. Insert pancake image, move it to the center of the composition. Apply following layer style effects to the background layer. Type a text with any handwriting style font. I used Brush Script std. 5 Creative Ways to Hack Your Facebook Profile Photo. 50 Stunning Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Photoshop’s text and layer tools can be used to create some really awesome effects.

Photo Editing Photoshop Tutorials - Tutorial King. Combining Custom Brushes for Wild Effects in Photoshop. How to Turn Humdrum Photos into Cinematic Portraits. How to Enhance Photos With a Pen Tablet. Create a Colorful Cake Illustration in Photoshop. How To Create A Gold Text Effect In Photoshop. Create Super Glossy 3D Type. Create Light Painted Typography From Scratch in Photoshop. This tutorial was originally published in April 2011 as a Tuts+ Premium tutorial. Advanced Glow Effects. In this tutorial, we're going to create some really sharp-looking glow effects using a combination of layer styles, the Pen Tool and Color Blending. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop.

PSGallery. Rusty Silver and Gold Text Effect - Photoshop tutorial. Free Maya Video Tutorials - Wrinkle Feature in Maya 2010 Muscle. 3D Tutorials, 3D modeling tutorials and CG Tutorials. - Page 6. Blending Life 2010 «