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Internet of Things

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Parse. Введение - ioBroker. Введение ioBroker ist eine Integrationsplattform für das Internet der Dinge und dient als zentraler Server für Smart Home / Building Automation / Assisted Living. ioBroker kann über modulare "Adapter" mit diversen Systemen und Geräten kommunizieren, dank der Tochterprojekte "iobroker.vis" und "ScriptGUI" kann ioBroker Visualisierungen mit völliger Gestaltungsfreiheit bieten und ermöglicht die Erstellung von Automatismen/Abläufen ohne Programmierkenntnisse. ioBroker ist der Nachfolger von CCU.IO, ein in der deutschen Homematic-Community recht erfolgreiches Projekt. ioBroker wird seinen Vorteil auch aus Fehlern in den CCU.IO Konzepten ziehen, viele Dinge werden wesentlich besser von Grund auf neu angegangen, aber viele Konzepte und viel Code von CCU.IO wird auch wiederverwendet werden können, alle verfügbaren CCU.IO-Addons ("yahui", "DashUI", "ScriptGUI", ...) und alle CCU.IO-Adapter können mit vertretbarem Aufwand auf ioBroker portiert werden.

Введение - ioBroker

Операционная система и "железо" Драйвера. PubNub's community hub. Internet Of Things - ThingSpeak. IoT Smoker - Yeeeeee Hawwwww!!!

IoT Smoker -

It’s summer time in Texas and with that comes outdoor cooking. One of the cornerstones of outdoor cooking is BBQ. BBQ is a method of cooking that roasts a protein over indirect heat for a long period of time typically using smoke as a flavoring agent. Cooking BBQ well is an art, which is why folks invest thousands in cooking rigs and compete in cook-offs at rodeos. The weapon of choice for BBQ’ing is a tool called the smoker. Home chefs that don’t need to cook a whole hog in one sitting can invest in a tool called the electric smoker. When smoking meat there are two factors that need to be monitored: the smoker’s temperature and the temperature of the protein we are cooking. Now that I had the temperatures instrumented, I needed a way to control the heating element of the smoker. After wiring everything up, it was time to work on the software for the smoker. As you can see, they turned out incredible!

Восемь главных свободных проектов для Интернета вещей. Will The Cloud be the Integrator in the Sky to Save Home Automation? A few weeks ago Amazon added support for the WeMo and Philips Hue lights to their Echo home speaker.

Will The Cloud be the Integrator in the Sky to Save Home Automation?

Suddenly people who had the Amazon device plus the lighting products in their home could say things like, “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights” and it would just work. Two disparate systems suddenly talking to each other, literally in this case, with little or no input or configuration from the user, all courtesy of the Cloud. Smart home bliss. The Echo now has its own IFTTT channel and late last year the Honeywell evohome heating system gained geofencing capabilities with the launch of its own IFTTT channel as well. In addition it ties in with the Netatmo weather station via IFTTT too for added functionality. It’s clear when stuff works together there are great (90’s buzz word alert) synergies to be had. Can Apple Succeed? The first products are starting to appear that support Apple HomeKit with more news no doubt coming later today from WWDC. Next Generation Smart Miniature Wi-Fi Modules Accelerate IoT and M2M. Internet of Things. Think WiSmart. Интернет вещей развивается. Node-RED.

ARTIK. Spime Watch: Internet of Things Landscape from TechCrunch. *Every thing for every body, folks.

Spime Watch: Internet of Things Landscape from TechCrunch

*BergCloud is too out-there to even show up on this chart, which seems to be rather Silicon Valley centric. Where are the Chinese? The Chinese love the Internet of Things. At least, they love the firewalled internet of Chinese things with Chinese characteristics. “Facts and Figures ” “The Development Program of Internet of Things in the Twelfth Five Year Plan Period”, officially issued by the Chinese Government in February 2012, states that the national government will foster the IoT industry by preferable tax policy, special development funds, increasing investments in industrialization, and drawing private and overseas funds and other measures.

“Internet of Things China Conference & Exhibition, first-ever one of its kind in China, has successfully been held twice since 2010. “This year’s edition will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from June 28 to June 29 with an exhibition added. #Spime Watch. The ThingBox Project. WeIO Web of Things platform. XMPP-IoT. — IoT development made simple. RIOT - The friendly Operating System for the Internet of Things. DSA - Home. Contiki: The Open Source Operating System for the Internet of Things. EVRYTHNG. Internet Of Things - ThingSpeak. Internet of Things.